College Psychologist Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honor to stand before you and deliver this motivational talk. The organizers indicated what would be suitable to address. In regard to their request, I chose to elaborate on a single topic. Our topic today is ‘what other people say’. Many of us may have done something in our lifetime that made us feel remorseful to a point where a professional had to be called in.

Our motivational topic is divided into sections. First, the biological functioning of our bodies helps us forget what is unimportant in our lives giving us an excellent chance to always dust ourselves off, and move on after falling. Secondly, the modern lifestyles are extremely packed with events allowing you to get away with rather embarrassing moments. Thirdly, you may wonder what people say about you, yet their ability to keep record of what happens daily on their lives on the whole is nearly impossible; so they will forget you in a short while.

The question is how do these three components relate to our topic? Although human beings may vividly remember different things, most details of these life occurrences are not clearly remembered. You must have experienced a friend telling you about an embarrassing moment experienced by an unidentified student. When I was a student, I felt remorseful for every unlucky thing that happened to me. However, I realized that no one could remember these events, and this made me concentrate on my studies. I recently heard students complain about how their to-do lists were so full these days.
Giving it a thought, I found that modern life is currently full of activities. These activities are their priorities and they may fail to notice your mistakes that to you are damaging to your reputation. This primary reason led to the use of the to-do list based on priority. If this session were not factored in my to-do list, I would not have showed up for this talk.

When you visit a new area, your mind opens up to every new thing you see. However, the disappointing thing is that at the end of the day you remember almost everything vividly, but quickly you will forget. The university environment, offers a complex community for elaboration. This in itself should encourage you to feel comfortable as you go about your studies. Take for example a corporation. The business is driven by objectives that are strengthened by a proper strategy. In this case, the organization sticks to its objectives despite how tempting other activities are. The business does not suffer from gossip or rumors. This institution is committed to provide scholarly excellence. Your short-term goal is to succeed step by step. Your long-term objective is to graduate with a remarkable achievement.

Elimination of what people say based on the three elaborative points factored out provides a sure way to success.

I reckon that the university encourages hard work. However, when you have to work harder due to a disturbed state of mind there is always some danger. After all, the aim of every successful person is to eliminate use of excess energy by adopting best models. This way, you will almost certainly have an image of what the day has to offer.

Ladies and gentlemen in conclusion, I would like to urge each and every one of you to re-evaluate your reaction to what people say, or are perceived to say, about you in your day-to-day lives. This will help you realize that is not important unless it contains facts that are helpful for your future well-being. I will now answer questions relating to today’s topic. Thank you all for attending.


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