90+ Research Paper Topics on Different Disciplines

When you can freely choose research paper topics, it is good and bad at the same time. Free will is great, but you have to turn on all your creative powers in order to generate ideas that are worth attention. That can be quite challenging, especially if you are a freshman. Don’t worry! payforwriting is always glad to help the lost souls to find the path to academic success.

Below, you will find a great list of unique research paper ideas provided by our team. We care about your grades, so there are short descriptions for every topic. They will serve as guides that will give you some hints on the writing process. Choose wisely and begin writing an excellent research paper sample for high school or college!

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Economics and Business Topics for Research Papers

Cryptocurrency in Business Applications

You have probably been living on a deserted island for five years now if you have not heard about cryptocurrency. The topic of virtual money has become a routine part of our information space. No wonder it has also automatically become a subject of interest for the experts in economics and business. We share a strong belief that cryptocurrency is one of the many good research paper topics. Of course, you can’t compose a research paper on such a general topic. That’s why we have narrowed your theme to business applications. Think of how cryptocurrency has changed the world of business. What are the risks and benefits of virtual money for companies? Why is cryptocurrency better or worse than common currency?

The Consequences of Brexit for Europe’s Economy

Some people say that the United Kingdom has never been in the European Union to some extent. First of all, it is separated from other countries geographically. Secondly, they have not replaced pounds with euros. Finally, they think that other countries are not good enough to make friends with. Consequently, Brexit hasn’t been a great surprise. However, this move has considerable consequences for Europe’s economy. Provide thorough research, as this topic might seem difficult for those who don’t regularly follow news. Analyze both good and bad consequences and define what factors prevail.

Common Violations of Business Ethics

Business ethics is important both for the atmosphere at the workplace and cooperation between two companies. It regulates the hiring process, contract negotiations, system of promotions, and other aspects of business life. Still, there are always people who prefer to violate the rules in order to get more benefits and probably harm their business opponents. We suggest you divide your research paper into two parts. In the first section, describe the workplace violations of business ethics, such as employer intimidation, stealing, sexual harassment, and discriminatory practice. In the second section, provide your readers with information on violations that are related to the company’s external activities, such as community impact (pollution), violation of the public trust, and fraud.

Global Capitalism: Definition and Basic Principles

If you see the word “define” or “definition” in your research topic, you are lucky. Definition research papers are considered to be the easiest type. You don’t have to analyze or draw conclusions. Your only task is to gather and structure information on the chosen topic. Of course, you have to find as many reliable sources as possible. Scientific journals, online encyclopedias, educational websites, non-fiction books, archived data, and reputable newspapers are the most credible sources of information. You may collect definitions of global capitalism from the multiple sources and then compare them in order to underscore similarities and dissimilarities. The next step is to make a list of its basic principles, describe each one, and provide an understandable example.

The Importance of Team-Building Processes for Big Corporations

When a company is small, the bounds between colleagues are much stronger than in big corporations. If you have 500 coworkers, it is rather hard to even remember all the names! Team-building processes in big corporations help the employees to become closer to each other, and instead of feeling like small parts of a huge machine, they feel like the members of one big family. Describe the most popular techniques of team building and explain why each of them is important for creating a good atmosphere inside the company.

We hope that our business research paper ideas are inspiring and motivating. Let’s move on to the sphere of marketing.

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Marketing Research Paper Topics

The Importance of Online Advertisement As a Marketing Tool

All the world is online now. We communicate, do shopping, order food, and share photos and thoughts on the internet. In short, we live on the internet. Marketing strategies should stay up-to-date in order to attract more and more customers. Consequently, online advertisement has become even more popular than traditional advertising. This marketing tool is an interesting research paper topic that guarantees a high grade if you take it seriously. Describe the common techniques of online advertisement, as well as the basic principles, advantages, and disadvantages. You can also analyze one popular brand with effective digital marketing campaigns like Airbnb, Mastercard, or Heineken.

Cross-Cultural Marketing Mistakes

Analyzing someone’s mistakes can be rather satisfying sometimes, don’t you think? Cross-cultural marketing has become a popular subject for researchers, as it can be interesting for the experts of different scientific fields, such as economy, business, marketing, sociology, psychology, etc. In your research paper, we recommend you to start with defining the term “cross-cultural marketing” and only then move on to the common mistakes. The mishaps can be caused by translation difficulties, different cultural backgrounds, religion codes, various branding customs, etc. Describe each mistake and provide the readers with a real-life example if possible in order to make your paper more informative.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping for Customers

Online shops are becoming more and more a real opportunity to purchase various products, clothes, books, tickets, and many other things effortlessly. You don’t have to go out and waste several hours to do shopping. You won’t be seduced by shiny packages and won’t spend more money than you have planned. You don’t have to carry heavy bags back home, as you can order goods for delivery. Anyway, online shopping seem to be a perfect option, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, online shops also have quite a wide range of disadvantages: security concerns, possible damage during transportation, delay in delivery, fraud, etc. We suggest you compose an argumentative research paper on this topic and defend your personal opinion. Are you for or against online shopping?

Differences Between Brand Image and Reputation

If you want to highlight similarities and dissimilarities between two objects, phenomena, events, or persons, you should choose a compare and contrast research paper. This kind of topic is much easier to write a paper on than to create a work on argumentative research paper topics, which require the defense of a certain statement. We highly recommend you to divide the main part of your paper into two parts. The first one will be dedicated to the features that are common both for brand image and reputation. The second one will be aimed at revealing the difference between these two terms. In the concluding part, you should briefly summarize your findings.

We have talked about business and management enough. Let’s continue with research paper topics that will discover the inner human world.

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Psychology Research Paper Topics

Compulsive Buying Disorder and Its Treatment

Compulsive buying disorder, also known as shopaholism, is the plague of the 21st century. Although nobody dies, this phenomenon can be rather dangerous for an individual’s personal sustainability. In the introductory section, provide your readers with background information on this disorder (history of studies, characteristics, stages). You should also find some current statistics on this subject. Describe the common ways of treatment in the main body. In your conclusion, you may offer your own forecast with regard to the spread of this disorder in our consumerist society.

Negative Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Mentality

Perhaps, social media also has a positive impact on adolescent mentality. However, you shouldn’t focus on it. This topic does have some limitations for your research paper. Firstly, it doesn’t seem to be debatable, so your research paper has to be analytical. Secondly, it is narrow: you have to write only about the negative impact and only about adolescent mentality. We want to remind you how important the understanding of the research topic is. You paper should be 100% relevant to the theme. Otherwise, you risk to get a low grade from your instructor.

Risks and Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animals can become our friends, and even members of our family. Have you ever thought that animals can also be a real cure? Surprisingly, animal-assisted therapy has been practiced since the time of Ancient Greece: Greeks used horses to lift the spirits of ill people. Such therapy seems to be so cute and comfy. Still, there are also different risks and limitations related to pets and their behavior towards patients. In your research paper, you should answer the following questions in detail: what is bad and what is good about animal-assisted therapy?

Positive and Negative Influence of Idols on the Teenage Personality

You have probably noticed that adolescent psychology is a source of popular research paper topics. It is easy to explain: teenagers are often mentally unstable, so they often face different kinds of influences, emotional concerns, and other interesting psychological and sociological phenomena. This particular topic is extremely acute and has always been acute. Young generations want to follow the steps of their idols. Every epoch offers its own candidates: knights, brave soldiers, TV-series stars, romantic poets, and pop singers. No matter what kind of idols teenagers have, they always have a great influence on their personalities. Analyze both positive and negative aspects of such an impact. If you want to make your research paper argumentative, concentrate on one kind of influence and provide arguments to defend your ideas.

Classical Conditioning Theory

This research paper topic is for an expository paper. You have to examine your topic from all possible perspectives and gather the information from multiple sources. Your aim is to provide the readers with an exhaustive presentation on the topic that highlights all important aspects. Classical conditioning theory is associated with the name of the famous Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his experiments with dogs and digestion. The expository research paper doesn’t require any personal opinions, analyses, or conclusions. Just gather reliable information on the topic and present it in the most understandable and concise manner!

Psychology is a great science for those who are looking for popular research paper topics. Human behavior, feelings, and emotions will always be an acute theme to discuss. However, the most interesting phenomena occur when people try to coexist. That is the sphere of sociology!

sociology research paper topics

Sociology Research Paper Topics

Social Attitude Toward Homosexuality in China

Sexual minorities and the social attitude toward them has always been one of the most acute topics to do a research paper on. This theme becomes even more interesting when it comes to the countries with such a complex cultural and historical background as China. Taoism, socialistic ideology, and modern technologies have mixed together in the Chinese mentality. How has this synthesis influenced their views on homosexuality? How has society treated the members of sexual minorities in different eras? What perspectives does this issue have? Answer these questions fully, and you will get a well-written research paper.

The Negative Impact of Consumerism Values on Work Effectiveness

Do you consider your work to be only a source of money, or something more? What about inspiration, dreams, and joy? Why does this happen? Many sociologists suggest that values of consumerism have turned work into a horrible monster which is awful and disgusting, and ruins our life. People are concentrated on what they lose when they go to work: their energy, money, and time. The majority of the population has forgotten that there are also benefits that we can get at our workplaces: meeting new people, improving important skills, a feeling of self-importance, etc. The only thing we want to get is money – more and more money. The consumer society has a negative influence on the concept of work. Provide thorough research as this topic may seem rather difficult.

Gender Inequality in the Fashion Industry

The majority of fashion consumers are women. However, when it comes to the fashion industry (especially the top levels), everything is not so good for female employees. The situation is not even close to demonstrating equality. Although female professionals usually demonstrate higher ambitions, they receive three times less promotions than men. This topic is rather complex: you can choose what to focus on (reasons, consequences, regulations) or create a truly exhaustive research paper summarizing all the mentioned aspects of this painful issue.

The Role of Sexual Education in Schools

Medically accurate sex education should be considered as a human right. Sex is a natural and (let’s face it) indispensable part of life. The ignorance in this case can be rather dangerous. We suggest you to provide a list of arguments that will prove the importance of sexual education in schools in your research paper. You can mention the following arguments: healthy relationships, staying safe, sexual health, overcoming the psychological barriers, the scientific approach, etc.

Compare and Contrast Communism and Socialism

This is quite an easy research paper topic. The best thing about compare and contrast research papers is their understandable and logical structure. Firstly, you find the common features. Then, you look for dissimilarities. It doesn’t sound difficult, right? There are tons of studies dedicated to communism and socialism as these ideologies are as old as this world. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but instead compose an informative research paper on history, this topic is a good choice for you.

The research paper topics on social issues are extremely controversial, so you should be very careful with your arguments. You may apply an original personal approach, but remember that you have to be objective in the first place.

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High School Research Paper Topics on History

Positive and Negative Consequences of the French Revolution

This may sound cynical, but revolutions and wars provide students with an endless flow of topics to do a research paper on. Dramatic historical events are the subjects of debates and discussions. Surprisingly, historians easily associate the death of thousands of people with positive consequences. Therefore, you should turn your emotions off and follow the lead of a cold, logical mind. Summarize the reasons and the main events of the French Revolution in your introduction and dedicate the main body to the analysis of its consequences. Don’t forget that you should mention both positive and negative results!

The Historical Role of the Soviet Union in WWII

Almost the entire world participated in World War II. The Axis Powers and the Allies fought against each other in the bloodiest battles in human history. The Axis Powers were represented by Germany, Italy, and Japan. The union of the Allies consisted of Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States of America, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and China. The Soviet Union lost about 12 million soldiers and 7 million civilians – the highest number of military casualties among the participating countries. You may choose an expository, analytical, or argumentative research paper in order to develop this topic. Don’t forget to describe the actions of the Soviet Union’s government before, during, and after World War II.

The Reasons for the Great Depression

This theme is perfect for a cause and effect research paper. The Great Depression is considered to be the worst economic decline of the 20th century. This crisis influenced both rich and poor countries. There are two main theories that explain the causes of the Great Depression: the Keynesian and monetarist explanations. You may also learn more about other theories: the non-monetary explanation, heterodox theories, debt deflation, etc. There are multiple sources related to this theme, so you will have to provide thorough and deep research. Try to find out what is common about all these theories and summarize your conclusions in your research paper. The Great Depression is one of the examples of research paper topics which allow you to offer your own explanations based on profound analysis and statistics.

Compare and Contrast the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia

We hope that this topic will be perfect for those who want to practice their writing on compare and contrast research papers. A revolutionary wave started in Tunisia. The Tunisian Revolution was the first in a wide range of the demonstrations and protests that took place in Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab countries. Of course, in every state, the revolution had its own peculiarities because of different geographical, religious, political, and economical backgrounds. We recommend you to provide your readers with general information on the Arab Spring in the introductory section of your paper. Then, describe the common aspects of the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia. Finally, present the dissimilarities.

The Influence of World War II on the Fashion Industry

Fashion, as well as any other kind of art, always represents the events happening in the world. World War II was the most significant, though terrible, event of the 20th century. A wide range of limitations caused by war had a great impact on fabric choices, form, and style. Shorter skirts, practical work clothes, and simple styles became the main trends during World War II because of military needs. If you are interested both in fashion and history, this theme will be a perfect choice for you.
History is one of the basic sciences. Consequently, it serves as a great source for good research paper topics. Don’t hesitate to choose one and compose the best research paper!

Suggesting good topics for research papers can be challenging for professors, even when students are allowed to pick their own topic. Here’s a list of suggestions on seven major areas of study which you can use while looking for interesting research paper topic ideas.

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Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of extended vacation periods on the work productivity and engagement of employees.
  2. Online businesses and international tax code.
  3. The impact of advanced technologies on work productiveness.
  4. How foreign tax changes affect U.S. Businesses.
  5. The causes for the decrease in fluidity of the U.S. labor market.
  6. Efficiency of brainstorming and other creativity techniques in big corporations.
  7. The impact of marketing strategies using social media profiles on consumer behavior since 2010.
  8. How the decision-making process in business is influenced by Chinese cultural traditions.
  9. The development of digital entrepreneurship in the last three years.
  10. The impact of emotions on making important financial decisions.

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Drugs and Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics

  1. Examinations of the success of a drug treatment program before re-entry to social life.
  2. Investigation in the nature of co-occuring disorders.
  3. Promotion of legalized drugs by irresponsible advertisements to increase sales rates and increase addiction as a result.
  4. Can legalization and taxation of drugs become a major stream of tax revenue for government?
  5. Sex and gender differences in substance addiction treatment.
  6. Trends of drug use in the military and the special risks faced by this population.
  7. Principles of drug abuse prevention in early childhood.
  8. How does the opioid system in our brain correlates with success with quitting smoking.
  9. Positive effects of longterm drug free workplace programs.
  10. Reasons why people who experience chronic pain progress from using prescription opioids to heroin.

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Economy Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of falling oil prices in 2016 on the Saudi Arabian economy.
  2. Do millennials have the opportunities to be as financially successful as their parents?
  3. Pros and cons of the agricultural subsidies system.
  4. Reasons and ways of the prevention of market manipulation, such as the California electricity crisis.
  5. The concept of multidimensional poverty and how it affects social equity.
  6. What are the main business cycles and how do they affect world economics?
  7. Will the decision to lessen taxation for small businesses lead to economic growth?
  8. What is public investment and how can it impact economic growth?
  9. What is the concept of minimum wage and how should it be decided?
  10. Changes of the economics of the pharmaceutical industry in the 21st century.

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Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Technical education as a pathway to the middle class.
  2. Existing problems and suggestions for improving STEM education in the USA.
  3. What kind of educational reform can address inequality and middle class frustration?
  4. Reasons for the recent decline in students who chose computer-related majors.
  5. How higher education can respond to the Syrian refugee crisis.
  6. What social, personal, and political concerns lead to higher school dropout rates?
  7. If college education was free, how would it impact the quality of education?
  8. The influence of innovative technologies on a student’s motivation to learn.
  9. What does education mean in the era where every kind of information is accessible within seconds?
  10. The role of a teacher’s personal traits in creating a role model for students in the modern education system.

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Heath Care Research Paper Topics

  1. Prevention of insomnia and sleep disorders caused by the light emitted by electronic devices.
  2. Can the use of social media, such as Facebook, lower self-esteem and psychological comfort?
  3. Will special social media statuses given to blood donors encourage altruism?
  4. How can new technologies impact mental health support in public schools?
  5. The participation of charities and non-governmental organizations in solving public health problems.
  6. Health benefits of whole grains in one’s diet.
  7. How can pet therapy with a dog improve the socialization process for an autistic child between ages three and five?
  8. Does an outdoor physical activity program improve the mental health status of adults with clinical depression?
  9. What are common risk factors for ankle sprains in adult athletes?
  10. Improvements in the nursing management systems in public hospitals in developing countries in the last three to five years.

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Environment Research Paper Topics

  1. The effect of plastic bag bans in the states that have already adopted the policy.
  2. Mountain removal mining in terms of ecologically sustained development.
  3. Combustibility of Norway’s environmental and whaling policies.
  4. Flora and fauna vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the US over the past five years.
  5. Waste management: evaluation and ways of reducing packaging waste in your neighboring area.
  6. The study of climate change in your area for the past 10 years.
  7. Describe the effect of two to three of the most iconic environmental lawsuits in your area of residence.
  8. Measuring the speed of decompression for different biodegradable and compostable materials.
  9. The effect of nanosilver used in consumer products on the small freshwater ecosystems, such as ponds and lakes.
  10. Effectiveness of the bioassay method, using daphnia, and of measuring the toxicity of freshwater.

government research paper topics

Law and Crime Research Paper Topics

  1. Should solitary confinement be banned for juveniles?
  2. The historical development of the justice system in the USA.
  3. Political blogs and freedom of expression: a comparative study of the UK and USA.
  4. Defining white-collar criminals: what is white-collar crime, who perpetrates it, and why?
  5. Health research and biotechnology: operationalising socio-moral values in the legal setting.
  6. Taxes as practices of mutual recognition: towards a general theory of tax law.
  7. Networks, complexity and internet regulation scale-free law.
  8. Trade remedy measures in the WTO and regional trade agreements.
  9. Working lives of prison managers: exploring agency and structure in the late modern prison.
  10. Legal defenses for battered women who kill: the battered woman syndrome, expert testimony, and law reform.

Our list of unique research paper ideas is finished. We are 100% sure that you have found something really interesting and intriguing for your research paper while reading our article. Writing a research paper from scratch can be challenging. That’s why we have provided our readers with these short instructions in order to make the first stage of the writing process easier. Our guide on how to write a conclusion for a research paper can be helpful as well. payforwriting is always glad to help you achieve the best results. Choose wisely and think global!