But being a kid growing up with the challenges and responsibilities of having a parent with multiple sclerosis (MS) is hard, too.

Being the child of a disabled parent makes you truly special. You learn about compassion, patience, and understanding much more quickly than kids with able-bodied parents. You often have to be more responsible and more helpful at an earlier age, but you melt your mother’s heart when you see someone in a wheelchair and say, “Look Mommy! She’s just like you!” We are your version of normal, and from that comes a very special kind of love.

Sadly, many disabled parents and their caretakers have a harder time paying for their children’s education because of medical expenses other people don’t have. Not necessarily because they’re indigent, but because injections and infusions and neurology visits and wheelchairs can be very costly. Having to sacrifice ANYTHING that helps your child succeed in life because of a chronic and incurable disease is more unbearable than the disability itself.

Here at The PrēJax Foundation, we aim to change that.

We’re a non-profit approved by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization (which means your donations are tax deductible), and we exist solely to provide college tuition assistance in the form of $1,000 scholarships. These go to exceptional students who either have a parent with MS or have themselves been diagnosed with MS. The Foundation’s name is a partial combination of two names, Preston and Jackson – the amazing sons of our President and founder Sylvia Longmire, who has been living with MS for 11 years. They are our true inspiration.

Our funding comes from corporate donors, friends and family, and individuals across the globe whose lives have somehow been affected by MS. Whether you have a passion for providing educational opportunities to good kids or supporting a family dealing with the effects of multiple sclerosis, supporting The PrēJax Foundation is a great way to make a huge difference in people’s lives. And it’s an amazing way to reward some truly special kids.


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Also, when you prepare the documentation for your application, try to mention not only why you are the perfect candidate but also why this organization/foundation is the perfect choice for you. For instance, you can write about the mutual values that you share. This article provides information about the founder of The PrēJax Foundation and her sons, who have been living with MS for eleven years. Surely you can appreciate that this excellent organization is helping people. What about the organization that you are seeking a scholarship from? What do you admire about it and how it is helping the world? . Consider opening up and sharing your personal stories. Perhaps you can relate to the founder of The PrēJax Foundation, Sylvia Longmire.


Sylvia Longmire is an entrepreneur, an author, a subject matter expert, a public speaker, a mother, and a service-disabled Air Force veteran.

She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005 while on active duty working as a Special Agent, and was medically retired from the Air Force as a Captain in 2005. She was a senior intelligence analyst for four years, and for the past six years has worked as an independent consultant and writer. Sylvia is a contributing editor to several border security-related media outlets and a contributor to numerous peer reviewed journals. She is also a regular guest for both national and local television and radio news programs, and was recently selected as Ms. Wheelchair USA 2016/2017.

Sylvia currently manages three businesses from home, travels often with her trusty electric scooter around the world for work and pleasure, and never turns down an invitation to karaoke. She is an active member of the Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando. Sylvia has been a staunch advocate for MS research, having served as an Ambassador for the National MS Society and raised over $20,000 through WalkMS events. She also has a passion for supporting education at all efforts, serving on education committees for two chambers of commerce, volunteering in her son’s classroom, and donating to literacy campaigns.

Sylvia is a native Floridian, and is proud to call Sanford, FL her home.