Farewell Speech Example

Dear Board of Directors and colleagues!

As I think you know by now, soon I am leaving to move to another filial of our company, located abroad. In reality, it is not an easy decision for me, for it was made through long months of planning and thinking about all the pros and cons. You should understand that leaving colleagues and the company, where I worked for many years, is really difficult for me. But, I must make this step to move forward.

I guess you are all wondering why I am leaving. It is not because of the career, as I am not very ambitious, as you know. I am leaving because I feel I must apply my knowledge in another area, still unknown to me. You know that sometimes everyone feels the need to change their way and style of life at some point. I am looking forward to changing my life too. Accordingly, my family and almost all of my friends support me in this decision. Sometimes, we need to change something in our lives to move forward. I feel the time to make a change has come for me. I feel like there is a wind of changes on every side of my life, so I must follow this wind.

During my position, I really gained many very important personal characteristics and professional skills. First, I learned how to manage difficult tasks and solve problems effectively, so that they never repeat. Second, I learned to communicate positively with people with different points of view, when it is required to do the best to encourage agreement. Third, I learned to stand strong for my point of view, no matter how difficult it can be. All of these characteristics I learned to apply practically with you, and from you, my colleagues, I learned a great deal.

I thank you all for your kindness, support, and friendship. You supported me in the difficult times. With you, I experienced many positive moments I will always remember. I also remember when I fell ill, you helped me manage all my work and you visited me at the hospital. I will always remember every one of you, as you are my best friends and you will always hold this position in my heart. Of course, there were some misunderstandings between us, but by now I appreciate only the good and happy moments we experienced together.

Now, when I must leave my position, I want you to know that I will always remember everything positive you have done for me. Furthermore, I wish this company and every one of you even more happy moments in your lives. Do your work and get much pleasure from it! I wish you success in what you do. I also wish you more interesting projects every day, so that you manage to apply all your knowledge and experience practically.

My colleagues, I will always remember you, as the memories live in the most important part of our minds. My prayers are always with you. I will pray for your health, wealth, and success. My best wishes are always for you!

Thank you for everything.

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