The 35 Best Feasibility Study Topics for an Effective Report

A feasibility study is a thorough investigation of the proposed project idea in the form of a formal report. It helps managers and stakeholders decide whether the proposed project idea should proceed. Such a study can be focused on purchasing new equipment, moving the business to a new location, making changes in the manufacturing process, product development, attracting investments, etc. A feasibility study contains all necessary information and findings required to make the final decision. The aim of this document is to minimize risks of poor investment.

A feasibility report can be composed for taking part in tender, for bank, and for stakeholders and investors. The finished report should reflect the analysis of the current state and provide a creative problem-solving approach. There is no place for personal opinions or preference in a feasibility study. A successful feasibility study will be based only on factual information which will help the manager draw the most effective conclusion.

Not all ideas can lead a business to success. Many organizations overlook the planning stage of the project by proceeding to implementation. Considering the importance of the feasibility study in project planning can save companies costs, time, and energy. Even if the idea seems very attractive, a feasibility study will sort all things out. Usually, companies conduct feasibility studies in the following cases:

  • Setting up a new business. For many businessmen, launching a new business seems as a quick level-up to their business. Considering a new business as a short-term action that brings profit is a mistake. Professional entrepreneurs always conduct a feasibility plan to make sure of at least two points: whether the business will be viable for a long period and whether they have enough resources to set up the business. Leaping into a new business without a feasibility plan can lead to financial disaster.
  • Transformation of the existing processes. Many project managers experience troubles while implementing new internal systems like automated customer management or other software. A feasibility study can help the company make sure that certain software will improve business processes within the company and whether it is worth the money.
  • Launch of new products or services. Experimenting with new products may lead to success or bankruptcy. With a feasibility study you will keep your company from risk and make innovations at the same time.
  • Changing business location. If your business is big enough (for example a plant or airport that covers a great area), or highly dependent on location, changing the location should be a strategical step. With a feasibility plan you will be sure that this move will positively affect transportation, ecology, and profit.
  • Decision on partnership or acquisition of another company. Not every business faces such events, but still may become a part of the growth strategy. A feasibility study will help determine whether purchasing or becoming partners will be the right decision. Stakeholders and managers want to be sure that the merger looks good both on paper and in reality.
  • Fundraising opportunities. Before starting a fundraising campaign, a non-profit organization needs to make everything to minimize the risk and maximize effectiveness. With a feasibility study managers will make sure that the fundraising campaign is viable for their non-profit company.

The success of a feasibility study depends on the main focus and thorough research. A well-developed feasibility report can help you focus on the main issues, come up with alternatives, identify obstacles, and enhance the probability of successful implementation of the project. Quality information and documentation will help employees that are responsible for decision making choose the most appropriate and beneficial option.

Choosing a good and workable topic for a feasibility study is a hard task. In the following list we have gathered the best topics for feasibility study to help you find more ideas for your own feasibility study.

Feasibility Report Topics Ideas

  1. Compare these three companies that provide internet service: Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast. Investigate available options and make a recommendation on which company to choose.
  2. Make a feasibility study for planning a charity concert. Evaluate the background and the concert outline.
  3. Study the methods for enhancing proficiency of a logistics company.
  4. Make a feasibility study of coordination mechanisms in a business plan.
  5. Evaluate the house chef service as a subdivision of the food and beverage department in a 5-star hotel.
  6. A new shopping mall will be opened in Dubai with a jungle theme. Analyze shopping brands and outlets. Make recommendations which are best to choose according to market analysis.
  7. Make a feasibility study on a problem or particular issue within a company.
  8. Investigate whether a family jewelry business should move to the e-commerce sector.
  9. Investigate whether it is worth setting up the business in a developing country like Vietnam. Base your recommendations on the research of cultural and legal aspects of the country, costs, and competition.
  10. A book-selling company distributes their goods on the local market. Evaluate whether it is a good idea to move to the e-commerce market.
  11. Evaluate whether it will be cost-effective to set up a potable water plant in the Gulf region.
  12. Investigate whether it is possible to reconstruct an abandoned renewable power plant. Evaluate the following opportunities depending on the location: solar, wind, and heat pump strategies.
  13. Evaluate whether it is a good idea to place TVs in elevators to broadcast advertisements.
  14. A company that sells fashion clothes wants to identify the opportunities and risks of setting up a business in Russia.
  15. A retail store needs to find out whether customers will be interested in purchasing matcha tea.
  16. Investigate the feasibility of battery systems and solar panels for a data center.
  17. A children’s learning center needs to find out the feasibility of use for hybrid language intervention for children with language impairment. Will this method help build the vocabulary and phonological skills?
  18. Film production company directors need to investigate whether it is worth opening a production house in another city. The study looks at issues like pricing, communication, and distribution.
  19. A businessman plans to set up a plant in California and needs a feasibility plan focused on costs, placement, and prices.
  20. Investigate the marketing of information services in India.
  21. Investigate the cost of bad talent workers in a company.
  22. Investigate the possibility of airport relocation from the perspective of location, cost, environmental impact, and economic development.
  23. A grocery store plans to open a grocery website to deliver products directly to customers. Evaluate the competitors, storage space, and costs.
  24. School management needs to investigate whether a new campus project will meet costs, support, resources, and location.
  25. A marketer creates a minute-long video ad to test it on the target audience and record their reactions.
  26. Investigate the feasibility of a street festival focusing on time, funding, support, and environment.
  27. A graphic design company plans to purchase a new desktop computer system. Evaluate three different systems and define which system meets the needs of the company the best. Consider that three staff designers should have the ability to work from home.
  28. Investigate the implementation of software to filter and select applicants in a dental clinic. Focus on three kinds of software, compare benefits, and make recommendations.
  29. A chain of retail stores plans to create an information system to manage inventory and exchange all sales transactions. Evaluate in-house development and buying of the finished application. Focus on the quality of system development and costs.
  30. Evaluate the implementation of the online payment method for student cards in your college/university.
  31. An international educational center that provides educational dissertation writing services for immigrants needs to build a new center. Make a projected feasibility study to convince funding partners to sponsor the new building.
  32. A product company finalizes a new product. Identify the target market, competitors, product position, and price.
  33. Investigate the effectiveness of three methods for oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.
  34. Evaluate the marketing obstacles for the new Chinese restaurant in your area. Evaluate the location, legal requirements, costs, prices, and delivery service.
  35. A school plans to introduce school uniforms for students. You need to evaluate whether the uniform should be bought by parents or sponsored by a foundation. Focus on design, costs, and student opinion.

A feasibility report requires a lot of diligence and work. The results of a feasibility study can help managers to come up with more effective ideas that may dramatically change the strategic plan of the project. Also, a feasibility report gives a clear picture for other stakeholders about the offered project. Not all project ideas need a feasibility study, but it is necessary when the business needs to make a decision that may affect many spheres in the company. Early detection of possible failure can prevent the business from spending money and time on ineffective and unprofitable actions.

Picking the right feasibility study topics for business will be half of the path to success. We hope the information we have identified above and our guide will be helpful for you.