Business Bio Examples

Do Not Rush to Start Writing Without Business Bio Examples

As you know, business papers are documents created by a person in connection with professional activities or related to their implementation. Examples of such documents are: a business plan, a CV, a marketing plan, a business brochure, a recommendation, an ad copy, a business bio, and so on. Let’s consider the formats for compiling a business bio – a document compiled describing events, achievements, and abilities of the company.

Formats of a Business Biography

The format of a business bio is a method for organizing information and placing the necessary accents. Different formats favorably emphasize certain desirable perspectives and facts of the professional activity of the company (or shift the emphasis away from undesirable information). Here are the following bio formats: reverse chronological format, functional format, combined format, format of achievements, target format, international bio, and portfolio.

  • Reverse chronological format is a description of all the facts of the work biography in reverse chronological order, starting with the last significant event of the company. It is the most traditional type of bio, accurately and reliably representing information about the company. Particular attention is paid to the dates – this allows you to demonstrate a continuous work experience and high professional level, but also shows all the temporary gaps, unsuccessful moments, etc. Such a bio should be used with the stable development of a company.
  • Functional format focuses on the level of the abilities of the company, and the dates are given less attention. It emphasizes not the previous achievements, but the prospect of the company. Such a bio makes it possible to obscure the lack of experience.
  • Combined format (functional and chronological bio) combines the main features of a functional bio and a biography of the reverse chronological format. It emphasizes achievements in various fields of activity, and the main facts of the labor biography are presented in reverse chronological order. The advantage of this format of the bio is that it allows to draw attention to the professionalism of the company in different areas of activity and to see a clear sequence of work activities.
  • The format of achievements draws attention to the strengths and qualifications of the company, is a variation of the combined format of the bio, and focuses attention on outstanding successes.
  • The target format is a rather creative format, and assumes high individuality of the creator. It is suitable to any company, as it gives an opportunity to demonstrate its strengths and advantages.
  • An international bio is a detailed bio which is compiled in reverse chronological order and usually takes 6-8 pages. It is recommended to attach a cover letter (preferably handwritten), which should emphasize readiness for adaptation of the company in another country.
  • A portfolio includes additional information, accompanied by a bio. The portfolio is recommended to add in a separate folder with a table of contents for easy information retrieval. The portfolio can include:
    – description of company goals;
    – full version of the bio in the selected format;
    – samples of works confirming the qualification;
    – awards, customer reviews, promotions, etc.;
    – documents (copies of documents) confirming company qualification.

Originally, the portfolio was used in areas requiring creativity (advertising, PR, industrial design, architecture, photography, painting, graphics, culture, etc.). Today every company has a portfolio, and its electronic variant has become relevant – the web portfolio.

Requirements for Writing a Business Bio

  1. The full name of the company and the exact date of foundation is indicated.
  2. Briefly and consistently set out the names of the heads of departments that the company has.
  3. Decrypt the abbreviations, except for the common symbols used in the documentation. These names should be clear to the person who will study the biography.
  4. Be sure to tell about company experience working abroad. Sometimes this is a prerequisite.
  5. If there are governmental awards for achievements, indicate them.

The biggest mistake that occurs in the business bio is the absence of the name of the enterprise. This may seem strange, but it does happen in reality. In the text there are a lot of pretentious phrases, such as “team of specialists,” “great work experience,” and “individual approach,” but there is no word about the name of the super company itself.

In the section with the description of the company’s activities, we continue to answer the question, “Who are we?” Tell about what you are doing and for whom. Here you need to talk about the problems of customers which you solve with the help of goods and services. Also, you need to include an explanation of company services. Briefly describe what you are ready to do for a customer by providing concrete examples.

After the presentation, you should go on to describe the specific advantages of your enterprise. It is good to include numbers here. Before you start writing a business bio, collect all possible numbers and present them to your potential customers. For example: work experience, exact indication of the assortment, the duration of the guarantee, number of customers, etc.

Company achievements is perhaps the only section where the style “we” is allowed. But in any case, you need to write about the company, answering the main question of the buyer: “Why should I choose your company?” That is, you should not “fall out” in the style of “a young and growing company with extensive experience.” Adhere to the facts, through which the customer will have a correct understanding of the strengths of your business. If you have specific achievements (certificates, awards), then do not be modest. Show them to your customers.

Warranties can also be described in this section. But do it so that the customer does not have any questions: the technique of warranty situations should be simple and clear. Many still use the phrase “100% guarantee.” What kind of guarantee? For what? When does it act? The customer is not a fool; he or she carefully studies customer rights and opportunities.

Storytelling is a strong and non-standard technique, which can form the basis of all the stylistics of a business bio. It is important to understand how bright your story can be, and whether it will be possible to present it professionally. If the marketing concept of your business contains a mission and a legend, then include their description in the business bio.

You may include photos in the biography. Do not hide – show potential customers who will work with them. What can be in the pictures:

  • employees
  • building and office
  • warehouses
  • production
  • score

A section with customer feedback can be useful for the business bio. This is the most logical and effective section for social proof of the effectiveness of the enterprise. A business bio has its own purposes. And they depend on the characteristics of the business and your business objectives. When creating the biography, you need to keep them in mind.

A business bio means a story about the company, its advantages, guarantees, and services. But the presentation of this information should meet the expectations and aspirations of the customer. In other words, do not get hung up on yourselves, but talk about the company in such a way as to answer the main question of the audience: “Why here?”

How Business Bio Examples Can Help You

Have you ever thought that you need a business bio template to write your own paper? It is a good option if you don’t know how to write a business biography. Admit that you need a template if you don’t even know how to present the goal of the company. Do not be discouraged; you are not alone with this problem.

Many of your competitors also have problems with writing this type of business paper, and we suggest you to use business biographies examples. They will show you how to write a bio so that the reader will read it until the end. The samples will help you to correct the situation when a bio is not informative for the reader.

By reading short business bio examples, you will learn how to correctly write the text. You can see in our samples that this type of paper is written not only for praising a company, boasting, or writing about achievements and best qualities. Samples do not contain information that won’t interest possible readers.

Use a business biography sample if you are writing a paper for the first time. Examples will be informative for the readers, as our writers know that they are interested in their own profit and the solution of their problems. In order to write a high-quality business bio, also check out the guide on our blog. It will be helpful in your writing.

Also, on our site you will find information not only for properly writing a bio, but also other types of business papers. You will solve your writing problems if you rely on help presented on our site. When creating a business paper, remember: there is a site that is ready to provide guides, possible topics, and samples that will make the writing process much easier!