The Easiest Way to Use an Application Letter Sample

Application Letter for Scholarship Sample

August 19th, 2013

Lilian Reddred P.O. BOX 43555-3434 Arizona, Phoenix, 99504 11-06-2013 University of Oxford P.O. BOX 347447-1234 UK 383899 Dear Scholarship Committee, RE: APPLICATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP My name is Lilian Reddred. I am writing this letter to apply for a scholarship at the University of Oxford in order to further my studies and pursue a master’s degree in biology. My specialization is archaeobiology. Having completed my degree course in biology from the University of California, I feel that pursuing archaeobiology would be…

Job Application Letter Sample

August 16th, 2013

MERCY JOHNSONS                                                                              31 JUNE, 2021 8521 UPPER HILL STREET LAVINGTON RACECOURSE, TV 72109 MR. PETER STOCKMANN 2314 WEST LANDS STREET EAST LEIGH, FI 87319 Dear Mr. Peter Stockmann, RE: APPLICATION FOR A JOB I am writing to apply for the job of…

Application Letter Sample

August 8th, 2013

Biosciences PhD Admissions                                                                  January 12, 2013 University of Wisconsin-Madison 1432 Genetics-Biotechnology Building 1265 Welsh Road, MSOB X2C34 Madison, CA 94305-5421 Dear Sir or Madam: I, Adam Finberg, am applying to your PhD program in genetics with a specialization in molecular evolution that starts in September, 2013. My career…

Job Application Letter Sample for Getting a Part-Time Job

Sometimes, employers provide the opportunity for people to get a part-time job. In this case, in their free time, they perform additional duties and receive individual payment for this. To conduct the admission procedure, HR specialists ask the applicant to complete the appropriate application. After its approval by the employer, a labor contract is agreed upon. Let our dedicated team take the stress out of the admission process by saying, ‘write my admission essay‘, and get ready for success.

Each officially employed person may find an additional part-time job. This can be done both within the enterprise and in an outside company. Accordingly, the part-time job will be considered internal or external.

Unlike employees at the main place of work, part-timers cannot produce a full time standard. Their work can not be the same as a full-time employee. In other words, a person can be hired on any type of part-time job for less than the legally allowable time of a full-time employee.

Example of Application Letter for a Part-Time Job – When to Write

HR specialists recruit part-timers identically as they do ordinary employees. The only difference will be the wording in all documentation: part-time. The law does not oblige applicants to write a job application letter. However, in practice, HR specialists require applicants to write application letters for getting a job. They need this document for order in the personnel documentation. Therefore, an application letter is made for admission immediately before making an employment contract for part-time employment.

The law does not establish a special application form for hiring part-timers. The form will be the same, and only the text of the letter is different. An application letter for an internal part-time job, more precisely, a sample application letter for job vacancy, must contain mandatory information:

  • On the upper right side, the position and name of the company manager, as well as the name of the candidate for the position.
  • The text of the document itself. This is a request for admission to the post for an external or internal part-time job. It also indicates the initial date of work.
  • The date of the application letter.
  • A signature.

An example of a written application letter for an external part-time job will be identical to the document on an internal job. The only difference is that in brackets the type is indicated: “part-time job (external).” A completed application letter for a part-time job can not contain errors or corrections, as it relates to the business documentation. Therefore, if the employee has made a mistake in the application letter, it should be rewritten.

It is much easier to hire a person for an internal part-time job, because when concluding a contract, much less documentation is needed. The main documents have already been handed over to the main place of work. A separate personal file for a part-time job is not created by HR specialists. The newly concluded contract and application is embedded in the already formed folder.

An application letter for a part-time job does not have a special unified form. Therefore, it is usually filled in free form.

Application Letter Sample for Any Position

When applying for a new job, as a rule, many people have questions that are difficult to ask. The very first of these is the issue of paperwork. How can you create a job application letter of any position properly? What is it for? And what does an example of simple application letter look like at the moment? You will find answers to these and other related questions below.

When applying for a job in an organization or institution, the applicant usually fills out a job application letter. This document, which is sent to the head of the company, does not currently have a general approved form; however, organizations must have an established template for a job application letter.

The application letter for employment is a written document that contains the request of the applicant to the employer to conclude an employment contract. Since such a letter is an official document, it is necessary to take into account certain rules and nuances when drafting it.

Sample Application Letter for Employment – The Rules for Writing

A formal letter of application example requesting a job has similar rules for its writing, like all other letters. The document can be written either by hand or typed on a computer. For this you need an A4 sheet. In the upper right corner, indicate the position of the employer and the name of the company, in the line below, write the name of the applicant.

Then, a sentence with a request to accept the applicant for a job with the full name, the name of the organization, and the vacant position must be written. The next line shows the date the document was compiled (on the left side of the sheet) and the signature (on the right side of the sheet). The document is sent to the head of the organization, and then attached to the personal file of the employee, on the basis of which an order to accept the applicant for the vacant position will be issued.

Currently, there is no uniform form for drafting an application letter for any position. However, each company can have its own established rules for its completion and applying letter example writing. For example, in some cases it is required to specify in the paper a list of the documents to be provided or other information.

Therefore, before you prepare your own document, ask if there is a ready-made form or a work application letter sample in the organization. What is this letter for? First of all, the application letter signed by the head of the organization constitutes a certain guarantee to the applicant that the employer intends to accept the future employee for a certain position. Thus, the signed letter is important primarily for the applicant.

Application Letter Format Sample – What to Include

The application letter should include the following information:

  • Conditions of employment and work nature. Here you need to specify the nature of the work. It may be of the following types: part-time, hourly, constant, temporary, maternity leave period (if applicable), and freelance work.
  • Position indicating the structural unit in which the employee is hired. You must write what position the employee claims, and which department of the organization it belongs to – if there are such departments.
  • The date of the first day of work. In the letter you need to specify on what date you are ready to begin your duties. Do not confuse this date with the date of writing the letter.
  • Employee’s data. Here you need to specify your name, and in some organizations you need to specify the place of residence or registration.
  • Information about the employer. Here you need to write the employer’s name and position held in the organization. The letter will be written exactly on the name of this person.
  • The job title of the head of the structural unit and his or her full name. This item is optional, but sometimes in the body of your letter you need to enter this data.
  • The job title of the head of HR department and his or her full name. We are talking about the data of the person who received the application letter from you and registered it.

Mistakes in Letters

When documents are formatted in a certain standard style adopted in a business environment, this greatly simplifies the processing and handling of them. In some cases, improper formatting may deprive the document of its legal status. Many of us have repeatedly encountered the fact that the lack of a signature or an incorrectly specified date or position of an applicant or manager significantly complicates the life of the letter submitter.

The integrity of the document structure implies:

– precise wording in the text;
– a summary of the essence;
– uniform format of terms;
– availability of all necessary signatures, with a clear definition of posts.

Written forms of business communication help the establishment and development of business, and show the strengths and weaknesses of the professional training of the company’s specialists.

We have gathered the top mistakes that occur in application letters and which spoil everything. They are as follows:

  • Dear, John Smith

Surprisingly, a comma in this seemingly inappropriate place is quite common. Everything is explained simply: the writer thinks that the appeal is John Smith. But we still remember from school: the appeals must be marked with commas! The logic is incorrect. The appeal in this case is the whole combination: “Dear John Smith.” There are no commas inside.

  • A period after the signature

Remember that in the application letter, there should be no period after the signature! The thing is that the signature acts as a function of the so-called requisite (an obligatory element), but it does not constitute a complete sentence.

  • No letter structure

Any official document should be drafted in accordance with a strict internal structure: a brief introduction, followed by the main part, and then one or two sentences for the conclusion. In this case, the entire text must be clearly structured, dividing it into easily readable paragraphs. Find a sample application letter to see how to structure a paper in the right way.

In an application letter, you should contact a specific official, indicating his or her full name and position. The body of the letter should state the essence in accordance with the intended purpose of the appeal and a brief summary answering the question, “Why was the letter drawn up?”

  • Using slang expressions and informal style

All official documentation is stylistically drawn up in strict accordance with accepted etiquette, which denies the use of colloquial or unofficial language. If the style is chosen correctly, such a document quickly reaches the goal.

If the text of the document requires the use of obscure figures of speech or borrowed words, they need to be deciphered, so you should clarify the meaning of the sentence. The so-called “etiquette cliché” gives the document an official and polite tone, and exacting standards help it to take its place in the official workflow.

  • Poorly formatted document

According to the standardization of business correspondence, documents must be drawn up on company letterheads as part of a brand. However, in some cases, such official formatting may be replaced by a document affixed with the seal and signature of the manager. Inaccurately formatted documents full of spelling, syntactic, and stylistic mistakes sharply reduce the reputation of the applicant sending the document. You need a sample professional application letter to know how to format your own letter properly.

In addition, in each business document, the exact details, dates, and names should be indicated. Formal requirements for paperwork are subject to strict standards and regulations. The absence of at least one of the structural elements can significantly harm the written letter.

  • Violation of business etiquette

The canons of official etiquette require that documents be prepared on the basis of precisely verified facts, contain objective information, and be convincing. Despite the fact that a business document suffers from formality, it must be prepared according to all the rules of courtesy and respectfulness, including explanatory notes, claims, and other official documents without a negative aspect.

  • Inefficient presentation of information

In business correspondence and the internal management of documents, it is important to correctly reflect the information so that the written document reaches its goal. To do this, you must have the skills of owning a psychological connection to the addressee, competently allocate responsibility for the result, and submit negative information in a positive way.

The main rule of business documentation: in relations among employees and customers, mutual understanding should always be reached.

  • The letter is too long or too short

A sense of proportion in formal documentation can help avoid verbosity or excessive brevity. In the first case, an unstructured submission of information plays a negative role and in a peculiar, very negative way, characterizes the compiler of the document.

The confusion of thoughts and verbosity leads to the reader postponing reading the letter, or sending it straight to the trash can. Too short a presentation of the material, or not revealing the essence of the problem, also does not reach the goal. One of the rules for drawing up a letter is having a minimum of words with a maximum of information.

  • A variety of forms in the preparation of the same letter

If an employee practices in the elegance of writing, making up different orders and letters or agreements that are completely different in form and content, it is quite difficult to understand such a creative work. A uniform style of presentation and a template when drawing up letters helps to quickly understand their essence and get down to implementation.

  • Overloading the text with abbreviations

Specialized texts may contain generally accepted abbreviations that can be understood by both parties – the sender and the recipient. Economic, legal, and technical terms in the official business style are permissible, written as abbreviations. However, it is appropriate to use such abbreviations in the text no more than two or three times, while in the first case the transcript of abbreviations must be given in brackets.

  • Purposelessness of the preparation of the letter

Official documents are sometimes compiled without a specific purpose. Formal cliché contracts, sample corporate sales books, letters of congratulations to customers, and so on, have no specific goals. Preparation of a document should always begin with a clearly defined goal: to attract someone’s attention, point out a discrepancy, express appreciation, disagreement, protest, sign or extend a partnership, or induce some specific action.

The vagueness of the text and the purposelessness of drawing up official documents characterize the company and the compiler negatively. Such a formalized approach can reduce the authority of an organization among partners and customers.

  • The letter promotes a negative response

Official papers are compiled with a specific purpose: to remind, approve, receive, invite, warn, and so on. Any of these goals must carry in its core a positive attitude. If the document is drafted in an offensive and humiliating form, even an order of dismissal, a claim for damages, or an application letter, it will not achieve its goal and generate enmity, a negative response.

The science of composing diplomatic and literate documents with the answer to the sender needed is comprehended only in practice, using knowledge of a polite attitude and means of expressive style.

Email or Physical Letter?

Well, if you and your potential recipient do not have the internet, then the question disappears by itself. But what if there is such an opportunity? Of course, email is much faster and more convenient. The “electronicity” of letters is undoubtedly a new level of communication. But some advantages of mail letters are lost. Ninety percent of email services do not allow you to express your choice of paper, color, or handwriting.

Some people prefer to receive letters in a regular mailbox, and think it is pleasant to hold an ordinary envelope in their hands. Something is lost in emails – the art of writing letters is lost. The signature is added automatically, and there is no place for individuality, no place for the soul. No, the soul, of course, exists, but still a set of characters on the keyboard and a handwritten letter are two different things. And their energy is different.

According to the handwriting, professional psychologists can determine not only the mood of a person at the time of writing, but also internal problems, and this can make up a psychological image of a person. Such an approach helps companies to identify whether a person suits a company or not. Of course, nowadays, it is preferable to send emails, as it is more convenient for both the sender and the recipient.

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