Video Game Essay Sample for College Students: Pros and Cons of Playing

Gaming is a trend for spending time today. Many people take this hobby seriously and become professional gamers by joining a particular community and participating in championships. Concerning the young people who are playing for their satisfaction, they might spend too much time in one position, which negatively impacts the vision and musculoskeletal system. Therefore, video games have a controversial impact on psychical and physical health, so many students want to conduct in-depth research on this topic.

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Video Games and Ways They Affect Physical Health

Since entering the mainstream market in the 1970s and growing in popularity, video games have become a multi-billion-dollar industry. Gaming is a common pastime for both children and adults, leading plenty to question what effect playing video games may have on people’s physical health. In excess, gaming can have negative consequences for physical health, but in moderation, it has the potential to be a part of a healthy lifestyle, and in some cases, it may even be beneficial.

The standard video game promotes a sedentary lifestyle. When using a console or computer, players are seated in front of a screen for hours at a time. This gradually leads to vision impairments and may cause the player to experience headaches. Also, prolonged improper posture while sitting often leads to lower back pain (Tavormina, 2017). Those who prioritize gaming as their primary hobby or activity may experience higher rates of obesity and associated health risks due to a lack of physical exercise or active play (Maddison et. al., 2011). Sleep deprivation is also seen among avid gamers, as is tendonitis of the hands and wrist, or thumb pain due to excessive use and strain from handling the controller and rapid button pressing (Tavormina, 2017).

While sitting and playing video games for hours each day may not promote a healthy lifestyle, gaming could be used to the advantage of schools, medical professionals, and those looking to lose weight. Support for exercise-based video games has grown because they require the player to use their body movements to control the game rather than a joystick. Studies have shown that using games like Dance Dance Revolution in physical education classes and homes helped overweight children lose more body fat than those who did not play these games or were encouraged to follow traditional workouts (Maddison et. al., 2011). Games that simulate sports, dance routines, and use kinetic controls can offer a fun alternative to traditional exercise.

As with most things, gaming in excess can negatively impact physical health, including weight gain, eye strain, and muscular pain. However, it is possible to use games advantageously. The emergence of the exercise-based video game is an example, which is a form of physical activity that may be more appealing to individuals who do not normally enjoy physical activities.


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