Interview Topics for Every Occasion

No doubt, interviews are something students do regularly. Interviews are something that journalists normally do, right? However, the skill of interviewing can be really useful in certain situations. For example, you might need to interview employees for your case study or to collect some statistical data using a sociological survey. You never know what surprises fate has for you. Perhaps you will like interviewing people and become a journalist.

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If you have issues with practicing your interviewing skills, we are ready to help you with this problem. Our example interview question ideas are right here! We have prepared questions for different types of interviewees: artists, chief executive officers, fashion designers, famous travelers, and talented writers. Interview topics can also be different: they can focus on current achievements, future plans, practical advice, secrets of success, etc.

The second part of our article will be dedicated to interview essays. If you have never heard about this genre of writing, our guide with interview essay writing topics will be quite helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to learn more about interviews, cheap essays, and other interesting things with payforwriting!

Interview Ideas: Ask the Right Questions

We want to emphasize that the questions below are not universal, and you should combine them or make changes according to the situation. On the other hand, general topics for interviews will serve a good basis for your own question list. We have divided our questions into categories according to types of interviewees.

Interview Question Ideas for Artists

  1. What was your first step on a path to success?
  2. Did you want to become a singer/artist/dancer when you were a child?
  3. Did your parents approve of your intentions?
  4. Did you have an idol, and who was it?
  5. What was your first role/concert/performance?
  6. Who or what inspires you?
  7. What is your perfect day off?
  8. Do you make friends with your fans?
  9. What album/song/role are you working on right now?
  10. How do you overcome stage fright?
  11. Has the popularity influenced your character or personal life?
  12. Do you have somebody to thank for support?
  13. What is the main purpose/idea of your art?
  14. How do you feel about your last concert/film?
  15. Do you often dedicate your songs to someone special?
  16. Do you plan any tour or footage in the near future?
  17. Are you philanthropists? What projects or foundations do you sponsor?
  18. Are your social media profiles important for you?
  19. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
  20. Do you have some advice to share with our readers?

Interview Question Ideas for CEOs

  1. What was your first work experience?
  2. Do you like being a leader?
  3. Define three main qualities of a good boss and a good employee.
  4. How do you manage to combine your personal life and career?
  5. Do you remember your first success through teamwork?
  6. Has your college experience prepared you for being a CEO?
  7. How many years does it take to become a CEO?
  8. What is the most difficult part of your job?
  9. What is the most pleasant part of your job?
  10. Has your personality or worldview changed since you became a CEO?
  11. How do you build connections with new employees?
  12. What are your three main rules in the workplace?
  13. What is the worst disadvantage of being CEO?
  14. Do you have a hobby?
  15. Would you like to share your responsibility with someone else?
  16. Do you have enough time for your personal life?
  17. What are your good and bad habits?
  18. Is being CEO your dream job?
  19. Can anyone become a CEO?
  20. How do you react to criticism?

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Interview Question Ideas for Fashion Designers

  1. What was the inspiration for your recent collection?
  2. What are your favorite colors?
  3. Who among the greatest designers in history inspire you?
  4. Do you believe in fashion or style?
  5. What is the difference between being fashionable and being stylish?
  6. How do clothes influence your mood?
  7. Do you prefer working with people or with clothes?
  8. What is the most difficult part of being a fashion designer?
  9. How is your work useful for society?
  10. Do you have a favorite item of clothing?
  11. Give our readers a short fashion guide on 2018.
  12. Does inspiration usually come to you from inside or from outside?
  13. Is specialized education required to become a fashion designer?
  14. Do you prefer designing male or female clothes?
  15. Is being a fashion designer your childhood dream?
  16. What is the most difficult task you have to do during the workday?
  17. What is your favorite fashion era?
  18. Do you always look stylish?
  19. Do you prefer working independently or with a team?
  20. How do you use modern technologies in your work?

Interview Question Ideas for Famous Travelers

  1. What was your recent destination?
  2. What was your longest journey?
  3. Have you visited all the continents?
  4. What is your favorite place on Earth?
  5. Why did you start traveling?
  6. What do you think about the modern travel boom?
  7. Can anybody become a professional traveler?
  8. What was the most unexpected journey in your life?
  9. Do you share all the truth about traveling with your followers on social media?
  10. What do you usually do first when you arrive in a new country?
  11. Have you ever had troubles with locals?
  12. What is your favorite national cuisine?
  13. What was the most distant destination in your life?
  14. Are you planning to write a book about your journeys?
  15. What are the most important things to take on a trip?
  16. Do you prefer traveling alone or with company?
  17. How do you manage homesickness?
  18. How do you make a living?
  19. What souvenirs do you usually buy?
  20. What foreign languages do you speak?

Interview Question Ideas for Talented Writers

  1. Who was your favorite writer when you were a child? At school? At college?
  2. What or who has influenced your style?
  3. What steps does your writing process include?
  4. What are your sources of inspiration?
  5. Do you usually put all of your writing ideas into practice?
  6. Do you feel more inspired while you’re happy or sad?
  7. How do your family members and friends help you with your work?
  8. Do you read any books now? Can you recommend a few?
  9. Do you consider marketing to be important for writers?
  10. Are you planning to offer film directors a chance to use your books for their movies?
  11. Do all your literary characters have real-life inspirations?
  12. Does your life experience serve as a basis for your books?
  13. What was your first attempt at writing?
  14. Have you always dreamed of becoming a writer?
  15. What is your perfect workplace?
  16. Have you ever had any problems with publishing?
  17. Do you have one reliable editor, or do you hire a new person every time?
  18. Is there a book you’ll never read?
  19. How do you manage writer’s block?
  20. What is your life motto?

One hundred questions are waiting to be answered! You can combine them, make changes, or simply leave them as they are. Try your hand at interviewing! We’re sure that you will do your best. You also be interested in our guide on how to write an interview. Now, it’s time to start the second part of our article. Firstly, let’s figure out what an interview essay is.

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Interview Essay: Definition

An interview essay is simply an essay based on one interview or several interviews. If you want to create an essay about a certain person, you get an interview with a prominent figure and write your text. When you want to compose an interview essay on a specified topic, you get interviews with many people and provide an essay based on their answers. This option is appropriate if your purpose is to collect multiple opinions on your research topic.

Sometimes, your instructor specifies the topic. Otherwise, you are welcome to use our essay topics for the interview listed below. We have different categories of themes so you can be 100% sure that you will find a suitable topic.


  1. Do you lie a lot? When are lies considered justified?
  2. What is love for you? Can love be a reason for living?
  3. What is more important: friendship or blood ties? Why?
  4. Can faith be divided from religion?
  5. Is life experience more important than creativity?
  6. What is more valuable for you: time or energy?
  7. Can solitude be useful for personal growth?
  8. Is individualism bad or good?
  9. What are your main life values?
  10. How do you understand inner harmony?

Gender and Sexuality

  1. Do masculinity and femininity really exist?
  2. Is gender more important than sex?
  3. Why does gender inequality exist?
  4. What gender stereotypes are truthful?
  5. Why does homophobia exist?
  6. Do you consider pride parades necessary and helpful?
  7. How have gender roles changed recently?
  8. Can men and women be equal in all spheres of life?
  9. How do you understand the term “sexuality”?
  10. Why is sex education important for teenagers?


  1. Is self-teaching difficult for you?
  2. Does a prestigious college really matter?
  3. Do you consider early childhood development to be important?
  4. What are the main disadvantages of the modern educational system?
  5. How have school years influenced your personality?
  6. Is homeschooling better than traditional education?
  7. What age is the most appropriate for studying?
  8. Is life experience more useful than theoretical knowledge?
  9. Do you consider a teaching career to be prestigious?
  10. Do you have a thirst for knowledge?

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Global Problems

  1. What is the fundamental problem of humanity?
  2. Can we stop the ecological catastrophe?
  3. Is recycling necessary?
  4. What are the main reasons for war nowadays?
  5. How has the financial crisis of 2008 influenced your family?
  6. Is the end of the world real?
  7. Do you believe in global warming?
  8. Have you heard about population aging? Do you consider this tendency to be a global problem?
  9. Is tolerance always good?
  10. Can restrictions on guns prevent violence?

Art and Science

  1. What is your personal criteria for evaluating pieces of art?
  2. Do you consider fashion to be art?
  3. How have modern technologies changed your life?
  4. Can music influence your mood?
  5. Have you ever tried to draw a picture/write a book/compose a song?
  6. What is more important to you: art or science?
  7. What can you say about modern art?
  8. Do you consider graffiti to be real art?
  9. Can art and science be harmful?
  10. Is creativity important for scientists?

We are sure that these essay writing topics for the interview will be interesting both for you and for interviewees. Remember that everyone has a full right to defend his or her points of view. Your main goal is not to convince anybody of your ideas but to collect multiple opinions. When you prepare an interview essay, follow the instructions below:

  • Choose one topic that you’re interested in.
  • Formulate a meaningful question or questions in a clear and concise manner.
  • Decide what interviewees you’re looking for.
  • Make appointments for interviews.
  • Take interviews in person or over Skype.
  • Take notes during meetings.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask additional questions if necessary.
  • Structure and analyze the answers.
  • Write your essay based on the collected opinions.
  • Edit and proofread your interview essay.

An interview essay can be even easier to create than any other type of writing, as you don’t have to look for reliable information on the internet. Your sources are real people, and their ideas will be subjective anyway, so you don’t have to worry about the validity of their answers!

We hope that you’ll have a chance to use the best interview topics and questions we have given. Don’t wait until your professor assigns you to write an interview essay! Practice your skills, and you’ll get the opportunity to look at common things from unusual perspectives thanks to other people’s opinions.