Topics for Blogging Business

Blogging is used not only by companies to promote their products and services. It may well become an independent business. If you want to start your own blog-based business, you should find the niche for writing, get to know how to write a business blog and find a good topic. Topics for blogging business should be chosen according to the following ideas for business.

Ideas for a Blogging Business

  • Freelance blogging. If you want to receive money for articles, you can offer your freelance blogger services to various companies and publishers who will be willing to pay for your experience.
  • Ghostwriting for blogs. You can also offer your ghostwriting services for blogging. Your task is to write content for other bloggers who will publish it under their own name.
  • Partner blogging. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money for bloggers. Start writing articles in any niche and use affiliate links to promote the products and services of other brands. As a result, for each of your sales, you will receive a certain percentage.
  • Authority blogging. If you have many subscribers who listen to you, you can cooperate with brands to promote their products and services as an authority.
  • Advertisement blogging. You can earn money on your blog by offering to display advertising on your website.
  • Email marketing. Popular bloggers usually have many contacts on a mailing list. This advantage can also be used to promote third-party products and services.
    Authoring e-books. Show your writing talent in creating e-books. Tell about the results in your blog.
  • Supplying information. You can also sell other information products such as guides. Tell in the blog about your talent and experience to increase the interest of readers.
  • Creating online courses. If readers consider you an expert in a certain field, you can sell online courses. You can conduct them both on the website and through e-mail.
  • Critiquing. You can prepare product reviews of various companies in exchange for a reward.
  • Creating sponsorship posts. Collaborate with brands and publish sponsorship posts to earn in your blog.
  • Business blogging. If you understand the business theme, start a thematic blog. This will help you build confidence, earn the reputation of an expert, and in the future will allow you to offer your services to a consultant or trainer.
  • SMM blogging. You can also start a blog about social networks to promote the services of an SMM manager or consultant.
  • Event blogging. Light up various events in your blog, and promote them for a fee or tell about the organizer’s own services.
  • Fashion blogging. If you are well versed in fashion, you can start to conduct a thematic blog, and then establish cooperation with brands to post their ads or write sponsorship posts.
  • Beauty blogging. Similarly, you can work with brands from the beauty industry if you have a blog dedicated to hair care, make-up, and other related topics.
  • DIY blogging. Another great idea is to create a blog with master classes, and then cooperate with brands that sell materials for creativity.
  • Culinary blogging. Food brands can also offer bloggers an opportunity to earn money. Start publishing recipes or other food-related content.
  • Lifestyle blogging. If your blog covers several topics at once, you can cooperate with a variety of brands.
  • Creator of lettering. If you want to write for other companies, offer your services for creating newsletters.
  • Tech blogging. For those who understand technology, it’s a great idea to create a thematic blog and start collaborating with brands from this niche.
  • Creating a site with a subscription. You can also earn by starting a thematic blog, and then offering to subscribe to it for a fee.
  • Creating a news site. It is possible to specialize in coverage of news of a certain industry and to offer cooperation to the interested brands.

How to Choose One of the Topics for Blogging Business

So, you decided to start a blog. You are ready to share useful information with the audience and write amazing posts for them. Do you want to know how not to fail at the first stage? It’s obvious that from starting a blog it is worthwhile to choose the general theme of your blog and look through some business blogger templates. Maybe you have even one or several cool ideas in your head. But are you sure that this is exactly what you need? And the main thing – is this topic necessary for your audience?

How Wide Is the Chosen Topic?

Will you be able to give out content on it on a regular basis or will you tell everything you know after the fifth post? To do this, you should carefully analyze the audience’s requests for this topic. What do people look for? What questions are asked? What kind of information do they lack? Here are a few sources where you can “spy” on what is interesting for your potential readers:

  • Comments, questions, and dialogues of subscribers on your pages in social networks, in thematic communities, and also on pages of your competitors.
  • Topical forums.
  • Topical blogs, including blogs of your competitors.
  • Thematic channels on YouTube and channels of your competitors.
  • Services of questions and answers (like Quora).
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Services with which you will find top publications for the given keywords.
  • Google Alerts. Customize notifications for topics and queries that relate to your scope. In this way, you will regularly see what your competitors and thematic portals publish, and also what your audience is looking for.

Choose the topic which a lot of information can be written on. Narrowly specialized blogs are good and valuable. But the main thing is not to overdo it and not to dwell on a narrow topic. Otherwise, in a short time you will not have anything to write about.

Will the Topic Be Sustainable for a Long Time?

If you decide to start a blog, then, most likely, you plan to work on it for more than one year. So, you should think carefully about what you plan to write about. Will this topic be as interesting and relevant in a year or several years? Would you like to deal with it in the future? Would the audience want to read about this?

Choosing a theme, it is very easy to get under the influence of trends and grab for the so-called “gold mine” – what everyone is talking about now. But detached from today’s popularity of the topic, try to imagine if it will have the same trend over time.

Of course, you can not foresee the answer for sure. But here there is a small trick. As a rule, more extensive topics for blogging business survive, within which you can disclose current trends today and even in a year.

For example, video advertising on Facebook can be an attractive topic today. But will it be also interesting to the target audience in a year or two? Hard to tell. But a more general theme, such as promoting business through Facebook, will definitely be relevant. You just have to follow trends, test them, and share with your readers the latest information.

How Big Is the Audience on the Topic?

Everything is simple. You can be passionate about the theme of fishing in Nevada, but you need to understand that it significantly narrows your audience by geography. In addition, this topic does not exactly refer to broader ones. Maybe it’s better to choose the general topic of fishing instead. Here, the audience is wider, and there are much more topics for blogging business.

In any case, when choosing a topic, first of all, start from the goal of your blog. It also happens that a narrow audience, limited, for example, by only lovers of fishing from Nevada, will give you a much greater result than all lovers of fishing combined.

And what if you do not have geographic restrictions, but you still doubt whether it will be possible to attract at least some audience to the chosen topic? Conduct a simple analysis. Open Facebook and in the search for communities, enter the keyword of your topic. Look at how many people are already interested in this direction. And on the basis of this, decide whether to narrow or expand the topic.

How Can You Introduce the Target Audience to Your Blog?

One more important point: before you decide on the topic, analyze how you can later convey it to the audience.

After all, creating a blog and filling it with cool content is only half the work. Hoping that the audience will find you on their own is not the right way of thinking. You need to make the audience come to your blog.

Where are your potential readers and subscribers? Which social networks and which thematic communities are they on? Which forums do they visit? (By the way, you will be surprised how many people continue to actively use forums.)

Bloggers have many opportunities to earn on their project. But remember, first you need to put in strength, time, and talent. With a little patience and luck, a hobby can become a profitable business!