Follow-Up Letter Example

Parker & Parker Industries                                                                    3/06/2013
Paul Nelson Jr.
794 Wilmington St., Suite 123
San Francisco, CA 12345

Albert Einstein Jr.
551 W. Main Street, Apt.7
San Francisco, CA 10011

Dear Mr. Einstein:


My name is Paul Nelson Jr., the marketing manager and supervising engineer for Parker & Parker Industries. It is my duty and responsibility to have the best interests of both the products and the customer at heart. My primary concern in view of this responsibility is that our clients get the best services and products suited to their needs. In addition, I ensure that our clients have a reliable channel through which they can communicate with the company so that we can serve them better. It is for this reason that I am writing to follow up on the recent car purchase you made at the opening of your business last week. Rest assured that Parker & Parker Industries accepts and indeed, looks into both negative and positive feedback from our esteemed clients.

First, I would like to congratulate you on the acquisition of your new Malibu Eco Chevrolet. My sales agent mentioned that you travel in and out of town frequently. You will find that this make of Chevrolet will not only meet your traveling needs, but has features such as direct injection in the engine that helps in fuel conservation.

Perhaps you would be interested to know that our company has just opened up a new, fully automated workshop. Our equipment and technology is of the latest quality and we stock genuine car parts. We offer services such as wheel alignment, computerized engine analysis and fault diagnostics. In the event that you experience problems with the electrical diesel control system, fuel control system or engine management, this is the place to visit. With this workshop, our customers such as you can schedule car maintenance appointments even through the phone. I assure you that our services are fast as well as reliable. You can pass by any time you are free for inquiries regarding your car and the services we offer.

Routine maintenance will go a long way in ensuring the “health” of your Malibu Eco Chevrolet considering the long distances you travel. I would also like to point out that the company gave you two spare Firestone tires with the purchase of your car. I admit that this is part of our marketing strategy. However, I would recommend that you make this your brand of choice, as it fits the functioning of your car perfectly. Nonetheless, I would be glad to give you updates that will help you maintain your car even when you are out of town in the future. The services of our company’s esteemed staff, me included, are at your disposal. That said, it is my sincere hope that you are enjoying your car and you feel you got value for your money’s worth. On my part, it was a great pleasure doing business with you and I hope that this is just the beginning of a fruitful, professional relationship.

If you wish to contact me, please do so through the company email, or through my personal email You can also visit our offices on the address above anytime between 7am to 5pm, from Monday through Saturday.

Best regards,
Paul Nelson Jr.