Classification Essay Examples

Good Books and Great Books

May 13th, 2013

Scholars have come up with different ways to classify books. The most used method of classifying books is by library codes. Outside of a mechanical classification, most critics categorize books as either good or great. Great books are books that constitute an essential background in western cultural literature. They are those books that tradition and some institutions have high regard for in terms of expressing the foundations of western culture. According to the popular author Mortimer Adler, these books had…


May 4th, 2013

A moviegoer is a person who goes to watch movies. In order to know a moviegoer, there is a need to classify the types of movies these individuals are interested in. These movies can be categorized in the genres of informational, drama, action, adventure, epic, horror, crime, and musical. Some categories of movies are interrelated – for example, crime and action movies. Moviegoers can be classified by the genre of the movies they watch, though some individuals enjoy watching movies…

Football Fans

April 17th, 2013

Abstract It is impossible to imagine football without football fans. Football fans, like footballers themselves, make the sport more lively, spectacular, and entertaining. Football supporters differ in their behavior and level of engagement in the game. The goal of this paper is to classify football fans and show the main traits of each group. The paper analyzes a number of related web resources such as encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, social networks, and video materials in order to gain a deeper perception…

Workplace Command Level

April 10th, 2013

Different Types of Workplace Command Levels Scalar chain I have never noticed the different types of command levels in a workplace, but quite recently I visited an office while I was doing research. I spent almost an entire day at the office and met different workers. I interacted with them and asked questions; it was not my intent, but I noticed that they had people in different levels in this office. This aroused my curiosity and I researched the chain…

Classification Essay Examples to Pay Special Attention to

Every year, students across the world need to write essays for their chosen topics, and rather often they need to write classification essays. Many students have difficulties while writing this type of essay, as they don’t know how to write classification essay properly. We share our classification essay examples in order to give you an idea of how to write your own paper.

How Classification Essay Samples Can Help You

Each classification paper example will teach you:

  • how to structure the text correctly;
  • how to use introductory word structures;
  • how to train yourself in essay writing.

When you are writing a classification essay, it is intended to combine certain characteristics in the structure and design into a set of classification categories. It allows you to more deeply consider the topic. We should emphasize the requirement of grammatical correctness, which means that there are no mistakes and blots. The level of vocabulary used in the essay should be sufficient for the full disclosure of the topic.

When checking the essay, the style of writing is also evaluated. It implies the need to use a formal style, a clear outline of the presentation, and adherence to the topic. Pay attention – despite the common misconception, the attempt to show the richness of knowledge through the use of informal constructions is often regarded as a drawback.

Plan for the Classification Essay

The main requirement is structure. That is, a classification essay should be written according to the plan. It is expressed in composite elements, each of which must begin with a paragraph:

  1. Introduction. It is necessary to limit oneself to several sentences which will fully describe the given topic.
  2. Personal opinion. The individual attitude to the problem is briefly expressed, and several arguments are given which prove the author’s correctness.
  3. Definition of oppositional thought. The opposing viewpoint of the author’s arguments are briefly described. In this case, the arguments of the alleged opponent should be kept in less quantity. That is, in the second paragraph there should be one argument more than in the third one.
  4. Disagreement with oppositional opinion. It is necessary to refute the opponent’s evidence, giving counterarguments in the same amount in the third paragraph.
  5. The conclusion. Write a brief summary on the topic. It is recommended to use universal constructions of phrases.

More than half of all students make such mistakes:

  • lack of structure;
  • using abbreviated forms such as don’t, can’t, etc .;
  • absence of generalizing and introductory phrases;
  • exceeding the limit of the number of words;
  • the topic remaining undisclosed;
  • grammatical errors.

Classification is the method of writing an essay in the way of organizing people, objects, or ideas with general characteristics in certain classes or groups. After you have chosen the topic for a classification essay and have studied it with different strategies of writing, you should be ready to write the first draft.

In the introduction, define your object clearly – in this case, the group that you are classifying. If you have narrowed your object in some way, you should do it clearly from the very beginning. In your introduction, you can also indicate some concrete descriptive or informational data to grab your readers’ attention and present the goal of your essay. Finally, include the thesis statement in which the main types or approaches that you are going to study are indicated in.

Notice that a good introduction creates certain expectations. Concrete details provide a good presentation where we can see different classifications. Moreover, body paragraphs should introduce descriptions of each object in the way it is indicated in the introduction. A good writer continues to describe objects in the body paragraphs.

Start each paragraph of the body with a topic sentence which identifies a concrete type or approach. Then begin to describe or illustrate each type with concrete details. Arrange your body paragraphs in any order which looks clear and logical for you – you may order them from the less effective approach to the more effective one, or from the most popular to the less popular types and vice versa. Write a strong conclusion that summarizes everything that you have mentioned in your body paragraphs. Check your essay for errors.

Use Classification and Division Essay Examples

Make sure that you know how to write a classification essay. If not, we suggest you to read though our samples – they can help you to start your paper. In each essay presented on our site, you can see that the writer has fulfilled the expectations set up in the introduction. Notice how our writers have used comparisons to ensure cohesion in the essay bodies.

The topic sentences in all paragraphs refer to the preceding paragraphs. Writers use strong classifications and divisions related to the most interesting topics. Comparisons that they use not only provide smooth transitions required to an interesting essay, but also reveal the writer’s sympathies. If you read our samples, you will start writing your essay faster and more easily.

We expect that you also find samples of other types of essays interesting as well. They give you the opportunity to write various types of papers easily. You may choose any sample you like to see how a well-structured paper should be written. Or you may want to get some recommendations on how to write your essay. In this case, you should check out our helpful guides on different types of papers.

Make sure that you know how to reveal the essence of your topic and write a strong paper. Consider whether you are successful in your effort to tie all observations and data together. Do you know how to hook your conclusion back to the introduction? Our samples will help you to unify your essay and give you the idea how to make it complete. As you develop and organize your paper, you can look at our samples, or visit our topics page and see how our writers experiment with various writing strategies that help them to complete high-quality custom research paper. Begin your writing by reading through our helpful samples!