Thought-Provoking Sociology Project Topics Just for You

Sociology is the study about the life of society. How people interact with each other and what factors influence their interaction — these are questions that sociology tries to answer. When you study sociology you will need to conduct thorough research. In this article, we are going to provide you with sociology topics for research project and we’ll give you advice on how to cope with your project.

Top 10 Topics for Sociology Research Project

  1. The influence of an eight-hour workday on relationships between spouses.
  2. How does the selfie movement trend affect the self-esteem of teenagers?
  3. How does divorce influence children of different ages?
  4. Is the appearance an important factor that influences employers’ decisions for hiring?
  5. Do school children in your region place emphasis on ethical and racial diversity in class?
  6. What is the best age for getting married for women?
  7. Should women who have children aged under six work?
  8. How does social decline affect morality?
  9. Compare bullying and cyber bullying.
  10. What are the most effective measures to reduce smoking among the population in the 21st century?

If these topics don’t suit you for some reason, read the next paragraph to know how to select the topic on your own.

How to Choose Project Topics in Sociology?

When you choose topics for sociology project, you should take into consideration these factors:

  • The topic should be interesting. First of all, it should be interesting for you. If you are interested in a subject, you are more motivated to look for information on it and you are able to digest information faster. Also, this topic should be interesting for other students. Ask some of your classmates whether the topic is interesting for them and act according to their answers. However, we’ll give you a tip: interesting topics are those that can impress people. If you would like to urge interest you also can interact with your classmates during the presentation.
  • The topic should be clear for students. It can happen that you choose the topic that you have been investigating for a long period of time. In this case, make sure that you don’t forget to explain everything so that a novice can misunderstand.
  • You should explain clearly to students all the terms that you haven’t learned in class and which you came across during your research.
  • The topic should be significant. Sociology is the discipline that studies the social life of people. Therefore, your topic should be important for society. If you want to impress your classmates, take project topics on sociology that are important for your group.
  • The topic should be well-explored. You can’t make proper research without scientific support. If no scientific organization has researched the topic before you, you shouldn’t take it. You don’t have so much time and sources to conduct experiments on your own. You will have to include someone’s results in your research.
  • The topic should be narrow. When you chose project topics for sociology you should check if it is narrow enough. Now, you are only a student and it can be difficult for you. Therefore, we recommend that you ask your teacher or any other qualified person if your topic is narrow enough.

These are the main maxims that you should follow to choose a good topic. However, if you still have some difficulties, read the next section to find out what you need to do.