Research Report Topics for Students

College students frequently confuse research papers and research reports. In fact, these genres have a lot in common: academic writing style, informative and concise character, logical structure, etc. However, there are several fundamental differences. In the first place, report topics are much broader than topics for research papers. Consequently, reports have a more general character and it is easier to find enough information to compose a high-quality report. Here you can read more information on how to write a report.

For some students, picking one particular topic can be challenging. We want you to overcome the fear of making the first step. Define the field of your interest and start writing your report!

Below, you can read a list of topics for report writing in different disciplines: economics and business, history, ecology, culture, and sociology. We have also accompanied every topic with short instructions in order to give you information on the writing process. Need your essay done urgently? Our service PayForWriting specializes in writing essays fast, meeting tight deadlines while maintaining excellence – just say ‘write my essay fast‘ and let us take care of it.

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Economics and Business Report Topics

  • Networking types in business

People are social beings, and we can’t live a full life in isolation. Even the most dedicated introverts need human contact from time to time. Social connections are an important part of our everyday life. We regularly interact with other people. When these interactions are mutually beneficial, we may call it “networking.” We propose you to examine the types of networks that are available in the world of business. The specialists usually maintain distinct personal networks, strategic networks, and operational networks. Describe each type and explain how it can be useful for establishment or development of the company.

  • The risks of online business for the companies

Everything is online now. Internet users buy, communicate, study, and work online. Many businessmen have decided to turn their companies into online businesses. Such a strategy has a wide range of advantages: global access, flexibility of client service, low initial cost, automated work, etc. However, business owners can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore the numerous risks that they may face: hacker attacks, internet traffic issues, malware, etc. Online business is a good research report topic for those who are interested in economics and computer technologies at the same time.

  • Business report on the Nestle company

Business reports on different types of companies allows for the study of their activities, marketing strategies, hiring processes, and other crucial aspects of business conduct. You may study both successful and failed companies in order to examine different experiences. In this report, we propose you to take a closer look at the famous international food and drink company Nestle. This company owns over 2000 brands, so you will have much work to do. Include information on its history, well-known brands, management philosophy, financial data, employees, etc.

All three topics described above are related to the modern world. If you like to dig deep, we offer you to pay attention to the historical report topics list. We hope that you will find something interesting here!

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Best Topics for Report Writing on History

  • Economic recovery after the Great Depression

The Great Depression is considered to be the biggest economic crisis of the 20th century. Actually, it was a real disaster for the global economy. Although it began in the USA, the crisis negatively influenced a wide range of rich and poor countries all around the world: Australia, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Latin America, and others. Monetary expansion and currency devaluations were two main techniques that helped to recover after the Great Depression. In your research report, analyze both techniques, their strengths and weaknesses, and use in different countries. You are also welcome to compare the recovery process in the USA and other countries that were strongly struck by the crisis.

  • Salem witch trials

Although religion is aimed at uniting people and bringing peace in their souls, sometimes it may cause the most horrible massacres and persecutions. Salem witch trials perfectly exemplify how faith can turn into hysteria and entail human victims. There are many theories and explanations related to these trials. We offer you to gather all the theories and summarize them in your report. Try to remain objective and present different points of view on this topic.

  • Economical state of Germany after World War II

Although Germany was the aggressor in World War II, the common efforts of the Allies put an end to the German invasion. Germany lost part of its territory and was divided by the Allies. The nation was financially exhausted, as the Nazis spent money on military needs uncontrollably. High inflation destroyed the value of savings. It took decades from the German nation to fully recover after the war. This theme will be a good report topic for students who are interested both in history and economics.

We should care not only about our past but also about our future. Let’s save our planet and learn more about the ecological problems with the help of the topics below.

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Ecology Report Topic Ideas

  • Report on the 2010 Haiti earthquake

Natural disasters are a part of the life of our planet. We can’t prevent earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, or tsunamis. The only thing we can do is hide and save our lives in the face of the great and horrifying power of nature. The 2010 Haiti earthquake affected about 3 million people. Many countries (Dominican Republic, China, Qatar, Iceland, Israel, USA, and others) immediately responded to the appeal for help and provided humanitarian aid. Today, many Haitians still live in camps because their houses have been ruined by the earthquake. You may include in your report the following sections: geological background, damage, casualties, international response, and recovery state.

  • Geothermal energy technology

Renewable sources of energy are one of the most acute scientific report topics for students. For now, humanity uses mostly six renewable energies: wind power, solar energy, biomass, hydroelectric energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, and geothermal power. Of course, there are more sources that can be applied to generate electricity, but modern technologies don’t allow the safe and beneficial use of all kinds of sources. In your report, we suggest you to present information on geothermal energy technology. You may display different aspects: types of energy, potential, cost, benefits, risks, environmental impact, etc.

  • The benefits of electric cars for the environment

The first electric car was built back in 1837! Can you imagine that? You may wonder why our roads are not filled with them exclusively. The answer is simple – money. Oil companies could not allow the development of the technologies that would decrease their benefits. That is why electric cars have gained popularity only in the early 21st century. They have a wide range of advantages in comparison to the gasoline and diesel powered vehicles: running costs, low maintenance, safety, etc. However, the most attractive aspect is their environmental benefits. Describe all the advantages and compose an excellent research report!

We strongly believe that humanity is able to create magnificent and beautiful things like paintings or sculptures and not only devastate our poor planet. We are 100% sure that you will love our topics about culture.

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Culture Report Writing Topics for Students

  • The development of Comic-Con

Comic books crossed the line of youth literature a long time ago. The diversity of comic book genres may satisfy the pickiest readers no matter what their gender, age, job, or tastes are. Back in 1964, the first comic book convention took place in New York. Since that key event, the tradition of hosting comic-cons has spread all around the world. Now, the conventions are held in India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Ukraine, Pakistan, and other countries all around the planet. How has this cultural phenomenon come this far? Who were the pioneers of this movement? How many visitors attended the comic-cons from the past compared to today? Answer these questions, and you will get a good basis for your report.

  • Day of the Dead traditions around the world

Of course, the first country that comes to mind when we hear “Day of the Dead” is Mexico. The tradition of this holiday dates back to the pre-Columbian period. However, respect for ancestors is common for the majority of the world’s population. Day of the Dead is one of the most interesting topics for report writing, as you have the opportunity to learn more about the customs of different countries. We recommend you to gather and present information on Samhain (Celtic holiday), All Hallows’ Eve (US tradition), Mahalaya (Hindu festival), and Day of the Dead (Mexican tradition). You may simply provide your readers with information or compare these traditions.

  • Basic characteristics of magic realism in painting

Magic realism is a genre of art that combines pictures of our reality with magic and imaginary elements. This style began its path in the early 20th century and remains popular even today. Although magic realism, also known as marvelous realism, had a great impact on all kinds of art, we recommend you to focus on painting, as it is much easier to analyze a great number of pictures than to read a great number of books. Pay attention to the characteristics that are common for all artists, as the paintings may differ a lot at first sight but have the same basis.

Now, you can compose a dozen reports on different topics easily and quickly! If it is not enough for you, we have three more interesting themes related to sociology.

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Sociology Report Writing Ideas

  • Impact of social media on communication

For a modern human being, it is quite hard to live even one day without a phone or laptop with a good internet connection. Social media provides a wide range of opportunities. We can share our emotions and thoughts with a greater audience, broadcast the most important (or not) moments of our lives, and get current news immediately just in one click. All these advantages are amazing, especially in comparison to older ways of spreading information, such as mail, newspapers, or telegraphs. Despite all these positive aspects, we can’t consider social media to be absolutely positive for our society. Cyberbullying, unhealthy sleep patterns, and addiction are not the only negative effects of social media. Analyze both positive and negative influences in your research report.

  • Social attitude toward albinos in Africa

The attitude toward albinism in African countries is an acute report paper topic. Although our world is far from the past epochs of barbarian violence, the persecutions of albinos still take place in African countries, especially in Malawi and Tanzania. The witch doctors are ready to pay killers or exhume albinos’ bodies from graves in order to get their body parts. They believe that albinos are not humans, but are demons or ghosts, and their bodies contain magic energy that can be used for witchcraft. Albino children have to go to special schools and camps, as going to regular schools can be dangerous for them. The educated populations of African countries try to fight against these beliefs and stop the persecutions.

  • Common elements of US student fraternities

Many pupils probably dream of becoming members of fraternities and sororities. These communities are an indispensable part of college life in the USA. Of course, Greek letter organizations also exist in other countries such as Canada, France, or Germany, but they play a significant role in the social life of American colleges. Although they may vary when it comes to structure, purpose, and traditions, almost all fraternities and sororities share the same elements. Your main goal is to determine these common elements and describe them in detail in your research report.

History Report Topics

  1. American auto industry in the 1920’s. The beginning of mass automobile manufacturing.
  2. Life of Leonardo da Vinci and the history of his immortal creations.
  3. Adolf Hitler – the path to authority. Psychological portrait of Adolf Hitler.
  4. Ancient civilization. The legacy of ancient Greek literature.
  5. Foreign policy and economic relations of Japan during the postwar period.
  6. Activities of Pierre de Coubertin to revive the modern Olympic Games.

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Architecture Report Topics

  1. Architecture of Brunelleschi during the Early Renaissance.
  2. Defect elimination of walls, caused by the change in their material properties during long periods of construction.
  3. New construction ideas of underground stations on lines of shallow locations.
  4. Ancient Greek sculpture and their influence on modernists.
  5. French Gothic cathedrals. History of the Rouen Cathedral.
  6. The history and architecture of St. Petersburg’s largest bridges.

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Computer Science Report Topics

  1. Data transfer to railway transport. Experience of the railways of Japan.
  2. History of supercomputer modeling. Solving the three-dimensional dynamic problems.
  3. Digital design: 3D-modeling and Simulation-Based Design.
  4. How weak artificial intelligence is used in everyday life.
  5. Managing large sets of data. “Internet of things” and data mining.
  6. The development of corporate information systems and difficulties associated with it.

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Education Report Topics

  1. Tradition and innovation in an education sphere. “New schools” of the 20th century.
  2. The impact of social roles on personality development.
  3. Case method in the teaching process: description, stages, efficiency.
  4. The main problems of the organization of distance learning.
  5. How to pass exams in different countries: features and advantages.
  6. The role of cribs in the learning process. Types and forms of cribs.

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Fitness/Wellness Report Topics

  1. Methods of running middle distance. Common mistakes and trauma.
  2. Body weight adjustment methods in the sports training process.
  3. Innovative systems of physical training for preschoolers.
  4. The use of anabolic steroids. The aftermath of high doses.
  5. Exercise and fitness during pregnancy. Harm and benefits.
  6. Fat burning workout according to particular characteristics of the organism.

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Ecology and Environment Report Topics

  1. Assessing the impact of acid rain on the elements of the ecosystem of the industrial city, and global warming
  2. The impact of rocket and space technology on the ozone layer
  3. Greenhouse effect: Carbon dioxide and anthropogenic factors
  4. Ways to prevent the negative effects of oil and gas industries on the environment
  5. A closed technological cycle of processing domestic and industrial waste of a megacity
  6. Ecological problems of underground disposal of dangerous industrial waste
  7. Environmental safety and technological problems of waste disposal of industrial enterprises
  8. Investigation of the effectiveness of industrial waste utilization using the method of pyrolysis
  9. Dolomite powder – the new sorbent for cleaning oil-contaminated wastewater
  10. The uselessness of the Montreal Protocol for the preservation of the planet’s ozone layer

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Health Care and Medicine Report Topics

  1. Breast cancer: Mammalogy from antiquity to the present day
  2. Molecular, genetic and clinical aspects of hereditary breast cancer
  3. Problems of acute myocardial infarction in patients with diabetes
  4. Genetic basis of bronchial asthma: Effectiveness of drug therapy
  5. Congenital nephrotic syndrome: etiology, diagnosis, treatment
  6. Approaches to the evaluation of biological age by analysis of mitochondrial DNA
  7. Epilepsy and nicotine: clinical observation and a literature review
  8. Psychological problems and personality characteristics of adolescents with diabetes
  9. The Framingham Heart Study: 65 years of studying the causes of atherosclerosis
  10. The role of anxiety and depressive disorders in the genesis of psychosomatic diseases

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Economy Report Topics

  1. The impact of the oil industry on oil pricing
  2. Human Development Index: place of the US in the modern world
  3. New ways of promoting goods: modern forms of marketing communication
  4. Innovations in the hotel industry: international experience
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of the GDP as an indicator of socio-economic development
  6. Marketing in healthcare: capabilities and prospects
  7. Innovative start-ups: problems of creating and marketing promotion
  8. Bitcoin as a phenomenon in the world economy: problems and possible ways of development
  9. Improvement of venture investment in today’s economy
  10. Business planning of startups in the context of attracting venture capital investment

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Education Report Topics

  1. Higher education in Finland – a course on innovation and nanotechnology
  2. Professional teacher standards, new requirements and qualifications of the modern teacher
  3. Japan’s education system: features of child education
  4. Psychological and socio-demographic factors of students experiences of loneliness
  5. The research work of a student: nature, content and features
  6. Forms and methods of motivating students for physical training
  7. Problems of adaptation of foreign students in US: pedagogical support and ethnic specificity
  8. The dynamics and nature of educational motivation of students at different stages of learning
  9. The ideal image of a student in the understanding of senior students
  10. Personal and gender characteristics of medical students

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Drugs and Drug Abuse Report Topics

  1. The object and subject of crimes related to drug trafficking
  2. Drugs – amphetamines (N-methylamphetamine, desoxyephedrine, Syndrox, Methedrine, and Desoxyn): mechanism of action
  3. Consumption of alcohol among youth and its role in familiarizing drugs
  4. The dynamics of morphological changes in the heart during chronic drug addiction, depending on the duration of drug use
  5. Does legitimation of “light” drugs help in fight against drug abuse?
  6. Intentional drug overdose and suicidal behavior among drug addicts
  7. New approaches in diagnostics of drug addiction and test systems for drugs and psychotropic substance identification
  8. Synthetic cannabinoids: psychotropic effects, side effects, risks
  9. Features of higher mental functions in people who use cannabinoids
  10. The role of psychological and familial factors that cause the use of psychoactive substances among college students

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Religion Report Topics

  1. How and why Tibet became the “central country”of Buddhism
  2. About the medieval schools of Chinese Buddhism
  3. Buddhism and Confucianism in the spiritual culture of China: problems dialogue between the two traditions
  4. Philosophy and Religion: the point of intersection and demarcation
  5. Comparative analysis of the scientific and religious ways of knowing
  6. Historical aspects of religion and religiosity: the origin of religion and understanding of religious phenomena
  7. Correlation of morality and religion: Socrates, Kant, Tolstoy
  8. Relations of mythology and religion in religious culture: problems and origin
  9. Feminist discourse of world religions: the status of women in the Buddhist tradition
  10. Do we need the faith? Questioning the necessity of faith, and the role of spirituality and beliefs in a person’s development

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Sociology Report Topics

  1. Social networks: classification, analysis, and its role in a person’s life
  2. The impact of advertising on consumer behavior in young people
  3. Social nature of marriage, and the patterns of its establishment, operation, and breakdown
  4. The spiritual and moral qualities of a soldier from the US army
  5. Integration of disabled people into society: theoretical and practical understanding of the problem
  6. The modern child: a new type of consciousness and problems of raising a child in today’s socio-cultural conditions
  7. Social portrait of modern youth and the organization of free time
  8. Studies of youth subculture: normative and axiological models
  9. Moral choice of today’s youth: ideals and reality
  10. Practical methods of social work with refugees internally displaced in extreme situations

We know that you loved these social science report topics, right? You’re welcome. When people try to coexist, something interesting always happens. That is probably the reason why social science is so popular. You may also be interested in our guide about report writing format for students with example.

We put a lot of effort into gathering these report writing topics examples and providing you with concise and understandable instructions for each topic. No matter what topic you will choose, we are sure that you will manage to create a truly brilliant research report. Finally, we want to give you a few tips: use reliable sources, manage your time, and don’t forget to remain objective and reasonable!