Thank You Letter Example

Hope for Children International                                                                 30/05/2013
04762-156 Avenue de la Porte-Neuve

Christina M. Poe
01452-138 Boulevard de la Petrusse

Dear Christina,

I am writing to thank you for your welcome assistance during our hectic summer holiday season. Your willingness to show up at short notice to help with paperwork made a great difference. On behalf of Hope for Children, I would like to personally thank you for your recent contribution at our annual Hope for Children summer fundraiser project. This project could not have been a success without your help and the many other volunteers who donated their time.

The phenomenal success of the project is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm volunteers display on a continual basis. The project managers, team leaders, and the entire Hope for Children community appreciate you and your gift of time, energy, and enthusiastic support. Because of your help, we received donations of 30,000 Euros to start a community education project based in Western Kenya, providing primary school classes for disadvantaged children:

• Free breakfast and lunch program
• We bought a garden for the school to grow vegetables and fruit for the school rations program. Any excess will be sold to provide extra funds for the school.
• We bought 4 laptops and a modem. We also set some funds aside to train local people so they can then go on to train others in general computer use, word processing, report writing, email use and bookkeeping.
• We bought a charcoal oven for the school and set some funds aside to train the local population to make their own baked products. The ovens will be used to feed school children and the excess sold for school funds.

Your dedication and willingness to giving a helping hand was invaluable. Now that we have achieved our set objectives for our summer project, we want to express our appreciation for all you did for the children on their behalf. We hope you will accept the enclosed token of our gratitude and that you will continue to be a voice for children.


Jennifer Madison
Organizing Secretary
Hope for Children International