Sales Letter Samples: Increase Your Sales Through Emailing

Trip Sales Letter Sample

August 21st, 2013

Bunglow 87 Street 15, Whittenwood Cove Orlando, Florida USA 819190 Dear Mr. Jameson, I am pleased you selected Gleaming Horizons Travel Agency for your upcoming vacation in Italy. Our company offers the best packages for hassle-free vacations at the most reasonable prices. Italy is a place brimming with glorious places and splendid scenes. Cities like Venice and Florence are an exquisite blend of nature as well as classical craftsmanship. Our ten-day tour to Italy is devised to give our customers…

Sales Letter Sample

August 6th, 2013

Sahara Vacuums                                                                                              May 23, 2012 123 Sail Road, Lahore, Pakistan 848499 Dear Reader, We have the perfect cleaning device for you, providing you with comfort along with cleanliness. Without a sound and with an…

Sales Letter Sample: Organic Cosmetics

July 5th, 2013

  Blue Flower Natural Organic Company                                       24 May, 2022 112634 Meridian Street. Seattle, WA, 98177 Dear Customer, Did you know that the Blue Flower Natural Organic Company provides products and services that cater for all your beauty needs? Every person that needs to maintain their natural looks and at the same time look stunning should access the high quality products offered by our company. Offering over 300 products that fit with every individual, I bet you can find…

Best Sales Letter Samples for You

Sales letter samples placed here will be helpful for copywriters and for people who are interested in the success of their business and company. You might have the best product or service in the world, but without proper advertising, your business will never grow. Introducing your product in an attractive and catchy manner is half of its success, if not more.

Sales letters are one of the marketing tools that you can use to attract potential clients or inform your customers about new products, sales, collection, etc. Today, people’s inboxes are overloaded with numerous letters. Thus, you have to be creative, inventive, and smart to grab their attention and compose a bright and effective sales letter.

Reading sales letter examples is a great way to learn how to use this simple marketing tool to engage your clients. Although we already have an extremely useful guide about sales letters, we still want to share more extraordinary tips that will make your writing even more persuasive!

10 Quick-Fire Tips for an Outstanding Sales Letter Sample

It doesn’t matter whether you sell cars, beauty products, food, books, or your own a hotel chain. Promotion is an indispensable part of any marketing strategy. We’ve composed a list of 10 helpful hints that should always be at your fingertips when you create a sales letter sample for a new product. Read it thoroughly, and you’ll become a bit closer to the world of expert copywriting!

1. Choose a personal name

A sales letter is a form of communication with your customer. What would you prefer: talking to a faceless corporation, or to a smart, smiling sales manager? Forget about sender names that look like “XYZ Company,” “ABC Media Group,” or “QWERTY Organization.” If you don’t want to use your own name, create a fake one. Become closer to your customers!

2. Write for one person

We doubt that you’ll write unique sales letter examples for each recipient. But your customers don’t know about that. They want to feel that this letter has been written exclusively for them. Give them what they want! Your letter should sound like your recipient is the only one for you.

3. Apply a conversational tone

That’s one more illusion. Don’t you think that advertising is honest and sincere? Marketing is all about lying in an attractive and elegant manner. If you always want to be 100% honest, this professional domain is not for you. A conversational tone can do real magic and persuade even the pickiest client.

4. Use second-person pronouns

You, your, and yours – these words are the signature of great sales letters. People don’t care about your service. They think only about their own profit. For example, let’s say you have to sell a backpack. Its special feature is that it is made of waterproof material. Customers don’t care about the material at all. But, they’ll be much more interested if you write that their belongings will be 100% safe in your company’s backpack. Benefits first, then features!

5. Avoid spammy words

Phrases like “Earn more money!” or “Find your purpose in life!” sound so banal that you can’t help rolling your eyes when you see them. Reread your sales letter to make sure that your business writing is free from these annoying cliches. We also recommend you to avoid the word “best” when you write about your product unless you have some proof.

6. Include a call to action

Simply saying “contact us and place your order” at the end of your sales letter template is not enough. Add two or even three calls to action to your letter, and you won’t regret it! One more thing: make them different to avoid repetitiveness.

7. Add a P. S. section

There should be no crucial difference between personal letters and samples of the sales letter to customers. You send your emails to real persons who behave the same way your friends usually do. Thus, a P. S. section grabs attention both of your friends and customers. Include another call to action in this part and add some urgency. For example: “Special edition for Halloween! Only 500 lipsticks! Order it now!”

8. Try to be useful

Combine your sales letter with useful content. Interesting facts, information about sales, and coupons will make your recipients read your letters again and again. Don’t even let them think about the unsubscribe button.

9. Focus on your subject line

A catchy subject line is your only chance to make your customers open your sales letter. Every subject line for the best sales letter examples should comply with four criteria:

  • Conciseness. The subject line is not the right place for a roundabout writing manner.
  • Simplicity. Simple is understandable.
  • Truthfulness. Don’t tempt your readers with lures to disappoint them later when they read the whole letter.
  • Clarity. Phrases like “You have to read it!” or “Don’t pass by!” don’t explain anything; they are annoying and repugnant.

10. Use one of the effective strategies

To create a sample of a letter for selling a product, you need more than just good writing skills. You need a strategy, and we have two effective techniques to share with you! We hope that our explanations and a few examples will help you to compose your own irresistible sales letters!

2 Amazing Strategies to Write Sales Letter Samples for Business

Below, we’ll describe two techniques that can be used in a wide range of formats, such as billboards, social media posts, website content, newspaper advertisement, announcements, and, of course, sales letters. Mastering these strategies won’t take long, but they will change your customers’ attitudes in a positive way.

PAS: Problem, Agitate, & Solution
This strategy will be perfect if your product or service is aimed at solving a painful problem your customers face. Actually, any product can solve at least one problem. You just need to look for them thoroughly. Let’s move on to an example.

Your company sells surprise boxes. You create gifts according to the preferences of the customer, but he or she never knows what exactly is inside the present. Let’s try to indicate each point for your PAS sales letter sample:
Problem: your customer doesn’t know what to give his friend for a birthday/Christmas/wedding.
Agitate: your customer has to spend much time and energy looking for an appropriate present, and there is still no guarantee that it will be good.
Solution: your company offers surprise boxes that will satisfy any taste and requirement.

Example of a sales letter for your product: PAS introduction

Do you never know how to choose a great gift for your friends and family? – Problem
Tired of endless searches and disappointed faces? – Agitation
Surprise boxes will save your time and friendship! – Solution

After your excellent PAS introduction, you can provide a short list of the benefits (remember the rule “benefits before features”). Don’t forget about a call to action and second-person pronouns. Make your sales letters simple, informative, and effective.

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action

This strategy might seem a bit more difficult than the previous one, but it is still effective and worth your attention. Moreover, if you combine AIDA with a bright and stylish design, your customers won’t be able to resist your sales letter. Let’s move on to an example.

Your company sells handmade fashion jewelry. Your customers may create their unique jewelry according to their tastes or choose any item from your online catalog. Let’s indicate each point of your AIDA sales letter example:

Attention: your customer can create unique and exclusive jewelry in a few clicks.
Interest: your customer can take advantage of a wide range of benefits.
Desire: describe how the purchase will make the customer’s life better.
Action: explain what your customer should do and create a sense of urgency.

Example of a sales letter for your product: AIDA introduction

Discover your uniqueness. – Attention (Catchy heading)
Creative handmade artists. High-quality jewelry. Personal approach. – Interest (Ultimate benefits)
You’ll have stylish jewelry for every outfit in a few clicks! – Desire (How your product will change the customer’s life.)
Check our gallery to choose your perfect ring, necklace or bracelet!/Create your unique jewelry! – Action (What your customer should do next.)

Don’t forget to add your contact information so that your customers will be able to contact you. Plus, you also have to add an unsubscribe button. We wish your customers never click it, but you need to give them this opportunity as this is a sign of decent business writing.

Now, you know how to compose an effective and impressive sales letter sample. Surprisingly, you should also learn how NOT to write sale letters. In other words, we want to teach you which mistakes you have to avoid in your emails. Our checklist will help you to make your sales letters better and get through to the hearts of your customers!

10 Mistakes to Avoid in an Effective Sales Letter Template

We’ll describe here only the most common mistakes that you can easily notice in the majority of sales letters. However, we won’t pay attention to the mistakes that are general for business writing like using jargon, misspelling, and poor punctuation. There is no need to mention that your English has to be perfect to create a good sales letter. So, let’s concentrate on more specific mistakes:

1. Stop-words

Your sales letter has to be concise and simple. Words like REALLY, VERY, ALMOST, PROBABLY kill simplicity and make your text long and clumsy. They create a feeling of generality and incertitude. Customers want to hear your voice, not your muttering! Sound confident, and your targeted audience will trust you.

2. Focus on the product

People are egoists, just face it. They don’t care about your company, your product, and your services. They only care about their benefit. How will your product make their life easier and better? Focus not on what you can give them, but on what they can get!

3. Poor readability

Use subheadings, short paragraphs, and bullet points to make your sales letter more attractive to your readers. Nobody likes straight texts. If you can use diagrams and simple tables instead of text – don’t hesitate!

4. No links

If your sales letter is good, your customers will probably want to visit your website or even place an order. But they are too lazy to google your company. So, don’t forget to add all possible links (including social media profiles) in your sales letter.

5. Lies

Just don’t. Lying is a bad thing even for advertising. Introducing your product or service from the best possible perspective is fine and necessary. But don’t try to trick your potential customers, as they can get angry. You don’t need negative testimonials, right?

6. Repugnant design

A shiny, multi-colored, blinking heading won’t make your sales letter beautiful. It will send the result of your writing efforts to the trash. If you’re not an expert, but you feel that your eyes almost start bleeding when you look at the design of your email, you should change it.

7. Long sentences

If your sentences are longer than seven words, they probably won’t be effective because people don’t like reading long sentences, as that requires additional concentration, and they don’t have time for this when they work, study, or just surf the internet. It is difficult to read, isn’t it?

8. No subject line

Really? How are you going to grab your recipient’s attention? By your fake sender’s name? Don’t be ridiculous. A subject line is your only opportunity to make your potential customers open your letter. So, focus and make it perfect!

9. Negative language

Generally, “Nos” and “Nots” are subconsciously associated with something wrong and bad. Try to use less negative lexis in your writing to promote a positive attitude with your customers.

10. Cliches

Get rid of all the banal phrases to make your sales letter easy and pleasant to read. Get feedback from your colleagues. Try the “eye-rolling test” that we’ve already mentioned. Your sales letter template should awaken interest and intrigue, not dry heaving.

Our recommendations and sales letter examples are enough for you to create your own outstanding samples. The more you practice, the better sales letters you get! Just don’t forget that you write for real people who have real feelings, emotions, and desires.