Don’t Use Boring Thank You Letter Examples

Thank You Letter Sample

August 16th, 2013

Mr.Stanley Madlen                                                                15 February 2013 Doctor of intensive care Galley Hospital Giggling Ave. 12 Boston, MA, 01211 Dear Dr. Madlen: Last year, when Elizabeth disease was found, we were confused and disappointed. The doctors said that the disease was treated heavily and chances for recovery were very low. She…

Personal Thank You Letter Sample

July 5th, 2013

Dear Sam, I hope my letter finds you in perfect health with prayers and well-wishes for you and your family. It was a great pleasure to stay at your place during my visit. I had an awesome time; and I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most comfortable and enjoyable business trip I have had in a very long time. Staying at your place revived so many childhood memories and recollections of teenage sleepovers; baked…

A thank you letter is an excellent tool that builds strong and loyal relationships with the target audience. We will analyze the typical and atypical professional thank you note examples, analyze common mistakes, and learn how to use a thank you letter not only to increase loyalty, but also for repeat sales.

When scrolling through thank you notes samples for helping writers, we first get bored. But after boredom comes interest, and we soon feel like Columbus, unexpectedly discovering America. The thing is, while 99% of the companies in the USA are competing to create boring thank you letters, you can beat them all at once and stand out with the help of a warm, selling thank you letter.

Among not very good thank you note examples that are freely available, we found two types of letters: a letter in the form of a solemn certificate with graphic frames, and a simple letter with text on A4 paper with a stamp and requisites. Both of these types have the same mistakes. However, the word “mistake” is probably not the right one. Let’s call them inaccuracies:

  • The title of “Thank you letter.” You need to move away from this pattern. What should you use instead of this phrase? For example, a warm “Thank you” or a friendly “Dear John Smith.”
  • Dear _______. The space, which is then filled by hand, speaks of the character of this gratitude. Yes, and the word “dear” is rather boring. That’s right, it is a permissible, commonly used word. But we want to reach our addressee, and not become one from the crowd.
  • “We hope for further cooperation” – we have found this phrase in half of all the thank you letters which we have happened to analyze. The purpose of the thank you letter is to thank, not hint about your desire to work together. Inviting to “further cooperation” can be much more spectacular. We will show exactly how to do this.
  • “Provisioning,” “for the provided,” “allow,” “personal contribution,” “productive,” “express” – the impression from these words is that the same person writes all thank you letters. Run away from this well-worn route. Be real.

As a result, the majority of thank you letters look the same as examples of offers of cooperation, that is, officially, routinely boring. They have no emotions or humanity. However, real gratitude should contain all these qualities. We suggest you to get away from dullness.

Let’s define the qualities that will help your thank you letter to become truly thankful:

  • Vivid language
  • Caring for a person, and not about the interests of the business
  • Personality
  • Exclusivity (without templates)
  • Unique design (without frames)
  • Description of project details
  • Invitation to further cooperation

Do not forget that a thank you letter can be accompanied with:

– business proposal
– gift (personal discount, bonus)
– invitation (to a meeting, in a social network, to an event)

Sample Thank You Email After Interview

A thank you letter is an expression of gratitude to the employees of the company who interviewed you. You need to write such a letter within 24-48 hours after completing the interview with the HR manager of the company who organized your meeting with the interviewers.

Why do you need to write a thank you letter?

Writing a thank you letter to interviewers after the end of the interview will bring you two important advantages over your competitors:

  • You will look like a polite and grateful person in the eyes of the company’s employees with whom you spoke during the interview.
  • You will long remain in the memory of the interviewers.

What should be written in the thank you letter?

In such a letter you should do the following:

  1. Thank for the time and attention paid to you.
  2. Confirm your interest and desire to work in this company.
  3. Emphasize your skills and qualifications suitable for the position you are applying for.
  4. Tell about what contribution you can make to the company.
  5. Provide your contacts.

Thank you letter after the interview template #1

Dear N (name of HR-manager)

Thank you for taking the time to meet me. I was very pleased to meet you personally and learn more about the company N (company name).

After our conversation, I was even more convinced that my (list skills and qualifications) will allow me to successfully cope with the tasks for the position (job title) and contribute to the creation of an effective and efficient team.

If you need more information, please call me at (your phone number).

I look forward to your reply regarding the status of my candidacy for the position of (position name).



Thank you appreciation letter sample #2

Dear NN (name of HR-manager)

Thank you for taking the time in your schedule to talk to me in the afternoon. I was very pleased to meet you and learn more about company N (company name). I am impressed by the goodwill of the staff who conducted the final interview.

Based on the information about your company, which I learned at the interview, I was even more convinced of the correctness of my choice. My extensive experience in the field (specific experience in a particular area) will allow me to make a significant contribution to the development of the sales department, and I would like to have an opportunity to demonstrate this.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding the results of my interview with the company management. If you need additional information about me, you can call me by phone (your phone number) or contact me by mail: (email address).



Please note that the introduction in both of the above examples contains a similar message. It transmits basically the same information, while not being exact duplicates of each other. Also note that the second part of each thank you letter is written to demonstrate your skills and competencies.

As for the third part of the thank you letter (feedback), it is usually fixed. However, it may vary depending on what type of communication you prefer (phone or email). These examples of thank you letters can be used as a starting point for composing your own letter after passing the interview. Having this structure before your eyes, it will be easier and faster for you to write a thank you letter.

Sample Thank You Letter After Interview via Email

At the end of the interview, you will usually be asked if you have any questions. Take the opportunity to ask about when the company plans to make a hiring decision. Ask for permission to see them again in a few days. Remember that if you said that you plan to contact the person again, be sure to do it.

Repeated contact increases the chances of employment. Many companies judge whether a candidate is interested in a position by the steps that he or she takes after an interview. Remember that every interaction with the employer is an interview, be it formal or not.

Before leaving, be sure to get the contact details of all participants in the interview. Check the spelling of the names and titles of posts. For this, it is easiest to ask for their business cards. You can ask the receptionist or secretary for this information. Even if the receptionist or secretary did not participate in the interview, try to make a positive impression on them.

The format of the recontact depends on your circumstances. It can be on the phone, in the form of a letter, or through a personal visit. Regardless of the method chosen, you must:

  • Re-express your interest in this position.
  • Refer to what you discussed during the interview.
  • Once again, briefly outline what reflects your strengths and skills, and how it can help the organization.
  • Thank the person for their time.
  • Avoid pressuring the person on being hired to work.

One way to contact the company is to send a thank you letter. Such a letter will not only emphasize in the eyes of the employer your interest in this position, but also show your appreciation for the attention paid to you.

Sending a thank you letter after an interview is an integral part of business etiquette. Some employers even expect to receive such a message. It is a surprise, but only a small number of applicants send thank you letters. Perhaps it is for this reason that many employers hire people who send such letters.

Even if you are not sure whether the position is of interest to you, be sure to send a thank you letter. Making a good impression on job interview participants creates opportunities for future contacts, as well as other employment opportunities. When writing a thank you letter, use the contact information you received during the interview. Send a separate thank you letter to each of the interview participants.

The circumstances of the interview determine the procedure for sending a thank you letter. Make sure the company receives your message before making a hiring decision. If you know that the employer will make a decision before receiving your message, send it via email. If you have several days at your disposal, send it via regular mail. In any case, send a thank you letter within 24 hours after the interview.

If you need to write a thank you letter, you should use a sample to help you with the process. Your letter will look more personalized and thoughtful in comparison with other applicants. If you decide to impress a recipient, check out also our guide on how to write a thank you letter. Don’t forget to check it before you send a letter.