Awesome Poem Ideas for You

Have you seen the movie “Dead Poets Society”? If you have, you remember the scene when John Keating (the English teacher) explains to his students the significance of poetry. “Medicine, law, business, engineering – these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love – these are what we stay alive for.” These words are truly inspirational and compelling, aren’t they? Poem ideas come from our passion, fears, and dreams. We can evaluate a good poem only with our heart, not with our mind.

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Have you ever tried to write a sonnet, ode, or haiku? What keeps you from creating masterpieces? If you don’t have any creative poem topics on your mind, we’ll help you with this problem, as well as with the acrostic poem examples. Next, you will find a list of poem topics appropriate for slam poetry. This type of poetry is perfect for beginners. First of all, when you compete, you try to do your best. Secondly, you get scores so you understand whether people like your poetry or not. Finally, you will have to practice your public speaking skills during poetry slams.

Love Poem Ideas

Poetry is often a method to free strong feelings like love or passion. If you are in a romantic mood, you can turn your emotions into inspiration. It doesn’t matter whether your heart is broken or filled with joy. Try your hand at love poems. Art will reduce your pain and help you to memorize your life experiences. Check out these poem topics below. They may also be your titles if you want.

  1. Reasons I Love You
  2. Good Beginning, Good End
  3. Endless Goodbye
  4. Personal Cupid
  5. Flowers on My Mind
  6. Something Like Love
  7. No, I Do
  8. How Are You Loving?
  9. Ridiculous Hope
  10. Lie to Me
  11. Black-and-White Love
  12. Like in a Movie
  13. Lovely Demon
  14. Share Your Light
  15. Just Love It
  16. My Problem
  17. Thank You for Him
  18. Why Not Now
  19. Someone Else
  20. Forgiven Not Forgotten

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Funny Poem Topics

It’s useful to make fun of your life, your troubles, and yourself from time to time. Fun helps us to remain optimistic and look at things around us from a good perspective. Funny poems are not the most popular genre. Thus, you may find your audience. You should also try satire if you want to make fun of someone else. Just be careful. Some people don’t have a sense of humor.

  1. Ode to Cake
  2. Why Are You So Stupid?
  3. Subway Love
  4. Lucky Student
  5. Cup of Laughs
  6. Why People Love Drama
  7. My Biggest Regret
  8. Your Socks Are on My Floor
  9. Good Pigeon, Bad Pigeon
  10. Chocolate on My Mind

topics to write poems about

Sad Slam Poetry Topics

Have you ever noticed that people are really into drama? That is why Shakespearean tragedies are so popular. Readers are happy to realize that all these betrayals, murders, and duels don’t happen in their everyday life. By the way, the same applies to the novels written by Erich Maria Remarque. You feel so delighted when you see how good your life is in comparison to the life of his characters. Thus, the rule is: if you want to be a cool poet or writer, know sadness. Pick one of the sad topics to write poems about and enjoy your sorrow.

  1. Autumn Is Coming
  2. Many Wrong Ways
  3. He Is Not Into You
  4. Not Good Enough
  5. Dark Side of Life
  6. Cold Coffee, Hot Tears
  7. Pain Inside
  8. Blue Eyes
  9. Way Down
  10. Not Feeling Good
  11. Stars Are Falling
  12. My Personal Demon
  13. Please, Don’t Cry
  14. Last Song
  15. Let You Down
  16. Wrong Way to Fall in Love
  17. Broken Wings
  18. Fading Memories
  19. Without You
  20. You’re an Angel Now

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General Slam Poetry Ideas

Not all good poem topics are personal and intimate. You can write about the problems and topics that are interesting to everybody. Compose poems about life in general, about our planet, or about our future. Dig deep and find topics that will make your lyrics go viral. It is not the easy way, but you’ll have a chance to change the world and humanity. At least, a bit.

  1. Last Whale
  2. Bring My Dad Back
  3. Great Mountains of Rubbish
  4. Easy Way to Stop War
  5. No Money, No Life
  6. Little Warriors
  7. Looking for Happiness
  8. Don’t Hit Me
  9. Single and Fine
  10. Everything Is OK
  11. Still Green Planet
  12. Series Maniac
  13. Goodbye, Tomorrow
  14. Talk on the Train
  15. Coffee to Live For
  16. Stereotypes Kill
  17. Nobody Cares
  18. Social Media Portrait
  19. Real Superheroes
  20. Fake News

Now, you have a bunch of slam poetry topics to choose from. What else do you need? Right, inspiration. We can help you to find poem inspiration. The ideas presented below are time-tested by numerous generations of poets. Thus, you can also take advantage of them:

1. Think more!

If your head is empty, inspiration won’t appear there either. Make your brain work! Even the tiniest drop of knowledge can give you an excellent idea.

2. Feel more!

Strong emotions both good and bad are a great source of inspiration. Besides, you’ll feel better if you commit to paper your worries.

3. Read more!

Your tool is words. In order to sharpen this weapon, you should broaden your vocabulary. Read classic literature, collections of poems, and interesting articles regularly. Your writing skills will evolve!

We are sure that you’ll find your muse wherever she is. Remember that good poem ideas come to those who look for them. It may happen that you won’t become a great poet. You should realize that this is not the point. People write poetry not because of fame or money. We are all filled with passion, and this feeling doesn’t allow us to be soulless robots. If you are not confident of your skills, check our guide on how to write a long poem. Write the first line, and your fears will fade away!