Cause and Effect Essay Examples

How Did the Automobile Change American Life Essay

May 3rd, 2013

The invention and development of the first modern automobiles in the 20th century was probably one of the events that changed life on Earth completely. The first modern American car was developed and sold in 1903 by Henry Ford. Automobiles are basically used for the transportation of human beings, animals, and goods from one place to another. This essay will critically discuss the impact of automobiles on American society, looking at the positive and negative effects involved. The first major…

Alcoholism in Kenya

April 16th, 2013

Alcoholism, or alcohol dependency, unlike what is commonly thought, is actually a disease characterized by a strong craving to drink alcohol in order to become drunk, leading to a loss of control and physical addiction. Alcohol is commonly abused in Kenyan society, especially by the youth. Kenyan authorities and NGOs have expressed a great deal of concern over the issue, and plans are underway that are focused on reducing the general alcohol consumption in the country. An example of these…

Effects of Using Mobile Phones Too Much

April 10th, 2013

In today’s fast-moving and globalised world it is almost impossible to imagine our day-to-day life without mobile phones. It is one of the most successful inventions of the 20th century, which has become a convenient means of communication. Modern mobile phones perform many other functions as well; they can substitute for such devices as music players, cameras, and organizers. Most of them also provide Internet access and texting. According to the U.N. Telecom agency, there were almost 6 billion cell…

Learn How to Use Cause and Effect Essay Examples to Write Your Paper

Dear students! On our site you can read good cause effect essay samples on various topics and disciplines. All examples and samples are for reference only. The works are published on this site and none of them will pass the anti-plagiarism check if you send them to your tutor as your own work. Of course, you can take a chance, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

Good essay examples can serve you well in your writing process. You shouldn’t underestimate its meaning, especially if you are writing an essay for the first time. Also you can use the ideas from sample essays as a great starting point to start writing your own essay. Keep in mind that different colleges and universities have their own requirements for style and format of academic papers, so be sure that you use the appropriate format for your essay.

Probably, you have come to this page because you have already read many articles and books on the internet, but still haven’t found the one you need. It’s a real challenge to find the necessary information for the essay, and one way to shorten the time of writing is to read several samples. For example, you will spend less time reading 10 samples than reading 10 articles or looking through several books. Along with useful information you can be inspired by the author’s ideas, essay structure, and particular words. Don’t skip the chance to save time and be more productive with your cause and effect essay!

How to Make Sure That an Essay Sample Is Good?

On the internet you can find numerous sites that place essays on their resources. How can you understand that the essay is worth reading? Consider the following tips while surfing web pages:

  • Pick a credible source. This may sound obvious, but it still works. If you know the site and it usually posts accurate information, you can trust their content with confidence. It may be a library or a database related to your college or your university gives the access to a certain database. On the instance, if you visit the site that contains hundreds of essays of unknown origin, it can happen that those samples were written in haste or gathered all over the internet and their quality is more likely to be poor.
  • Look through educational services. You can start with sources that learn how to write cause and effect essays and end with those who can write the essay for you. Both sites are aimed to help students in their writing and strive to give as much credible information as they can. You can look through instructions and samples with the feeling of safety.
  • Pick several texts and look them through. Pay attention to structure, font, and mistakes. Samples of poor quality usually have dozens of mistakes found with a naked eye. You even can feel while reading that there is something wrong with text, even if you haven’t seen any mistake. This is a sign that it will be better to search for another site with samples.
  • Compare the topic and body paragraphs. If you are looking for a certain topic that changes its meaning through the years, make sure that essays on the site are up-to-date. It sometimes happens that sites post samples that were written many years ago and information that the essay contains is no longer relevant. For example, phones in 2005 dramatically differ from those nowadays, or since 2008, Pluto was reclassified as a minor planet.
  • Evaluate the content. Along with samples, web sites may contain other relevant information related to essay writing. Look through articles about essay writing and look through mistakes and overall content. All information that owners place on their site creates an overall picture of the content and you easily can understand if it is worth trusting this source or not.

How You Can Use a Cause and Effect Essay Sample

  1. Brainstorm around the topic. If you were assigned a certain topic or you picked it on your own, looking through samples will be a good idea. You can see already written thoughts about a particular subject and take the same position or describe your own point of view. Sometimes it happens that even a loosely related topic can lead to an interesting new topic. We at offer you the list of topics for cause and effect essay which can be used in your studies.
  2. Find main concepts. If you are seeking basic information about the topic or need some basic concepts that will fit your academic theme, pick the sample that fits your topic and write down short sentences that you can reuse or describe more in your own essay.
  3. Use it as a source for free writing. Free writing is a technique that you can use to generate more ideas around the topic. You can read several samples related to the topic, turn your laptop off and start writing essays on paper. It won’t be like your first draft, but this will be the basis for your ideas that you can use in your further writing.
  4. Rewrite the essay. As all sample essays that are placed on the internet may not pass the plagiarism checker, you can simply rewrite the text by adding more information about the topic. That doesn’t mean to replace sentences or change words; it’s about taking information from the sample and writing it all from your own point of view and style.
  5. Take the reference list. When your topic is related to the topic of the essay sample, take a look at the reference list. It may happen that you will write a better essay based on the same articles or books.
  6. Use the author’s point of view. When you have no time to generate your own point of view, you can take the author’s side. The writing process will be easy, as you know the direction you are going. The same goes when you apply for “write a research paper for me” help and use the received paper paraphrising author’s arguments.
  7. Apply structure to your own essay. Cause and effect essays have a certain structure that should be followed during writing. Take a close look at how the author has structured the essay sample and apply it in your text.
  8. Expand vocabulary. Reading samples can help you learn new words and phrases. Also pay attention to transitional words that the author uses to connect different paragraphs and apply them in your own essay.

Note: If you have decided to rewrite one of our samples, check it via an available plagiarism checker. If it will show that your text is not unique enough, you should continue working on it. Don’t forget that you can ask your friend or tutor to help you find more relevant information and add more points to your essay.

All essays that you can find here on payforwriting were written by professional writers. We have no profit from placing these samples, as we don’t charge money for viewing samples – it is totally free. Unlike websites that place student’s works as sample papers, we hire professional writers that have great experience in academic writing and we can be confident in the quality of their papers. All sample papers that you can find on our site were written by experienced writers on demand of our team and our requirements. We strive to show you good, high-quality samples.

You can ask yourself questions to understand the sample essay better:

  • Does the first sentence attract attention? What technique has the author used?
  • What hook has the author used?
  • Is the text readable and understandable? Can you retell it to your friend or relative?
  • Check the overall tone of the essay. Is it academic or more informal?
  • Is there any information you find interesting?
  • Does the text in the body paragraphs relate to the essay topic?
  • What causes or effects has the author chosen?

On our site you can find cause and effect essay examples for college students, and feel free to use them for personal inspiration and as examples to follow. Here you can also find critical, compare and contrast, descriptive, analytical, and other kinds of sample essays. We know that both school and college students need sample essays and we try to cover different levels of complexity.

Samples that are placed here were written with an intention to help high school students and college freshmen understand how to write cause and effect essays, know their structure, etc. Also this is a great help when you don’t know what to write in the essay of a particular topic.

In our samples you will find only information relevant to the topic, so you can use the information and references from our samples without a doubt. But still we advise you to pay attention to the publication date to be more confident that you are reading a “fresh” sample. If you have found out that the sample was posted a year ago, we advise you to check information about the topic.

All samples are formatted according to our site requirements. Before creating your own essay pay attention to your tutor’s requirements to make sure that you follow the appropriate style and format.

If you will ask us, “How can your cause effect essay samples help me with writer’s block?” you will find the answer right after reading a couple of our samples. Good examples can help you change the perspective or catch a starting point for your introduction. All ideas can merge into a complete puzzle and you will be ready to complete your essay in an hour or two. No one knows how exactly the human brain works, but the only thing we know – the more information we read, the more ideas we generate. Simple word association can lead you to one brilliant idea that can turn into a great compare and contrast essay.