Retirement Farewell Speech Example

Good evening board of directors, colleagues and friends. I am honored to deliver my speech for my retirement from this company as executive director. I welcome all of you to this very special, bitter-sweet occasion.

I have spent fifteen years with some of you at this company as executive director. I am very delighted to say that you – board of directors, my colleagues, and friends gave me the best working environment and conditions to exercise my duties. I now feel, after these years of service to this company, that it is my rightful duty to announce my retirement from my position. This will help pave the way for a new and energetic executive director to take over the position.

During my tenure, I had a chance to learn many things that have helped both in my private life, as well as in my working life. I managed to come across and make many friends who stood with me even in times of upheavals. I have also learned key skills from this company. In an attempt to mention a few, these skills include management ability, honesty, and teamwork. As it is clearly evident, we have achieved a lot by working in harmony as a company. We have scooped countless awards due to our services and dedication towards achieving our objectives as a multinational company. Were it not for the effort by each and every individual in this company this would not have been possible. For lack of a better word, I can confidently claim that my career at this company has been brilliant due to the support, appreciation, encouragement, and cooperation I have received from all of you.

All of us here know what a multinational company entails. It is a company with facilities and other assets in other countries apart from the home country. We have been in a position to deal with budgets exceeding those of smaller companies by far. Planning for a multinational company is also a great task, as you know. Nevertheless, by working together as a team we have achieved more than what we even expected. I, therefore, take this special moment to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your commitment towards ensuring that this company grows beyond expectations. I especially thank the board of directors and my colleagues for encouraging me, even in times when things appeared to be a bit challenging. Through your support, hard work, kindness, friendship, and appreciation I have been able to give this company my best. I am sad because I am going to miss such an environment. What I want to say is thank you very much.

If you can remember the time when this company incurred a huge amount of losses, even when the shareholders became impatient with us, you – the board of directors and colleagues stood by me and encouraged me. That was a major obstacle in our way and through your support we were able to make unimaginable profits years later. You can even remember the number of times that we have been able to scoop awards due to our services as a company. This was only possible by your hard work and dedication.

This company is proud to be associated with a large number of the clients and employees. All of these have worked so hard to see to the success of this company. I wish to express my special thanks to all of you and any other stakeholder dedicated towards our success. As I leave, I want to wish everybody all the best in their endeavors and this company success beyond limits. Thank you very much.


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