A List of Excellent Dissertation Topics

Choosing a strong topic for your dissertation may become a real challenge. You may find out that you have spent hours or even days brainstorming about a topic, and still have no idea what your research should be about. Set aside time to make an informed decision.

In the following article we have gathered topics in management, marketing, law, nursing, MBA, and economics. We have accompanied each topic with brief information and leading questions that will help you quickly identify whether the topic is for you.

marketing dissertation topics

Good Marketing Dissertation Topics

We have dedicated this section to marketing topics, including advertising, branding, communication, and social media.

  • The impact of social media on CRM.

The growth of communications in the digital environment exceeds the most ambitious forecasts, and the possibilities of social networks seems limitless. Today, social media is an effective channel for building interaction with an audience, managing company reputation, and increasing the reach of business. Traditional CRM means collecting information about clients, marketing analysis, and generating and sharing this data with the owner. CRM in social media collects and analyzes the information generated by the client, and only then gives a response to the created appeals. What do customers want? What triggers customers to seek out a company when using social media? How do B2B strategies work within social media? For what companies is it more effective? How does social media strategy differ from social CRM strategy?

  • What factors had a great impact on the marketing strategy of Starbucks?

It is an undeniable fact that Starbucks holds leading positions among coffee shops all over the world. We can learn from the wise marketing and strategic campaigns used by its owners. At the very beginning, it is advisable to briefly describe the history of the company. In your dissertation you can make an industry overview, and determine demand determinants, customers, place, and promotion. In one of the paragraphs you can make an internal analysis of the corporation and conduct a SWOT analysis, and define core competence and key strategies. Also, evaluate the web page and social media campaigns. Consider the most effective marketing campaigns that benefit the company. Also, find any case studies that represent the company’s actions.

  • Evaluate Qatar’s national branding strategies.

Throughout world history, rulers have been interested in seeing their country perceived in a certain way (usually as a strong and powerful state) and in making it “the center of the world.” Nowadays, many countries have already applied national branding and successfully implemented it in life. In your dissertation we propose you to concentrate on the national branding of Qatar. Find out what points should be considered when creating a brand for a particular country. Analyze the branding conducted by Tarek Atrissi Design. What was the aim of the country branding? What were the main tasks? What were the peculiarities of branding Qatar?

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of in-game advertising considering a particular case study.

Product placement in applications is becoming more and more popular. For this dissertation you will need to define the main audience, the role of the advertising format, and the context of the game and player involvement in advertising. If you choose this topic, start with describing what in-game advertising is. Define the factors that influence overall attitudes towards advertising. In this dissertation you can evaluate the success of a particular advertising campaign built into a game. Calculate the cost of launching in-game advertising for a particular brand/game/application/etc. What point should be considered in order to make the campaign successful? How will you gather statistical information?

  • Analyze how nudity influences sales rates. Compare the difference between advertising in social media and in streets/printed magazines.

The topic of nudity is quite a controversial issue, but still many companies use nudity in marketing campaigns to attract customers and raise sales. For your dissertation you can analyze advertising campaigns used in a particular company (American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch, AXE, Tom Ford, etc.). Also, you will need to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements placed in the street (or in printed sources) and those in social media. For your research you will need to define key factors (age, gender, nationality, etc.). What are the attitudes of the chosen categories towards nudity in advertisement? Define the target market and the most preferable source for advertising distribution.

law dissertation topics

The Best Law Dissertation Topics

  • Laws should be changed in Saudi Arabia to advance women’s rights regarding the freedom to drive, their dress code, and their interaction with men.

Saudi Arabia is a country with centuries-old traditions where women have many more prohibitions than rights. This applies to absolutely all spheres of life, from marriage to public transport. In spite of this, such traditions are not documented in the laws, but women still feel they are not free. It is all about the rules that many generations of Arabs are used to. Punishment for their violation can be quite cruel: women may be exposed to slight mortal danger. In this dissertation you can discuss the possibilities of changing the law in order to allow women more rights. Analyze the existing legislation and trends about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

  • Marijuana laws in the US.

Legislation of marijuana is one of the hottest topics to discuss. In your dissertation you can discuss the negatives and benefits of marijuana, analyze the existing legislation in the US and what impact on society the legislation has. Tell the history of medical cannabis in the US and describe the current state of affairs. Describe the process of legalizing marijuana in the context of the US constitution and the federal government. What are the problems of legalizing marijuana in all states? What peculiarities does legalizing marijuana have? Analyze the current situation in those states where medical marijuana is legalized. Has marijuana consumption increased in a particular state? What does the public opinion say about it? What changes should be done in the existing legislation?

  • Analysis of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 in the context of gender discrimination.

In this dissertation you can analyze the Equal Pay Act considering the compensation for women in the workplace. Discuss the problem of law regulation about the compensation to individuals following a successful claim for discrimination. How should authorities measure compensation? Describe the legal principles that should be considered. How should consistency be achieved? Define how such principles can be achieved in companies. Consider a case study in one of the companies. Also, you can consider anti-discrimination legislation in such countries as Norway and give recommendations for legislation improvements in the US.

nursing dissertation topics

Unique Nursing Dissertation Topics

In this section we have gathered healthcare and psychology dissertation ideas that you can use as a basis for your own dissertation.

  • Additional therapy for post-traumatic consequences associated with brain injuries.

Head trauma, or brain injury, can be different – it can be a concussion, skull fracture, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Despite a successful and on-time treatment, the patient may suffer from post-traumatic consequences, such as cognitive impairments, which can complicate the patient’s entire life: they will face changes in sensitivity, speech, sight, hearing, and mobility, and have memory and sleep disorders. In this dissertation you can discuss the effectiveness of herbs like ginkgo and turmeric as additional treatment for post-traumatic consequences of brain injuries. Analyze the existing literature about the use of herbal support in brain injury treatment. Describe the uses and safety procedures, and the human and animal studies of these medications. Provide evidence that indicates the effect on treatment.

  • Evaluate the influence of yoga on the immune system.

If you are a yoga fan or just like to explore the features of our immune system, this topic will be a good choice. Our immune system consists of procedures that provide stimulation of the immune system and creating conditions for better blood circulation, which allows these organs to produce a sufficient number of white blood cells and keep the body healthy. There are two types of immunity: natural and acquired. According to the latest research, yoga strengthens both types, so the regular practice of the proposed asanas can eliminate immune system disorders and strengthen the system. Yoga perfectly stimulates such organs as the lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, bone marrow, urinary tract, and respiratory and digestive systems.

  • Evaluate the treatment of anxiety disorder in a particular group of adults.

Anxiety disorder is a constant, unreasonable concern, unrelated to what is happening, and is caused by psychoemotional overstrain. According to the International Classification of Diseases, anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, specific phobias, and social anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder requires the most difficult therapy, as it is characterized by excessive feelings about various events or activities, which leads to considerable distress and disruption of social behavior and daily functioning. What are the causes of anxiety disorder? What consequences does it have? What are the peculiarities of therapy for every type of anxiety disorder? For this dissertation you will need to analyze the therapy of a particular group of people that suffer from anxiety disorder.

  • Analyze the level of stress among social workers in a particular organization.

Social work is a universal activity. It requires the social worker to be a specialist in various fields and be able to apply skills in practice. They are engaged in the problems of children subjected to violence and families in the epicenter of crises – these workers are under stress 24 hours a day. Such work involves a huge psychological impact and constant utilization of empathy that often lead to psychological burnout. Besides, social workers often face aggression from those who they are trying to help. Increased responsibility, aggressive people, and the need to act strictly according to the instructions result in depression.

  • Analyze the barriers to African-American women with clinical depression in access to mental services.

Depression affects a wide range of societies, but it has been fairly established that sometimes some cultural habits can lead to it and historical experience can lead to depression. African-American women are affected by depression more often than white women. In this dissertation we propose you to conduct research on the depression rates among African-American women and the trends of access to mental services. The problem of depression among African-American women is under-researched and needs a more profound analysis of the situation. In your research you can focus on low-income African-Americans who suffer from depression and seek professional psychological help.

mba dissertation topics

Easy MBA Dissertation Topics

In this section we have covered ideas related to business administration, leadership, and management.

  • The role of women in business management within a South African context.

Nowadays, the existence of successful women as managers and entrepreneurs is not a rare thing. Despite the stereotype that women should sit at home, South Africa shows that women can be good managers and entrepreneurs. In this dissertation we propose you to look closer to the internal factors of business success among female entrepreneurs in South Africa. Consider the gender disparity and how it influences women as business managers. What are the beliefs related to equality? Is there any gap between men and women in the workplace? What factors influence the success of a business? What are the cultural peculiarities of entrepreneurship in South Africa?

  • The application of Agile and Scrum in businesses.

Agile suggests that it is important to focus on the constantly changing conditions of the external and internal environment and to take into account the feedback from customers and users. Scrum is a flexible project management tool, aimed at predictable product creation processes and the effective work and cooperation of teams. Scrum is the practical embodiment of Agile principles. What is the difference between Agile and Scrum? What businesses need flexible management? How to use Scrum? Describe the requirements for management, personnel, and work algorithms. What are the basic principles and values of Agile? Describe the implementation of Scrum on a particular business object.

  • Product innovation and management change in the retail sector.

Retail is considered a conservative industry. But the changing world and digital era force the retail industry to use innovations to be closer to the customer. For example, to remain competitive in an increasingly mobile world, traditional retailers will have to constantly invest in work strategies through applications that combine offline and online channels, such as ordering pizza via Facebook messenger or buying goods through Instagram. What other innovations do you know? Choose a particular business and develop an innovation strategy to raise sales and improve management. Consider the economic situation of the region and competitors.

  • What barriers do African-American women face towards being promoted to senior managerial positions in the US?

We propose you to discuss the problem of under-representing African-American women in the leading managerial positions in US corporations. Conduct research on the existing literature on the barriers women of different races face in the workplace. Consider the influence of gender and race stereotypes and how it influences a woman’s career. What is the meaning of the term “glass ceiling”? What is the position of the US Department of Labor on it? How does this term relate to women of color? Describe the diversity programs that should be implemented. What models will help African-American women to feel equal?

  • Indicate the factors that influence attracting and retaining millennial employees.

Business leaders are interested in attracting millennial employees in their companies: they are active, always available, and are up to date with new technologies. At the same time, millennials actively change the established ideas about the organization of the working environment. Identify who millennials are and how to recruit them. What changes to management practices should be done in order to create the right atmosphere for millennials? For this dissertation you will need to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies (interviews and questionnaires) for millennials and HR employees to identify how each side sees the ideal working conditions. As a result, you will get an answer on what factors will help attract and retain millennials within a particular organization.

economics dissertation topics

Interesting Economics Dissertation Topics

In this section you may also find ideas for such disciplines as sociology and business dissertation topics.

  • Analyze the influence of Tesla on the US automotive industry.

For this dissertation you can approach the Tesla inventions as disruptive technology. For your dissertation you will need to conduct a field study and interviews. You can construct a questionnaire and ask Tesla users questions about the reasons they have chosen Tesla. This should help you identify why customers skip traditional automotive companies like Ford and Toyota. Analyze the existing interviews with the Tesla CEO and articles about the company to get a picture of the Tesla company. The aim of your paper will be identified whether the Tesla company is a disruptive or sustainable technology.

  • Analyze the trends in the hospitality and tourism industries.

The hospitality industry is one of the most profitable areas of the economy in many countries. As product development, planning, and marketing become more complex, it is necessary to have the right approach to the decision making in a constantly changing world. In this dissertation you can analyze the situation in the hospitality business. Describe the recent trends among hotels. What are the influences of social media on the hospitality industry? How have millennials changed the industry? Also we recommend you to consider Asian travelers as one of the target audiences in the hospitality and tourism industry. Conduct research on a list of hotels and find out how each hotel adapts to the situation on the market.

  • How can blockchain help markets in the energy sector?

Blockchain has already shown its importance in many industries. The energy sector is on the path of changing the centralized and off-line industry to a digital and decentralized sector, where people and companies can achieve full autonomy through the production and storage of energy. Find out what is needed for the implementation of blockchain in the energy sector. What determines the effectiveness of the implementation of blockchain in the energy sector of a specific country? What are the barriers and problems? Analyze the existing projects based on blockchain technologies in various countries. For this dissertation you may need to conduct interviews with blockchain experts and people engaged in the energy sector.

  • Macroeconomic factors of international Asian migration to the US and the Caribbean.

Conduct a historical overview on migration pattern in the US for the last several decades. Pay attention to the economic and political situation in these countries. Explore the theories of international migration and the direct effects on the economy, society, policy, and linkages between countries on international migration. Analyze international migration types depending on case studies. In the conclusion, give migration forecasts and scenarios for the US. Why does immigration happen? What will be the future trends for each type of migration?

  • The role of technological progress and technology transfer in economics.

Scientific and technological progress, as well as the scientific and technical potential of any country, is the main engine of the economies of countries. As a result, scientific and technical progress provide benefits to all the elements of productive forces: it develops and improves technology, materials, organization, and management. Corporations in developed economies allocate a great number of resources into product and process innovations. In this dissertation you can analyze how technological progress and technology transfer influences economics. You can choose a particular organization and evaluate how technological improvements have benefited the organization and the national economies.

When you find the most suitable topic for your dissertation, make sure that you have enough information on the topic and come up with the necessary research that you will need to conduct. It is essential to consider your personal research interest to be fully engaged and motivated in dissertation writing. Interact with your supervisor and ask him or her to help you with choosing the most suitable topic. Make a list of the most prospective topics and arrange the meeting.

As soon as you proceed to writing, you may find out that university guides are too complex and tricky. For this case we have prepared a simple guide on how to write a dissertation introduction and the whole paper. Here you can find a step-by-step guide, recommendations, and tips that you will need to consider while writing the dissertation. Also, look thorough our dissertation samples on our website to get an idea of what dissertation chapters look like. Check them out and get to the writing! We wish you all the best!