Autobiography Topics: Create Your Life Story

Writing about yourself is probably the most difficult type of writing. It is easy to describe people, events, or phenomena around, but it is quite hard to look inside your own mind and heart and to express everything that you find there. Why do people need autobiographical writing? There are numerous reasons. Some people want to save their memories, and others want to show that they are suitable for a certain college or vacancy. Some of us simply need a way to share emotions and reveal hidden feelings with the help of writing. You can find more reasons in our guide on how to write an autobiography.

autobiography topics

Different types of autobiographies serve different purposes. In the article below, we’ll provide you with an autobiography topics list divided into several parts: autobiography ideas, memoir topics, autobiographical essay topics for students, and personal essay ideas. You’re welcome to use all these materials in order to create your own piece of writing.

Autobiography Ideas: Instructions and Creative Titles

An exhaustive autobiography covers your entire life, and there is no need to recommend particular topics. There is only one topic – you. However, we’ve decided to give you some instructions. In such a way, you will have a basis to start from. Don’t forget that your autobiography should be titled appropriately in order to draw the attention of potential readers. That is why we also recommend you to look through the list of creative autobiography title ideas.

The autobiography belongs to the category of creative writing. Consequently, there are no particular requirements or rules you should follow. Anyway, you may follow our instructions to facilitate the writing process. You should include these chapters in your autobiography:

  • Early years
  • Family members
  • School
  • First love
  • Teenage problems
  • College
  • First work experience
  • Important people
  • Life-changing events
  • Challenges you have faced

You can pick several points or include all of them – it doesn’t matter. Inspiration and your desire to write an autobiography are much more important. If you want a wide audience to be interested in your writing, you should create an interesting title. Here are some options to think about!

10 Inspiring Autobiography Title Examples

  1. Long Way to Myself
  2. Me & My Troubles
  3. Short Story of a Long Life
  4. Steps Forward and Steps Back
  5. Why Not, or How I Have Changed My Life
  6. Being Good in This Cruel World
  7. Why I Don’t Believe in Faith
  8. Decisions and Choices: What If?
  9. Trying to Make a Difference
  10. One, Two, Three: Fight With My Life

Memoir Topics: Share Priceless Memories

If you want to tell your readers about a certain period of your life, choose a genre of memoir. While an autobiography is the book of your entire life, a memoir is just one chapter. As a rule, a memoir is much shorter than an autobiography, so you’ll spend a lot less time writing it. Many famous people create memoirs to share the stories of their success or to let their fans learn more about true facts of their life. We highly recommend you to read several memoirs in order to find inspiration to compose your own.

If you can’t get inspired enough, payforwriting is here to help you! Pick one of these autobiography ideas and topics for a memoir and create a real masterpiece:

1. My month in Spain

Actually, you can write about any period (day, week, or year) and any country. Everything depends on your experience. Tell your readers how you got in this country, how you lived there, and what you have learned. Mention the peculiarities of the local life: food, weather, habits, etc. Such a memoir might be similar to a travel blog.

2. The person(s) who changed my life

Some people leave indelible marks in our memory. Unfortunately, those memories are not necessarily good. Still, we can learn important things even when we meet people who hurt us.

3. Unusual experience

Volunteering, travels, and festivals are bright and memorable events, so don’t hesitate to share your emotions with your readers. In addition, you will be able to read your own writings later and revive good memories.

4. Victory or failure

These topics are not aimed at drawing much attention, as people prefer to think about their own victories and failures. However, such memoirs might be good lessons to remember.

5. A life-changing conversation

Yes, that’s true! Even one conversation can make a difference. Words said at the right time by the right person are worth a dozen motivational books. If you had such an experience, don’t neglect the opportunity to share it.

autobiography ideas

Autobiographical Essay Topics for Students

The main purpose of the autobiographical essay is to show your personal qualities and skills that will impress an admissions board. Remember that this essay is not the same thing as a CV or resume. Admissions officers don’t need a list of your achievements and grades: they want to hear your personal voice and evaluate your personality. Choose one of the autobiography topics for college essays listed below and narrow your theme in the way you want.


  • Important achievements
  • Imaginary friend
  • The first responsibility
  • School teacher/mentor


  • Siblings’ relationships
  • Family traditions
  • How you have solved your family issues
  • How parents influenced your decisions about your future


  • My personal credo
  • My greatest passion
  • My inner demons
  • My personal moral code
  • My worst mistake


  • What is the difference between faith and religion?
  • Is lying necessary?
  • Can morality exist without any religion?
  • Is love more important than everything else?
  • Should tolerance be limited?

Creative Autobiography Ideas to Write Personal Essays

This sub-type of autobiography is the most intimate one. We can’t compose a list of specified topics for you, as every person has a unique mix of experience, emotions, and moments that can be described in personal essays. However, we can give you a few tips on where you may find inspiration to create an excellent personal essay.

1. Open your heart

That might sound banal, but strong emotions are a really good source of inspiration for writers. Don’t be afraid of your feelings until you can control them.

2. Meet new people

New people bring new stories, and every story can be told. Our lives are just a small piece of the full picture. Look at the world from the perspective of other people, and you’ll be surprised.

3. Read books and watch movies

Good stories are often based on older good stories. Looking for inspiration in works of genius is normal. You don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel, right?

4. Read autobiographical stories

As we’ve mentioned before, many famous people write books about their lives. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about your idols and find new ideas for term paper writing help!

We are sure that every writer has his or her unique ways to find inspiration. Remember that the first sentence is the most difficult. Just make it!

Your life is full of emotions, impressions, and feelings that are worth sharing. Your experience can be helpful and interesting for a wide public. The most important thing is to present it in the right way. We hope that our autobiography sample and topics will serve you well. It doesn’t matter what autobiographical genre you choose. Just don’t be afraid of writing the first sentence!

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