Business Memo Example: Christmas Sale

TO: Nordics Supermarket Team

FROM: Nelly Baguette, CEO

DATE: May 26, 2013

SUBJECT: Supermarket’s Christmas Sales Promotion

Nordics Supermarket is happy to announce that Christmas holidays are coming! Winter has begun, and we will be celebrating Christmas soon by launching a special promotional campaign for our customers showcasing Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, greeting cards, and our company’s brand champagne. Our company’s market demand analysis indicates that such products will meet customer needs and wants during Christmas time.

Therefore, customer purchasing of promotional products in our supermarkets or online will be eligible for a 50% discount on Christmas greeting cards, 25% discount for select Christmas gifts, 15% on decorations, and a special buying price for our company brand champagne – $20, 99.

The sales promotion starts on December 15, 2013 and ends on January 10, 2014.

To support team efforts, our marketing department will provide special Christmas advertising on TV, the Internet, and through supermarket brochures that will be launched on December 10.

Our company understands that the Christmas period is a very challenging time. Therefore, as a motivation to our valued staff, we will reward our best performers during promotional periods with a monetary bonus to the January salary.

We look forward to future reports from our Research Department concerning sales from our promotional programs compared to our main competitors: Wal-Mart Supercenters, Super-Value Inc., and Kroger.

This is a challenging goal. Please, concentrate all your efforts and abilities on upgrading our company’s image. I think that it will improve our supermarket’s operational performance by 3%. That will be a significant improvement considering the size of our company.

Terms of Sales and Promotion Program

Promotional products will be designated by different colors and by the sales placement of the product. The discount will be offered on all promotional products and deducted from the initial cost. The list of promotional products is provided on the provided attachment at the bottom of this memo. From the onset of the promotion, all our customers’ service representatives should be knowledgeable with the terms of the program so that they can provide competent consultancy as needed. Technical support staff must double-check all prices with regard to promotional discounts for the avoidance of difficulties with customers. As for our marketing department, I hope to see a successful advertising campaign performance during the established dates. For more details about your administrative functions, please contact your department’s senior manager.

As a final step for our Christmas seasonal promotion, our analytical department evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of our company’s existing cost system by testing the cost information on all Christmas promotional goods. The results indicate that the existing cost system shows reliable product cost information.

Final Result

We are projecting an increase in the company’s revenue by three times our average monthly income. In addition, Nordics Supermarket plans to attract an increase of 10% in new customers and to improve customer loyalty by 5%. Our fundamental goal is to establish a positive image of our company and to increase the popularity of our supermarket chain among families and people who enjoy Christmas holidays.

Be sure to check your e-mail to see important changes, requirements, and promotional progress stage results. I know that each of you will do your best. So, let’s work together to make this promotion the best one ever!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,
Nelly Baguette