Recommendation Letter Example

David James
Maryland University
3901 Park Plaza Road
Helena, Montana 84940

Fredrick Reid
U.S. Professors of the Year Program
5021 Lakeview Ave.
Washington, DC 94849

Dear Mr. Reid,

As the director of Maryland University, it is a source of great honor and pleasure to be writing this recommendation letter for the “Best Professor of the Year” award in favor of Dr. Sean Philip, one of the finest faculty members we have. Dr. Philip has been teaching at Maryland University for the last 17 years. Throughout his tenure, I have found him as the most devoted and committed of professors. He strives for excellence in everything he does and persuades his students to do the same. For years, the institution, as well as thousands of students, have benefited from his wisdom, knowledge and ardent guidance.

Dr. Philip, being the head of the Law Department in the university has been a member of the advisory board for the last six years, contributing immensely to the growth and development of the university as well as the students. His proficiency and grip on subject matter sees him revising the curriculum plan so that the students can be equipped with more relevant skills as required.

Dr. Philip has consistently demonstrated himself as a gifted teacher with exceptional communication skills. I have supervised and evaluated his classes several times and have been amazed with his pedagogical expertise and skills. He possesses an outstanding talent of stating the most complex concepts in a simple manner so that it can be understood by anyone. Although, I have no background in law, attending his lectures have always been as easily understandable and enjoyable as a brainstorming discussion session with an old friend. He stimulates his students to think and reach conclusions on their own, enhancing their thinking power and also nurturing their confidence – necessary in any profession, but most particularly in law.

He equips each student with the tools necessary to excel not only as a student, but also as a professional citizen. In addition to modeling the skills he teaches, he frequently exposes students to real-world situations with hands-on experience and guides them when necessary. According to my observation as well as student evaluations, it is evident that Dr. Philip has never hesitated to put forth extra time or effort into helping any student who is in need. His commitment to teaching is self-evident. He is equally popular among the students as well as colleagues; inspiring stellar academic results in his students while guiding his colleagues to aim for distinguished standards of pedagogy, making learning a collaborative endeavor.

For the academic benefit of the students and the greater good of the community, he deeply motivates students to take part in research and academic papers as he understand that they form the groundwork of development in any field.

His passion for service is selfless – his humbleness clearly shows. With his single-minded dedication to teaching only for the benefit of students and in turn the prosperity of the community and future generations, Dr. Philip is truly an excellent professor and human being. He has not only proven himself to thousands of students over the years, but he constantly proves his worth to our community by involving himself in conducive seminars and workshops that contribute to the intellectual and creative growth of aspiring as well as professional lawyers. Therefore, I urge you to present Dr. Philips with the award for “Best Professor of the Year.”

David James
Director of Maryland University