How to Write an Entertaining Speech for Any Occasion

When we hear the word “entertainment,” the first association that comes to mind is laughing and smiling. Jokes, comedies, stand-up — we consider these genres to be entertaining.

how to write an entertaining speech

However, entertainment isn’t only about fun and laughter. Horror stories, tragic plays, and sad movies are also aimed at entertaining the audience. Therefore, entertainment is about holding the attention of your audience and triggering strong emotions.

Giving entertaining speeches requires confidence, well-developed public speaking skills, and, of course, charisma. You can improve all these skills and abilities and deliver great speeches on any occasion. We hope that our guide on how to write an entertaining speech will be helpful.

Read our instructions, tips, and example and entertain your audience like a professional!

How to Write an Entertaining Speech Step by Step

As we’ve mentioned, entertaining speeches aren’t necessarily funny. You may give an entertaining speech at a wedding, birthday party, or Christmas party — these speeches are called special-occasion speeches.

But this kind of speech is very specific — every company and group of friends needs an individual approach. That’s why we’ll give you recommendations on how to write an entertaining speech for an unknown audience, for example, for a contest.

1. Pick the topic

If the topic isn’t specified, you may pick it by yourself. We recommend you to choose a theme that is related somehow to your experience and worldview. In such a manner, you’ll sound more persuasive and confident.

2. Generate and select the best ideas

Brainstorming works well even if you don’t have a team, but work on your own. Think about all the associations related to your topic. Read a few articles, or watch inspirational movies. Write down all your ideas (even the weirdest) and then choose the best ones.

3. Make an outline

Your entertaining speech, like an essay, should be well structured. Compose an outline and think about smooth transitions between different parts of your entertaining speech.

4. Think of examples

Examples make any speech more understandable and exciting. Think about real-life stories or episodes from popular movies/books that may help to illustrate your speech.

5. Write jokes and test them

Entertainment isn’t only about laughter; entertaining speeches are mostly aimed at amusing your audience. And jokes are an effective way to make someone smile. Before giving a speech, we recommend you to test your jokes and make sure that they are fun not only for you.

6. Practice and note the time

Public speeches have time limits — you can’t talk forever. Read your speech out loud and write down the time. Make sure that you don’t go beyond the specified limits.

7. Mind your gestures and body language

Your speech might be brilliant, but you won’t be able to make a good impression if you don’t control your body and gestures. Practice in front of the mirror and mind your gestures.

8. Use various intonations

Your voice is your main tool. Slow down, make emphasis on concrete phrases, or talk quietly — every change in your intonation will attract the attention of your listeners.

9. Compose a motivating and memorable ending

Your audience will get a general impression from your speech, but the only thing that they probably will remember is the ending. You have to do your best while composing your final sentences.

10. Give a test speech

Even professionals rehearse before going on stage. Practice at home, with your friends, and in front of the mirror to make sure that you’re ready for a bigger challenge.

entertaining speech writing

How to Write an Entertaining Speech: Quick-Fire Tips

A good plan isn’t enough to write an impressive entertaining speech. You need some tips to make it smooth and memorable. Below, you’ll find tips both about the writing process and public speaking:

  • Start with a greeting

An unusual greeting will grab the attention of your audience and make them interested. Instead of a standard “Hello everyone,” you can say something unexpected or ask a question to make contact with your listeners.

  • Keep in mind your audience

Although you don’t know everyone in your audience personally, you are probably aware of some basic characteristics — average age, interests, level of education, etc. You should understand that entertaining speeches for college students, adolescents, and grown-ups are totally different. Students won’t understand jokes about raising kids, while adults won’t get your superhero movies quotations.

  • Smile

This tip is basic, but amateur speakers frequently find it challenging. Smiling is an indispensable part of your charisma. Remember that even though your listeners don’t know you as a person, they can still see the difference between a sincere smile and a forced facial contortion. So, forget about your worries and give your audience your best smile!

  • Visual aids

Pictures are much easier to memorize than words. If you want to entertain your audience but also teach them something at the same time, prepare a presentation for your speech.

  • Be confident

Being confident is key to a successful speech. You should worry about how you speak, look, and move before your performance. As soon as you walk on the stage — forget about your anxiety. Be 100% confident about your words, clothes, and gestures. And you’ll rock it!

  • Engage with the audience

Engaging with the audience is crucial for an entertaining speech. There are three basic methods to build a connection with your listeners. The first and most classy technique is eye contact. You can’t look at all the faces simultaneously, but you should never look at the ceiling or floor. Imagine that you’re serving champagne to your listeners:focus on one guest, then move to the next.

The second standard way to interact with your audience is to ask questions — rhetorical or real. The third technique is to make your listeners do something, for example, raise hands or clap. That will keep them awake!

  • Forget about complex sentences

You’re not at an exam! Forget about complexity. Use simple words, expressions, and sentences. Don’t make your audience google every single word you say.

  • Adopt your speeches

When you’re giving a speech, you always need a back-up plan. If your audience seems bored — add some humor. If your audience is eager for communication — don’t be afraid of asking some extra questions.

  • Keep an eye on time

Inspiration and adrenaline may take you far, but don’t forget that you have time limits. If you’re bad at sensing the time, then you should take care of it before the presentation. You may wear a watch or ask an assistant to give you a sign.

  • Enjoy your speech

Sincerity is the key to the heart of your audience. Your entertaining speech is your opportunity to share your emotions and worldview with the general public. It might be scary, but you’ll enjoy it – we promise!

How to Write an Entertaining Speech: Example With Comments

The best way to explain something is to give a good example. Below, you’ll find an entertaining speech provided by one of our writers. We’ve also added comments so that you can learn more about the proper structure of entertaining speeches.

Click the images to see their full size.

how to write an entertaining speech exampleHow to Write an Entertaining Speech: Example With Comments


Now, you know how to write an entertaining speech and amuse your audience! We hope that our guide, tips, and example are enough to inspire you for writing your own speech. Remember that entertaining speeches require as much hard work and preparation as a speech at a conference or wedding.