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Hope and Care Children Center

The Hope and Care Child Center is a place of refuge for parents with children who are under the age of 5 years. It was started in 2010 by two American citizens Stacy Burton and Leonard Richards. The two founders came together to start the center to give relief to working parents who may not have relatives to look after their babies when they go to work. They sought to give back to the community in a major way by creating an environment that is both nurturing and educational to the young ones. Some families also resort to bring in their young ones if they are faced with financial challenges of paying for nanny’s services. Under the leadership of the two directors, the staff composed of a competent psychologist, a nurse and other caregivers work around the clock to meet the needs of the children.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent and quality care services to the children and help build the nation by providing time for the parents to work to provide for their families.

Services and Products Offered

1. Early Childhood Education

 The center is staffed with 3 qualified early childhood experts with vast experience in the subject. They take the children through the basic learning modules to develop and advance their speech and recognition skills at a tender age of 3 years. Social skills are also taught as they interact with other children their age as well as adults.

2. Health Services: Hope and Care Children Center

A nurse is employed full time to ensure that children who require medical attention receive attention. Emergency cases are referred to [name of hospital] as well as those requiring special attention. Pregnant women also receive care for their nutritional and medical needs by a specialist. Neonatal services such as breastfeeding modes are also offered to mothers.

3. Parental Support Services

Parents require a lot of support to raise their children both in the way they see fit and the way in which the community at large finds acceptable. The center has caregivers who take the parents through classes on parenting and child support. These classes are held every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 noon. Parents who attend these classes are empowered with skills of handling their young ones at all times. The classes also encompass practical sessions where the caregivers give parents a chance to showing their progress with their children in terms of interaction social skills and disciplinary techniques.


Hope and Care Center has been able to effectively produce 300 children capable of communicating their needs to peers, parents and school teachers. The positive stimulation from the caregivers has brought about progress brain development in the children hence they are quick grasping in education material.


Parents are encouraged to register for full time or part time membership at a low fee which is addressed by the centers’ directors.


Hope and Care Children Center

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