Business Owner Farewell Speech Sample

A Farewell Presentation by an Owner Who Sold her Marketing Business

Saying goodbye is always sad.

I want to say goodbye to our company, members and partners. It is never easy to part, but we have to face reality. Each goodbye is always felt as a pinching ache in the heart, but there remains a feeling of thanks and gratitude.

The time with you and our company was enjoyable for me. Making the decision to sell the business was not easy. I have never been motivated by money. However, this company became successful and profitable. Now, all goals have been reached and unfortunately, I have lost interest in this business. That is why I want to start another project. I am a very restless individual, and I seek new challenges every moment. I am always adventurous. I determine if I am able to make a project successful and if I can stay ahead of the competition.

Having one’s own business eats up a lot of precious time, especially if one is a perfectionist like me. At the moment I want to do more creative work and spend extra time with my family and friends and on self-development.

I have always been passionate about marketing, and so my decision to set up a marketing business was planned. I worked for several companies as a brand manager and finally understood that I wanted my own business. I wasn’t afraid of competition in the field.

I think that work should have a family atmosphere; I chose individuals who are nice to talk with and to be around. I hope you feel the same.

I am satisfied that I was able to gather such a strong team. Each of you has great potential, and I believe that it will grow into something bigger. Concentrate on your strengths and develop them further.

I am very happy that my ideas found root and were supported by such interesting and creative people. I am glad that in such a short period our company developed into a large network.

Thank you for helping me to overcome fears. Usually people are more likely to fear than to succeed.

Thank you for the inspiration you have provided for me in the process of our teamwork. Your contribution and devotion to work gave me inspiration for further ideas. I believe that we need to learn from everything and everyone. In every man there is something that can be learned.

I believe in God, and I believe that if some doors close, others surely will open. Do not lose heart and good spirits. All troubles are temporary.

As I leave, I want to wish you luck. Believe in yourself and stay positive. Remember the things I have taught you. It was a great pleasure to work with you.

Thank you all again!

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