Business Memo Examples

Business Memo Example: Christmas Sale

March 1st, 2017

TO: Nordics Supermarket Team FROM: Nelly Baguette, CEO DATE: May 26, 2013 SUBJECT: Supermarket’s Christmas Sales Promotion Nordics Supermarket is happy to announce that Christmas holidays are coming! Winter has begun, and we will be celebrating Christmas soon by launching a special promotional campaign for our customers showcasing Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, greeting cards, and our company’s brand champagne. Our company’s market demand analysis indicates that such products will meet customer needs and wants during Christmas time. Therefore, customer purchasing…

Business Memo Example: Company’s Internet Development

March 1st, 2017

TO: Nelly Smith, Marketing Chief FROM: John Gatsby, Market Research Consultant DATE: April 25, 2013 SUBJECT: Company’s Internet Development Company’s market analysis showed that the methods of clothing sales need to be changed according to market demand. Data from surveys lead us to conclude that we need to modernize our selling methods to correspond to latest technological solutions. According to market research groups’ information, our target customers (young people) are no longer interested in purchasing new clothes in shops. The…

Business Memorandum Samples: Learn More About Business Writing

Most educative websites can provide you with a wide range of business memorandum samples. They are very useful for those who want to learn more about proper business writing. No doubt, all students may get bored with and tired of theoretical instructions, and instead look for a demonstration in practice. You probably will not find the sample of the business memo that will fully meet your expectations. Remember that any sample has to be changed according to your personal requirements and needs.

Here, we will provide you with the examples of good business memos. We also will give you some instructions on how to use our samples in the most effective and proper way. In addition, you will find a helpful checklist for your business memo, a list of mistakes you should avoid while writing, and a few exercises to test your knowledge about business memorandums.

How You Should Use Our Business Memo Examples

Although the internet may provide you with hundreds of examples, you can’t copy them. That would be plagiarism, and these actions will lead to negative consequences. We are sure that you will not do something stupid. The best way to use the samples is to read them thoroughly and learn more about writing business memos. Below, we will explain what aspects you should pay attention to while reading the sample of the business memo.

Analyze the structure

A business memo template is not very complicated. Still, it differs from a template of a business email or of any other piece of writing. So you should be attentive to notice all key elements.

Examine the writing style

Reading is a useful hobby. Unfortunately, reading magazines or novels won’t help you to develop your skills of writing business memos. Of course, they may enrich your vocabulary, but this is not enough for a good business memorandum. While reading our samples, focus on the speech patterns and stylistic elements used by our authors. Take notes, and you will be able to implement suitable phrases into your own business memo template.

See the difference

The dissimilarities between a business letter and a business memo might seem insignificant. Anyway, after you read our texts, everything will become much clearer. Don’t confuse one with the other! Such a mistake will reveal your ignorance and negligence in the eyes of your colleagues.

Use formal language

Although business memos can be both formal and semi-formal, they are still far removed from personal letters to your friends and relatives. Restrain your emotions and avoid slang. You will see what language will be appropriate from reading our business memorandum sample.

Helpful Business Memo Checklist

Your memory can sometimes fail you. It is not a big deal. After you write your business memo, use the list placed below to check if you have forgotten about some aspects or mistakes.

1) Don’t forget to check the reliability and relevance of the information you’ve provided in your memo. If you spread false facts, your reputation will be ruined. Avoid unreliable sources such as commercial websites, personal blogs, and Wiki articles.
2) Check the spelling of names and titles. According to, misspelled names are one of the most frequent mistakes in business writing.
3) Highlight the keywords to make them more noticeable for readers. Moreover, busy workers don’t have time to read every memo. The keywords help them to understand if this particular business memo is important to them.
4) Improve the readability of your business memo. There are many tools that may simplify the reading process: paragraphs, subheadings, tables, bullet points, etc. Make sure that you use the font of a suitable size – 11 or 12 pt.
5) Check if your business memorandum template includes a clear and specified purpose. Mention the goal of your memo in the first paragraph of the text.
6) Read your business memo in order to understand if your tone is appropriate for the situation. Choose a neutral or even positive tone if necessary but avoid a negative one.
7) Keep your business memo on one page. If it is too long, you have to divide the information into two or three parts and write more memos. Moreover, additional information can be attached to your memo.
8) Speaking of attachments, check if you have added all necessary documents and pictures. In addition, make sure that they have the appropriate titles, e. g. “Visiting Statistics 2018” and NOT “kjflj1242.”
9) Your business memo summary should be positive and warm. In one or two sentences, you should include final instructions, a call to action, and encouragement.
10) Check if all the links that you’ve included work correctly, just as in the sample of the business memo. There will be no use reading your memo if the essential information is unavailable.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Business Memorandum Sample

Nobody is perfect, but we all strive for perfection. The attempts to be in over your head can be futile. Anyway, the easiest way to make your business memo better is to avoid common mistakes. These errors can spoil a piece of writing of the highest quality so be attentive!

1) Make sure to start your preparatory works in advance. If you want to provide your co-workers with a really useful business memorandum sample, you should find time to prepare properly. The process of writing might take a while, so don’t think you’ll simply finish this task in twenty minutes!
2) Skip the salutations. Remember that a business memo and business email are not the same. That is why you should neglect a few formalities. Still, don’t forget about using formal language!
3) Omitting attention-grabbers will make your business memo inexpressive and monotonous. Try to highlight the most important and catchy phrases in order to present the information in an attractive manner.
4) If you want your coworkers to take your business memo seriously, avoid jargon and buzzwords. The phrases that might be appropriate during small talks are not welcome for business writing.
5) Wordiness and doubling the same phrases are an annoyance during conversations. Imagine how annoying they are in a business paper! We are sure that you wouldn’t enjoy looking for the main points of a business memo in a pile of meaningless sentences.
6) Don’t include personal information in your memo! We doubt that you would be happy to share data about your boyfriend or family issues with anybody but the closest friend or colleague. Keep this information for a private meeting.
7) Don’t neglect grammar and spelling rules. Please, don’t! Don’t make your coworkers laugh while reading your business memo. You should sound smart and professional, and mistakes won’t help that.
8) So called “vague” expressions are good for riddles and poetry. In your business memo, you have to be concrete and conscious. Proofread your text and get rid of “kind of,” “sort of,” and other “stuff.”
9) Are you sure that your business memo is a high priority? Don’t overuse this flag if it is not necessary. Eventually, your colleagues won’t trust your “emergencies.”
10) Commas are evil. They may spoil even the most eloquent piece of writing. Please, don’t let them do this and thoroughly proofread your business memo template.

Check What You Know About Business Memos

Now, you have a great opportunity to check your knowledge on how to write a business memo. We will provide you with a short test with a few options for answers. You may check the right answers at the end of the test. Good luck and don’t cheat!

1. Business memos and business emails are the same thing. a. True b. False c. Sometimes

2. The appropriate font size for a business memo is:

a. 10 pt. b. 16 pt. c. 12 pt.

3. At the beginning of a business memo, you should include a salutation:

a. True b. False c. Sometimes

4. Attention-grabbers are not appropriate for a business memo:

a. True b. False c. Sometimes

5. A business memo may include personal information:

a. True b. False c. Sometimes

6. The heading of a business memo includes the lines:

a. From, To b. Date, Subject c. All mentioned

7. What tone should you use for your business memo?

a. Positive/neutral b. Positive/negative c. Neutral/negative

8. What is the right length of a business memorandum template?

a. Three paragraphs b. One page c. Two or three pages

9. Buzzwords will make your business memo more interesting and readable:

a. True b. False c. Sometimes

10. The use of subheadings in a business memo is inappropriate:

a. True b. False c. Sometimes

Correct answers:

1. b 2. c 3. b 4. b 5. b 6. c 7. a 8. b 9. b 10. b

Thank you for reading our article. We are sure that it will be as helpful as our awesome business memo examples. The world of business writing is vast, and we are always ready to help you find the shortest and the easiest way to impress your colleagues, employees, and business partners. Train your writing skills and provide high-quality pieces of writing!