Unemployment and Its Effects on Personal Life

Unemployment may affect a person in different ways. This can happen on mental, emotional, physical, and social levels. Whatever way it is, it should be addressed, as it can destroy a person. The unfortunate truth is that unemployment exists in any country, even in developed countries, and anyone can experience it.

Unemployment degrades the morale of the unemployed, and the sense of instability increases (Eisenberg and Lazarsfeld 386). The person who lost a job or was declined a job offer may face a dilemma and lose enthusiasm in life. Questioning one’s own ability is inevitable, which could lead to desperation. Desperation could make a person doubt themselves.

Another effect caused by unemployment is a change in social status. Unemployed people may feel their prestige decrease (Sardar 423). This is a very important aspect of a person’s life, as it indicates the value we have in society. Unemployed people may feel unimportant in society. This would cause a lot of stress, not just for the unemployed person but for the family as well.

Unemployment can also affect the mental health of a person. Unemployed people will feel worthless and lose energy (Holland 35). It affects the mental state, as the person will lose motivation and blame themselves regarding the unfortunate event that happens.

Being unemployed is not that easy for a person. Acceptance is difficult, especially if the person can see others succeeding in their careers. This is a serious issue that should not be taken for granted by the people around the person who has lost a job. Moral support must be employed to assure the person that the situation is acceptable.

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