Using Cell Phones in the Classroom Essay Sample

Classroom teaching has indeed evolved throughout the years, adjusting slowly to adapt to new trends. This generation utilizes digital technology as a common tool to aid students with their school work. According to David Nagel, 73% of students uses digital electronics with their studies. Extending its usage goes beyond academic purposes.

One common gadget is the cellular phone. It is handy and user-friendly, and according to a study, 75% of students have it during classes. It obviously impacts a student’s academic behavior. It may cause students to be distracted; as mentioned by Nagel, 36% of teachers are dealing with phone disruptions daily. As an obvious difference, phones cause more students to be less social and spend breaks alone. Also, multitasking in class (texting or using social media) causes students to focus less, which may negatively affect their grades. On the other hand, the cellular phone is a tool that may help students widen their research and make other necessary studying tools handy. This may make them more resourceful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Students can then become flexible in handling their school works (Womack and McNamara).

Schools surely put up a policy to control the usage of phones in the classroom. They make their classes interesting and interactive to lessen the urge for students to use their phones. Truly, its effect is dependent on how a student maximizes his or her access to this technology.

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The usage of cellphones in the daily life of high school students increased from 2 to 4 hours per day. The index for the maximum amount of time spent on smartphones has grown to enormous numbers. Modern students spend time on social media instead of hanging out with their peers.

Using cell phones in the classroom is not only distracting students’ attention from lectures but ruining their health as well. Youth today are going to bed with their phones, checking profiles on the internet. They are saying that they feel more comfortable going to sleep when the phone is near.

Smartphone usage reduces sleeping time. Most students sleep less than 7 hours a day. Sleep experts say that teens need 9 hours to get enough sleep. Those who sleep less than 7 hours have a sleep deficit.

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