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What do writing and presentation skills mean in today’s world? They are like our profile pictures – one of the first things people use to judge us. There’s a famous saying: you have only five seconds to make the first impression when you meet eye-to-eye, so it’s better to wear bright colors and smile. However, what can you do if you are writing an e-mail, text message or a comment under a post? Should you attach your photo dressed in a red coat, or should you put some funny emojis to impress your reader? Here’s a better idea for you: improve your skills and impress the receiver of your message with these awesome writing techniques.

What Are We?

Hello there, fellow learner, we are a team of different people united by our one and only passion: writing. Some of us are pros at academic writing, others have mastered creative and free writing, and some are unbeatable at giving speech writing advice. The ability to express your thoughts in a written manner holds unbelievable potential, from improving your mental health to building a successful relationship and career.

What We Want to Do

Get ready, the pathos part is coming! Here we are supposed to talk about our mission in the world, the desire to change something for the better, and insert an inspirational quote. Well, we are just a bunch of people who like to write, so at once we decided: “Why don’t we share our own experiences, struggles and ideas?” So, we created the website.

You may ask why would we created our own if we could use any of the blogs or Internet journaling platforms available online, and all for free. The answer is simple, but let us play with a little analogy (because we are writers!). Imagine you brought home a TV dinner or a burger, heated it and served it to your friends or family. That might be okay, but it’s definitely not the same as if you did everything yourself, even baking that goddamn bun for the burger! Some may say this is too much effort, and they are partially true. But if you love cooking and burgers, you know that the result is worth it.

Back to our mission, if it can be called so: we want to share our ideas, insights, writing guides and examples which we find effective or which we have discovered on our own by trial and error. And if it helps someone to improve their writing, charm their crush, get an A+ or a new job, we will be beyond happy.

How Do We Do It

Good writing stands on three pillars: will, knowledge and skill. And while we cannot get inside of your head and make you write day and night without rest to perfect your abilities, we can, however, help you with finding motivation and providing instructions and guidelines.

Our site has six major categories of papers (or not papers sometimes):

  • Presentations and speeches
  • Reviews
  • Letters
  • Essays
  • Business writing
  • Creative and research papers

Each category is divided into smaller groups which include different aspects of this kind of writing. For example, we have “fiction,” “non-fiction” and “creative” in the reviews section. Pick the paper you are struggling with, and let’s move on.

Let's say you need speech writing help. Pick the amount of formality you want in your speech and click the corresponding category. For example, let’s choose Informal → Inspirational. Now you have everything you need to write an absolutely killer speech. Your ingredients are the following:

  • How to Write an Inspirational Presentation

    All specific categories are opened with writing guides, because we believe in smart and efficient practicing rather than repetition of old mistakes over and over again. Here you will find useful tips and guidelines about the paper you are working on.

  • “The Advantages of Jogging,” “Let’s Become Vegetarians,” “Killing Routines”

    These are the examples created by our team and provided to be a basis for you, because what is the greatest guide without a practical example, right? Study these samples at any time and place you want, they are completely free and will remain so forever. We know how annoying this “subscribe or pay for the article” thing is, so we decided to avoid it at all costs.

  • Topic Ideas

    Now that you have consumed the general speech writing advice and analyzed a couple of examples, it’s time to start working on your very own piece. You are ready and fully armed to create a masterpiece of modern speech writing – you take a fine pen, a clean sheet of paper and . . . nothing! Those stubborn ideas just won't come to your head! We have a cure even for that: check out topic ideas for any type of paper you need. We are sure that you will find something out of 30+ suggestions.

Writing techniques seem like wizardry only until you find a good explanation and example. Try our suggestions a couple of times, and you will see how easily your skills have improved. More than that, we are not going to be those people who mentor you in the know-it-all manner. We share experience, which includes not only findings, ideas and insights, but also fails, difficulties and lazy-writer moments. At least you will find out how to avoid the latter things, if you want to. :)

We are not inventing the bicycle. It’s true that everything has already been written and said on the topic, but we are determined to give the bicycle more customization options: we will teach you how to adapt all the information on essays, letters, job applications, presentations and speech writing help to your unique needs. Every experience is different, and that matters a lot in learning how to write, so let’s become tremendous writers together.