CV Examples

Resume Example: Web Designer

March 1st, 2017

James Benson Web Designer Personal Summary I am an ambitious Web Designer with a strong technical background. Apart from that, I am gifted in a unique way, very ambitious, and a goal getter with self-discipline and the ability to work with minimal supervision. As a web designer am able to play a major role in the site development by making sure there is maximum accessibility and usability. I am a good team player who works well with others in creating…

CV Sample: Graphic Designer

March 1st, 2017

Kate Koen GRAPHIC DESIGNER I am currently interested in the position of freelance graphic designer and participation in inspirational projects. Why choose Kate? Experience managing different projects using different techniques Fascination by the work of graphic designers Ten years of graphic design experience Thirteen years in photography Five years in digital art Unique vision of new graphical solutions All necessary knowledge and educational background Thinks in pictures first Huge work portfolio Job Experience: 2000 – Present Personal projects realization (photopragper,…

Get Inspired With the Best CV Samples

A curriculum vitae is one of the main keys to getting a job. It is a document that describes what the candidate is capable of and his or her experience. The employer needs a CV to see if there is a reason to spend time on interviewing the candidate. Thus, it gives a first impression of what sort of professional you are. This is a good reason to spend an extra hour (or more) to improve this document.

Creating a CV is a kind of art that doesn’t follow strict rules. You can use ready-made templates and samples to get inspired with new approaches in making a CV or get an idea of how a complete CV should look. Usually a CV contains the following blocks: contact information, education, work experience, awards and accomplishments, skills, interests, and hobbies. You need to fill your CV with true information only and emphasize those skills that are required for the particular vacancy.

When composing a CV, don’t forget the main rules: your CV should emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Therefore, if you are proud of your extensive professional experience, place it at the very beginning of your CV. If you have certificates and awards related to the desired position – write about them.

Your CV is not a set of individual blocks about your work, education, and training. A million-dollar summary is a summary that is built into a success story. What is the success story? This is when it is clear how your education, career path, training, certificates, personal qualities, and position you are looking for are related. If these elements do not have logic, the recruiter will skip it.

How to Improve Your CV?

  • Read some professional CV examples. On the internet you can find different sites with samples, but before reading them make sure that the source is credible enough. For example, on payforwriting you can find CV examples written by professional writers and a guide on how to write cv examples.
  • Ask for help. If you have a friend that works as a recruiter or just a person that knows about the recruiting process, ask them to read your CV and give recommendations.
  • Use professional CV templates. The only word of caution is to not use standard templates from job sites that have only one design and which include the website logo. Choose a website that works like a constructor where you can change the design, layout, fonts, etc.
  • Google the advice from credible recruiters and companies. Search for good sources where experts share their experience and knowledge. Read more information about mistakes employees usually make and what recruiters want to see in the CV.
  • Learn from landing pages. A good landing has a great structure, plain text, and a pleasant design. Every element forces the reader to read to the end and buy what is presented on the landing page. The same should be applied to a good CV.

A good CV is interesting to read, and the reader wants to finish reading. Each phrase in the summary reinforces the desire to acknowledge it. It is very simple and easy to navigate (sections). In addition, the summary must comply with generally accepted standards. Therefore, if you are not a designer and not a representative of the creative profession, no background images should be in the summary.

Read the Best CV Samples on payforwriting

The only person that seriously affects your job searching process is you. It will be hard to make an outstanding CV on your own. You need to use any source of information and seek help from people that have already succeeded in a job search or are professional recruiters.

We have good news. You can find the best CV examples for students and graduates here at payforwriting. With a little effort you will get more information about creating outstanding CVs. Following our samples and guidelines, you will raise your chances to stand up from the crowd of candidates and win an invitation to an interview. If you have read our sample and feel that your CV is not good enough, don’t be upset! Follow our step-by-step guide and create a great CV with us.

Please note that a CV can be written in different ways. So don’t panic if you see a lot of different templates for writing a CV and don’t know which one to use. Keep in mind that recommendations are just recommendations, not laws. Be guided by common sense.

How Our Curriculum Vitae Samples Can Help You

Get more ideas to get started. If you are writing your CV for the first time and experience something like a writing block, read some samples that will give you some ideas about CV structure and core elements.

Notice how the author uses active words. Very often candidates use cliched phrases that sound overused. In samples you can find new phrases and words that you can apply to your own CV. Paraphrase existing texts and find synonyms.

Find out missing skills. You can find samples related to your desired job and see how a particular author describes core skills. Maybe you will need to learn some skills to make your CV more impressive and attractive.

Copy the structure. All of our CV samples have a certain structure that you can apply to your own CV. Add your own information, change informational blocks, or add new parts to make your CV unique.

Clarify all unclear moments. As you can see from our guides, you will need to consider many things to create a great CV. If something was left unclear or you don’t understand what a finished CV looks like, just check a sample of a good CV at payforwriting.

Alas, “good clothes open all doors” and good CVs open the doors of your desired company. To find a job you need not only to search for the appropriate vacancy, but to be ready to put all efforts into creating a good-looking CV. Read the samples on payforwriting and follow the guidelines – we believe that you will be ready to create the best CV and get hired. Good luck!