Business Biography Example: Marry Poppins

Marry Poppins
Deputy Director
Samsung Corporation

Marry Poppins joined Samsung Corporation in 1997 where she managed the Marketing Department on mobile devices. Presently, she is Deputy Director of Samsung Corporation, where she provides highly experienced international marketing strategies aimed at global expansion, provisions of global strategic initiatives based on both American and European continents, and overcoming logistics and cultural issues for effectively managing global teams across the organization.

In this assignment, Marry offers development and implementation of comprehensive global marketing strategies. With her assistance, Samsung Corporation was able to enter the American market and gain a competitive position there. Since joining Samsung Corporation, Marry has facilitated the success of over 100 foster plans. Currently, she focuses on sharping the company’s European area marketing strategy, particularly in Eastern Europe countries. In her role with Samsung Corporation, Marry has developed promotional, distribution, and pricing strategies for mobile devices, TVs, tablets, cameras, and laptops.

Marry manages 70 global marketing departments, supporting more than 1,200 employees in 11 countries. Her deputy director position includes researching and reporting on external opportunities, developing marketing strategies and plans, customer relationship management, making customer-oriented decisions, managing the global marketing mix, understanding target customers, measuring success, managing budgets, and approving advertisement images. Consequently, Marry demonstrates the ability to streamline business operations that drive growth and increase firm profits.

Prior to Samsung Corporation, Marry worked for 10 years at Nestle, where she held different positions in the marketing field, beginning from Marketing Department Buyer and moving to Head of the Marketing Department. She enjoyed helping customers, meeting and exceeding marketing goals as well as having the highest sales ratings in 2003. After Nestle, Marry served as Vice President of the International Marketing Department for Philip Morris Company, the world’s leading tobacco manufacturer and seller. At Philip Morris, Marry directed major Internet-marketing projects such as cloud computing services in cooperation with the Information Technology Department. Additionally, she developed unique internet advertising for Philip Morris that increased company sales by or 5%. Prior to Philip Morris, Marry was Assistant of Sales Director at Tom Auto Equipment, where she developed and aligned business strategies to support low-cost manufacturing.

Marry Poppins is a results-driven, responsible, competent, bright and innovative specialist with a developed background. Moreover, she is a motivational manager and her tasks are meaningful and inspirational. During her work at Samsung Corporation, Marry demonstrated her leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Marry’s philosophy is always believe in yourself, your dreams and aim to change the world in a better way.

In addition to Marry’s employment experience, she is an active supporter of Samsung social initiatives. She is Team Lead for the Samsung Hope for Children Program that aims to help children lead healthier, smarter and more sustainable lives. Marry is also an active promoter of the company’s corporate social responsibility programs and is interested in developing in this field. With her unique variety of interpersonal and creative skills, Marry uses her ability to communicate with a range of different people.

Marry Poppins is active in professional development. She enjoys visiting conferences, seminars, and lectures to seek out new marketing opportunities and to develop her personal and managerial skills.

Marry completed the sales and marketing executive program at London Business School, where she completed all six courses and earned an MBA degree in strategic planning. She began writing marketing and business plans for customers and working as an online content manager since her time at the university.

Marry was recognized as one of The Times Newspaper’s Top 500 innovators in the field of internet advertisement. Currently, Marry is looking forward to new opportunities this upcoming year. Her future goal is to become a Global Communications Coordinator of Samsung Corporation.