13 Informal Essay Topics

Informal essay topics usually are not limited to certain directions, as the aim of this kind of essay is enjoyment. But it’s hard to find a topic when you don’t know the peculiarities of writing an informal essay. So, what is an informal essay about?

informal essay topics

Informal essays or entertainment speeches are often assigned during creative writing classes. If you have ever written a post in your blog or a long read on your Facebook page, that means you have already faced informal writing. Usually informal essays go from the specifics of an issue at the beginning to a general view at the end. You don’t need to follow a certain pattern to meet the reader’s expectation, unless the tutor has stated particular requirements to the content, style, or structure. Get a well-researched and persuasive argumentative essay at Payforwriting by saying, “write my argumentative essay“.

To choose a good topic for your informal essay, think about the latest issues you have thought of or faced recently. What will be interesting both for you and your audience? If you are seeking inspiration, let’s look at the following list of examples of informal essay topics.

1. Third-wave feminism.

Third-wave feminism began at the end of the 20th century. It didn’t replace previous trends, but exists in parallel. Its appearance is interpreted as a critical reaction of the young generation of women to radical feminism. The feminism of this direction doesn’t try to find out who the modern woman is and primarily states who she can be. It combines the experience accumulated by white feminists, organizations of colored feminists, lesbians, bisexuals, and representatives of other communities. Feminists focus on the distribution of power and authority so every woman can develop her femininity to the full. What are the main characteristics of third-wave feminism? What are the main aims?

2. Modern racism.

Modern racism is based on the assumption that by its very nature the representatives of a particular people belong to a particular cultural group. Along with the political form of racism, social racism has multiplied in recent decades. The gap between wealth and poverty in many countries around the world is growing every year. Researchers agree that “race” is an artificially created category and serves more as an ideological tool than a scientific term. The arguments of cultural racists usually do not contain weighty reasons – probably because their views are absolutely irrational. Why do you think racism still exists?

3. Cultural identity.

Cultural identity is the recognition of one’s belonging to a certain ethnic community. In this essay you can tell about your ethnicity, religion, and how the upbringing in your family has influenced your personality. Did you differ from your classmates in your school? Has this difference influenced your relationships? How has your cultural identity influenced you as an adult?

4. Are social networks good for society?

The main function of social networks is to maintain communication between people, even when they are far apart. Everyone can easily communicate with friends and colleagues through social networks, as well as search for people who have been interrupted by communication, and acquire new pleasant acquaintances.

5. Finding a soul-mate in a big world.

It is believed that during life we meet several kindred souls, but not all of them will be our beloved. Some will become friends, colleagues, relatives, even enemies. Sometimes we find out the soul mate at the time of the first meeting. However, many dream of only one thing – to meet their romantic soul mate, a man or woman with whom full happiness is possible. What if you can not find it? To begin with, to find a soul mate, you need to find yourself. What qualities are the most important for you? What are your values and aspirations? How do you express your love, and what do you expect in return?

6. Happiness is inside of us.

There are no barriers for a person who really wants change and not just to talk about it. To leave unloved work, you just have to actually go and leave to build a business. You just have to start to do it. And to meet your love you just need to open your heart. All that prevents making the first step to you is you; it is only you who does not allow yourself to start something new, and only you who does not change your life. Tell how you can change your life.

7. Bilingual kids: good or not?

Opponents believe that learning a second language can interfere with the assimilation of the first language. Supporters, on the contrary, say that bilingualism has a beneficial effect on speech and mental development. Thinking about the pros and cons of early bilingualism, it is necessary to understand the difference between the development of a child that is learning one language and a bilingual child. Bilingual children absorb and learn even the smallest details of both cultures, and in the future will transfer the acquired knowledge to the next generation. Is bilingualism a mental stress for a child? What are the challenges for parents of a bilingual child?

8. Advantages of growing up in a poor family.

The future of a child that lives in a poor family depends on family members. If parents have no bad habits and live in love, no matter how much money they earn, they can have a positive effect on the growing child. Communities and environments in poor regions are thought to be bad, but frequently there are exceptions. Those who were born in poor conditions often reach incredible heights and become successful and famous. Some even manage to put together a huge fortune, despite all the hardships and plight of their families. What influences the future of a child from a poor family? What positive qualities do these children have? How can it help them in future life?

9. How to enjoy your life and be successful.

Does a successful career require great sacrifices? We are always in a hurry somewhere, trying to earn material wealth and educate our neighbors, while we become quite tired and end up getting absolutely no pleasure from life. Don’t live in the past. This advice is the most important of all: forget and live on. Most of all, the anger, disappointment, unhappiness, and despair in this world comes from people holding on to past grievances and problems. There are many methods that you can use every day to be happy, but this list is unique for every person. What do you do to be more happy?

10. The moment you realized that you are not a child any more.

When does childhood end? Everyone experiences this differently. One person takes a step in the creation of their own family, the birth and education of their own children. Another person acquires a personal earning of money at work or an embodiment of money-oriented ideas. Someone else begins independent living in a rented or owned house. Another is caring for sick relatives, when all responsibility falls to young, but already independent, shoulders. There are many different circumstances. Each of us can remember this departure from childhood, the step into adulthood. Tell about the event or moment when you realized that your childhood is over and you are grown up.

11. The importance of studying philosophy at colleges and universities.

Philosophy helps to give an in-depth understanding of yourself and the world around, as well as the ability of society to learn from the mistakes of ancestors, to become better and achieve greater success. In the modern world, philosophy is moving along with scientific and technological progress, and therefore is a very valuable component of modern society. Students simply will not be able to form as a person, choose his or her own way of life, and organize the inner world without it.

12. Eco products and natural food: what is the difference?

Marketers are taking advantage of people’s ignorance on which products can be called organic and environmentally friendly. Many people think that there is no difference between organic and natural products, and that both these words mean, in fact, the same thing. However, this is not so. Organic food refers to food products that are manufactured and processed using organic means identified by certification bodies. Natural foods are generally understood to mean any product derived from plants and animals that are not chemically, synthetically, or genetically modified. When they are grown, various chemicals can be used. Thus, natural products are not necessarily organic, and vice versa.

13. Why reading is important to become a thinking person.

Time, fashion, and society change from year to year, but only one thing is always in trend – the power of knowledge. Reading is the path to self-improvement, and it sheds light on our gloomy everyday life. Books even have an influence on our health. Research has shown that reading books dramatically reduces stress level. Reading develops a person’s thinking abilities, and increases vocabulary and level of intelligence. Do you read books? How many books have you read in the past three months? Why do you neglect books as the strongest means to change your life for the better? What takes your time?

14. What is the most extreme example of human willpower and discipline?

One person manages to force himself to avoid eating after six in the evening, and another overcomes difficulties that seem to be broken by most people. Perhaps these people really have an iron will, or maybe they just asked themselves how to develop willpower. Sometimes complex circumstances simply leave no choice – a person either fights, or ceases to live, and begins to exist. You can describe the path of a person who has to fight through circumstances to become successful. For example: Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Buddhists in remote locations, Nicholas Vujicic, Steve Jobs, etc.

15. Worrying is a waste of time.

We live in a world of anxiety and worries. We are afraid of getting sick and getting fired from work, we get frustrated of extra pounds and wrinkles, we worry about relatives and children, etc. We are all planning and thinking a lot about our future. Nevertheless, it’s important not to worry too much about the future as it can cause stress and even panic. Of course, you need to have a long-term plan for your life and some general ideas for what you want to achieve. But when you think too much about the future you end up making a serious mistake. You simply forget and ignore the important days, which will never return. How to live in the moment? How to overcome frustration?

No matter what informal topics you choose for your writing, always keep in mind that informal English essay writing doesn’t mean using colloquialisms and slang. Use your personal voice and lightly use the informal style. You can imagine that your tutor is your friend and you are writing him or her a message in conversational style.

While informal essays don’t require specific knowledge of certain topics, we advise you to check the information you use while writing. If it meets the context, you can add some citations or examples to add more credibility to your thoughts and make your text more interesting to read.

Write your informal essay as a story, as it frequently is called a narrative essay. Engage your readers with interesting information presented in a friendly, entertaining, and light manner. If you still have some doubts on how to write this type of essay, check our short informal essay examples or informal speech.