Greenpeace Organization

Tribute speech presentation

Purpose: To show my admiration for the Greenpeace organization while entertaining my audience for the duration of the presentation.

Main Idea: The Greenpeace organization is one of the noble organizations and groups that have been involved in activities to better the environment and its effects on man.

I. Introduction

A. Attention statement

What do you think is the most visible and active environmental organization in the world? Without a doubt, I have one in mind.

B. Thesis statement

I would like to talk about an organization that has been the ultimate example of transparency and efficiency to all other organizations in the world, the Greenpeace organization.

C. Point preview

The Greenpeace organization is an organization that stepped in when the earth was on the road to destruction and helped get it back on track. This is due to their endless activities to better the environment.

D. Significance of subject

The Green peace organization has been my ideal example of a transparent and accountable organization. It inspires my actions to conserve the environment to the extent to which my ability allows.

II. Body

A. Subject statement

The endless activities of the Greenpeace organization, to better the lives of people by improving their environmental conditions, have been most significant in the world.

B. Illustration

Most of the time, I have been looking for ways to better the lives of people around the world. This is caused by the inspiration that I get from organizations such as the Greenpeace organization. This is an organization that has managed to get extend its reach to over forty countries in the world. It engages in endless vital campaigns against processes and activities such as deforestation, commercial whaling, overfishing, global warming, anti-nuclear issues and genetic engineering. The trait that I have found most helpful, having acquired it from this organization is their repeated use of direct action. The Greenpeace organization focuses on direct action, research, as well as lobbying, in the achievement of its goals. It does not accept any cases, or scenarios, that could make it partisan. As a matter of fact, this organization does not accept funding from governments or political parties. This shows the extent to which it can go to conserve its values, as well as the environment. These are some of the activities and characteristics of the Greenpeace organization that inspire and motivate me in life.

III. Conclusion

A. Summary statement

So, we have come to see that the Greenpeace organization is an extremely significant one in the world and whose activities will be remembered by generations to come.

B. Transition Statement

However, there are some other organizations (which believe in a more gradual approach) that may seem to disagree with the technique of the Greenpeace organization which supports direct action.

C. Significance of subject

The Greenpeace organization is an example and indication of an organization that does not support empty talk. It is an organization that shows the power that can be generated by a combination of good motive and relentless and vigorous activity.

D. Wrap around

In the quest to stop all activities that do not better the environment, people should use the Greenpeace organization as an example. They should cease to be all talk and engage in vigorous actions to stop these activities.

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