How to Write a Business Case Study

A business case study is based on a situation or problem with particular company/companies, circumstances, location, budgets and so on. A successful business case study confronts students with dilemmas and engages all their skills and knowledge to solve its questions. This means that the person who carries out the study should read and investigate the case and be able to report the solution. Each case should have an introduction that determines the main problem, central figure, and context. It is crucial that the business case study shows the reader the main meaning of it.

One of the central responsibilities of the person who is writing a case study is to create an interesting and challenging case that requires the availability of special business knowledge. The rest of the case gives more detailed information to the reader. Every case study should contain a decision point, a dilemma and a point of view. You will learn a lot of about case study writing if you read this article to the end. So, let’s start from the general tips.

Business Case Study Writing Tips

  • First and foremost, you should generate the problem, so that the business case study contains the reason for its solution. You need to describe this problem and provide the main case question.
  • Each case study should be placed within a specific time frame. How to do a case study so that it focuses on certain problems? You should make organize a certain time frame. For instance, the situation might have happened after the hiring of new personal, after the finishing of an operational year or before a board meeting. In any case, the key solutions is established at the concrete point of time and everything that took place after that moment is unknown by the key player.
  • Additionally, each business case should describe specific business environments where the main business operates. Do not forget to briefly mention briefly about the political, social, economic environment where the company operates. Also, describe its main competitors. All these factors are important in analyzing of a case study, as each factor influences a company or a business unit that you mentioned.
  • Keeping in mind the main problem of your case study, try to describe the business structure of your company, its mission, goals and strategies. This work is quite time-consuming. How to write a case study paper if you are lacking time? Emphasize vital information for the reader. Make a short SWOT analysis of the company, describing the main advantages and disadvantages of the business. Support your words with facts, statistic figures and examples, so that the reader can imagine the whole picture.
  • After making a detailed portrait of the company, show the company’s reaction when it faced the main case problem. Be very specific and describe all undertaken measures. Explain why the top management did not prevent the situation and why this situation was so sudden.
  • Give to the reader alternative solutions to the problem. It can be changes in management, strategy or mission direction. Discuss each solution in-depth and explain possible consequences.

8 Easy Steps to Write a Case Study for Business

  1. Explore a business environment and write a brief description.
  2. Prepare a business structure analysis. Complete the lists of strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Determine the key reason or problem.
  4. Define current response of the business to the key problem/issue.
  5. Analyze which aspects of the response are successful and which are failures.
  6. Point to successes, failures, unforeseen results, and inadequate measures.
  7. Suggest alternative changes to organization, strategy, and management.
  8. Complete a review of suggestions and emphasis on consequences.

How to Write a Business Case Study

Mistakes to Avoid in Business Case Study Writing

– Do not give inaccurate information. You need to remember that cases are based on investigation, observation and analysis. Remember that business case studies should satisfy organizations, businesses, and people featured in the case studies.
– Do not hesitate to make recommendations. How to write a case study so that it was interesting for the reader? Give the reader reason to think and analyze the situation.
– Avoid informal information or lexicon, inappropriate words and poor language skills. A business case study is not a funny and simple puzzle- it is serious problem which requires detailed analysis.

To sum up, each case study has its practical application and provides testing of knowledge. It can be used as a training program for real life situations.