Business Biography Example: Executive Editor

Nolan Briggs

Executive Editor of BBC Online Department


Education Background and Publishing Experience

Nolan Briggs is a UK-born journalist, publisher and writer. He earned his MBA at Norfolk State University in 1995 where he also completed a program in journalism. Nolan wrote articles for newspapers while studying at the university. During his early career, Nolan understood that he wanted to dedicate his life to journalism and to work as an editor. He has held various positions from part-time journalist to senior editor of the business news department. He has published many articles for magazines and newspapers on a variety of topics ranging from business to housekeeping.

Before BBC, Nolan Briggs relished writing articles for The Times where he enjoyed having one of the highest levels of popularity among the newspaper staff. During the last 20 years, he has worked for a number of publishing agencies, television channels, newspapers, and magazines. His last book 10 Tips to be a Good Writer sold well in 2012. It is available at Amazon and in US bookstores. Moreover, he published two e-books in 2011 and 2010, respectively: How to Write Attractive Sales Texts and How to Find the Job of your Dreams. Additionally, he is writing a weekly newspaper column for The Times.

Working Experience in BBC

Nolan joined the BBC channel in 2000, where he started as a broadcast assistant journalist. Presently, he is Executive Editor of the BBC Online Department. Nolan manages BBC’s online news, sport news, weather online updates, Children’s BBC online and the BBC iPlayer, all of which focus on informing, educating and entertaining. In his current position, Nolan is responsible for the implementation of comprehensive BBC online strategies. Utilizing Nolan’s experienced background, the BBC channel expanded its online dominance over the younger audience. They were able to accomplish this through Nolan’s development of the BBC iPlayer for iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows Phones.

Nolan successfully manages more than 100 employees and has responsibilities for online content revision control, research and development of online BBC strategy, as well as other investigative functions. As the Executive Editor of BBC Online Department, Nolan controls delivery of original content for BBC target audience. Consequently, he organized the work flow of the online department which has significantly increased company’s profit.

Personal qualities

In addition to his varied background, Nolan is result-driven, competent, responsible, and an innovative media specialist. Furthermore, he is a motivational and inspirational manager. During his work at BBC, he has consistently displayed exemplary communication and interpersonal skills. He is hard-working and possesses a positive-thinking personality. Nolan’s philosophy is: “Talking is nothing. Doing is something.” In addition, Nolan is an active charity supporter. He is a team leader for the BBC charity programs in Africa which endeavor to help people with basic concerns such as access to clean water, nutritional food, and educational opportunities.

Nolan’s current interest is in writing informative books for novice journalists. His future career goal is to become Executive Journalist for BBC TV department.