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What is the difference between sample writing and editing/rewriting services?

Sample writing allows customers to receive complete writing assistance according to their instructions and requirements.

Editing and rewriting services are provided when a customer has a completed sample that needs revising. If you order editing services, our experts will make minor corrections of your piece of writing and will change up to 25-30% of the overall work. As for rewriting, our writers will make more substantial corrections, rewriting up to 70% of the entire work.

What is a fixed price order?

As the name suggests, the price for this type of order is established in advance, preventing you from choosing a writer who sets their own fee per page. With this option, the service assigns you with a writer who will complete your order.

Why am I not able to cancel my order when it’s completed?

After your order has been finished and submitted to you, you are expected to check it and notify us in case you are not fully satisfied with the piece so that we can correct it. When you have no feedback left to provide on the quality of the paper, this automatically means that you have accepted the completed work and have no further claims about its quality. For this reason, you can’t cancel your order during the final stage of its completion.

How does our custom writing service work?

The information covering this matter is provided in the “How to Order” section, where we have included an in-depth explanation of how we operate.

How will I be able to send my case study/articles/materials to the writer?

Our clients upload the necessary materials for their order to the writer’s email, which helps the writer to have a better understanding of how to perform the task.

When will my paper be done?

After you finish filling out the order form, you are expected to set the deadline for the completion of the order. In this regard, your paper will be done by the due date you have set.

How will I receive my paper?

As soon as you issue the payment to the writer, you can download the final draft of your paper. It comes in two major formats: as an MS Word document, or as a pdf file.

Where are you located, and where is my writer from?

The company is based in Cyprus. Most writers working for us come from different parts of the world.

How do I pay my writer?

PayforWriting.com functions based on a bidding system, which means that customers can manage their order completion process by themselves. Hence, it’s the customers who decide when it’s time to pay their writers. However, our service recommends that clients issue their funds to the writers after each particular part of the task completion process is finished. Thus, as soon as the order is fully completed, the client is supposed to send the final payment to the writer.

Can I get a discount?

PayforWriting maintains a fair balance between the prices customers are charged and the wages writers receive. The company stays away from interfering in their interaction, following strict standards of running a safe and legitimate business.

Can I delete my account?

The account deletion feature is possible at our service. However, you should keep in mind that after deleting it, you won’t be able to log in to your account.

Are there any banned topics at your service?

Yes – given the lack of proper insight into some controversial matters of today, as well as the heated dispute around them, we have decided not to provide papers on the topics related to them. Thus, the topic categories our writing team doesn’t cover are abortion and gay marriage.

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