Personal Letter of Recommendation Sample

May 24, 2013
Brook Jill
Kellyville Apartments
1212 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago 987575

The Proprietor
Luxury Apartments
2251 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago 987575

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Recommendation letter of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, together with their two children, have been tenants of Kellyville Apartments for three years. The couple have been good tenants for the entire period. Mr. Jordan Smith is an electrical engineer who works as an IT consultant in Chicago while his wife Brenda Smith is an accountant working as a corporate affairs manager with a commercial bank in Chicago. Their two children Mark and Wendy are pursuing their elementary studies in a school within the neighborhoods of the apartment. The couple has lived peacefully without a single incident reported of discontent or even complaints from their neighbors. In addition, they have shown a remarkable level of tidiness by keeping the property as well as the surrounding clean and hygienic.

Our association as property owner and tenant officially began on April 28, 2010. The couple has always paid rent on time and are ever considerate of their neighbors.

Many times, Mr. Smith has come to the rescue of his neighbors during disasters. He singlehandedly installed electric cables in a neighbor’s apartment following an electric fault that culminated into a fierce inferno that razed properties of unknown value.

Mrs. Brenda Smith has never engaged any neighbors in confrontations or altercations. She is positive and enthusiastic about the amendments to the terms and conditions for all tenants living in the apartments.

I personally believe the couple is a reliable and trustworthy pair that will never give neighbors or any property owner problems in places where they move in as tenants.
Best Regards,


Brook Jill