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Dissertation Sample about Emotions

September 4th, 2018

The Influence of Emotions on Human Decision-Making The process of making decisions is a significant element of social interaction and existence for all humans. The rational approach plays an essential part in the evaluation of the possible results and consequences of making choices. However, the emotional component is an integral part of this process because the feelings of humans affect not only their mood but also their ability to think and to be predisposed towards particular options. The sense of…

Dissertation Example: Celebrity Magazines

February 27th, 2017

The impacts of celebrity magazines on female body image (Excerpt) by Alice White, B.S. Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of The University of Horse In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements For the Degree of Doctor of Sociology The University of Horse November, 2012. ABSTRACT This paper explores the hypothesis that celebrity magazines have a negative influence on a woman’s perception of body image, by focusing on weight issues. Based on feminist theory, using a post-feminist theory as a counterpoint, this…

Dissertation Examples

A dissertation is a big deal. Students write dozens and even hundreds of essays, reports, and research papers to bring their skills to perfection. Then, they face the challenge of writing a dissertation. Composing a high-quality work may take a few years, as you should base it on profound research and thorough analysis. Of course, the structure and methodology of your dissertation depend on your discipline and theme. Let’s take a closer look at the themes frequently chosen by students according to the discipline!

Dissertation Examples on 10 Different Disciplines

Picking a good theme might be the most difficult step to make. When you choose a topic for your dissertation, your choice depends on many factors:

1. Sphere of interests

In fact, it is almost impossible to write a good dissertation if you are not interested in your topic. Don’t force yourself to provide research on a subject you don’t like. Your preferences are way more important than everything else.

2. Significance

Writing a dissertation requires long hours of hard work and patience. You don’t want to dedicate your efforts to something inconsiderable, right? Choose a topic that will be helpful and interesting for the scientific community.

3. Novelty

A dissertation is not a summary of previous researches on the chosen topic. You have to bring something new: an unusual approach, an interesting perspective, unknown facts, etc.

4. Recommendations

Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the recommendations and requirements of your instructor. Sometimes, the student’s and instructor’s points of view are too contradictory. In such cases, you should find compromises or find another instructor because your cooperation won’t be fruitful. Endless debates won’t allow you to work on your dissertation productively.

5. Opportunities

Sometimes, personal opportunities are limited. You may ask for support from your college or instructor. Maybe you would like to conduct field research at the North Pole? Let’s be realistic: not every university can afford to sponsor such an expensive expedition. Sure, you may try to find other sponsors. Yet, you may also consider changing your dissertation theme.

If it’s hard for you to choose one of dissertation ideas, use our short guide on different disciplines for dissertation samples below:

  • Psychology

Students who study psychology have a wide range of topics to choose from for their work, as this discipline is important to all spheres of human life. You can create an extremely interesting psychology dissertation. Pick the theme that is in the borderland of two disciplines. For example, you can analyze the peculiarities of management for extroverts and introverts, psychological portraits of famous historical figures, or different business strategies with regard to psychological specifics of the potential clients.

  • History

The past can be as surprising as the future. Although history dissertation examples are not supposed to be current, they still can be exciting. Things get heated when it comes to revealing historical mysteries. We recommend you to choose a debatable topic for your dissertation that requires thorough research. Dig in the archives, restricted sections of governmental libraries, and private collections. Gathering such information might be difficult but the results are worth any effort.

  • Law

Law is a rather conservative sphere, though small changes happen all the time. Compare juridical systems of two different countries, analyze differences between religious and secular laws, or examine the issues of the international law system. In such a manner, you’ll get an excellent law dissertation example.

  • MBA

Business administration is one of the most prestigious careers in society. That’s why you should be concentrated and accurate when it comes to composing an MBA dissertation example. We recommend you to base your research for the dissertation on the information about existing companies. The best option would be to become a trainee and in such a manner figure out all the necessary details about the company’s activities for your work. However, you have to ask for permission to do so in order not to violate a confidentiality agreement.

  • Computer Science

Nobody doubts that our future is tightly connected with the development of the IT sphere. Computers have become an indispensable part of everyday life. They help us to work, to learn, to teach, and to treat people. Any topic related to the IT sphere can be interesting. Just make sure that technologies or applications that you want to analyze have not become outdated yet. Check a current computer science dissertation example for further help.

  • Geography

If you study geography, the whole planet is waiting for your attention. You may choose local phenomena as your research topic. Yo may travel to the most distant corners of the Earth to gather unique data, and scour the internet for a geography dissertation example. Everything depends on your opportunities.

  • Literature

It may seem that composing a dissertation on literature is quite simple in comparison to other disciplines. You don’t have to conduct any field researches, gather secret information, or interview employees. However, you have to read and analyze dozens of books, manuscripts, thesauruses, and vocabularies. Then, and only then, will you create a high-quality dissertation. You should also check a literature dissertation example. If you are keen on reading, try looking for “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy or “Ulysses” by James Joyce.

  • Management

Control and planning are the main elements of management. Thus, you need these tools to compose a great dissertation, which may include using management dissertation examples. Actually, this discipline covers all the professional spheres, so you have to choose your sphere of interest first. Then, describe bad and good strategies, issues, or current tendencies of the management in one sphere.

  • Sociology

Humans are social animals. Community plays a great role in our lives. Generally, all sociology dissertation examples are about mutual influence between individuals and society. We highly recommend you to take a closer look at social tendencies in developing countries. They might become an interesting topic for your sociological research.

  • Health and Social Care

Mental health, sexual health, healthcare in big corporations, health insurance – choose whatever you want. Health is one of the crucial human concerns as it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, male or female – you still should care about your body. Health and social care dissertation examples can be interesting not only for scientists and experts; the general public may also find them helpful.

As you see, there are lots of opportunities to compose an excellent dissertation on any discipline. Just choose an appropriate topic and dissertation sample! Yet, a topic is not the only thing that you need. You need a plan! The standard “introduction, main body, conclusion” structure won’t work as an appropriate dissertation plan template. A dissertation is much more complex than an essay or research paper. As a rule, all the dissertation templates consist of the same elements: title page, abstract, copyright page, literature review, methodology, discussion, findings, conclusion, and acknowledgments. Let’s figure out how to use examples properly.

  • Dissertation abstract example

An abstract is an extremely important part of your dissertation. It serves as a business card for your whole work. Your abstract shouldn’t exceed the word limit, which is usually about 250 words. A proper dissertation abstract sample will help to demonstrate how to organize the main points of your work in a clear and concise manner. Readers should understand if they have an interest in reading the whole dissertation after they read the abstract. You can also mention the most significant sources and methods that you’ve used during the writing process. In the end, describe briefly your main findings on the subject.

  • Dissertation introduction example

When you introduce a person, you mention his or her name, job, age, and a few interesting facts that can be useful to continue a conversation. The same applies to introducing your dissertation. You should present your work properly so that readers would love to read the rest. A good dissertation introduction sample will help with defining your topic, stating a research problem, and describing the structure of your work. The introductory section usually covers about 10% of the dissertation. Use various phrasing options to make your introduction less monotonous.

  • Dissertation literature review example

A literature review, also called a theoretical framework, has two fundamental functions. First of all, it presents the sources that you’ve used for your dissertation. Secondly, a literature review provides your readers with a particular theoretical base that is necessary for a better understanding of your subject. In addition, readers will see that your research is based on reliable sources and can be trusted. Make sure that you have presented background information on each aspect of your research question in your theoretical framework.

  • Dissertation methodology example

Previous sections are aimed at showing what you’re going to research in your dissertation. In a dissertation methodology sample, you can see how you’re going to do a research study and why the methods are chosen. Firstly, you restate your research question. Don’t restate it verbatim; use paraphrasing. Then, describe the method or approach in detail so that readers have the opportunity to apply it in their works somehow. Finally, explain why this method is appropriate for your work and the research question. If the chosen approach has some limitations, you should also mention that in the methodology section.

  • Dissertation findings example

You have collected all the data, read many sources, and analyzed all this information using your carefully selected methods. Finally, what have you found? Your findings section is one to answer this question. You don’t have to draw any conclusions yet, but you have to show your readers what you’ve got for now. This section is utterly important, and it covers about 40% of your whole dissertation. As this part is quite long, you have to make sure that you structured it properly so that your readers will have no difficulties while reading.

  • Dissertation conclusion example

We don’t think that you need any explanations about this section, if need – check our guide on how to write a dissertation conclusion. You’ve worked hard on this dissertation, and you have something meaningful to say to your readers. Just do it the right way. No new information, no examples, no interpretations. Make sure that you’ve asked all the research questions, and there is nothing more to do with your topic. Your hypotheses have been confirmed (or maybe refused). Your watch is finally over. Is it?

  • Dissertation discussion example

You’ve just presented all the results of your hard work in the most attractive way. What’s next? What are you (or other people) going to do with this huge chunk of information? This is the right time for a discussion section! Switch on your creativity, as you have to find and present all the possible interpretations on your conclusion and your work as a whole. You can also provide some recommendations for future researchers who want to follow your steps in this research field. Maybe you had some limitations while conducting your research. For example, you suggest that your research question can be very interesting in the context of another country, company, or sphere. Don’t hesitate to express the most extraordinary ideas.

  • Dissertation acknowledgments examples

As a rule, students don’t write dissertations all by themselves. They have instructors and experts who help them with the theoretical sections. Some students even have sponsors who provide financial support. Anyway, a proper dissertation acknowledgment sample will help you with this section, which should include all the people and foundations that have helped you to conduct your research study and to compose your dissertation. Don’t forget to mention the committee chair and committee members in this section.

You should keep in mind that the structure and the elements of your dissertation may be different. Before you start the writing process, please, ask your instructor to specify all the unclear details. Any inaccuracy can negatively influence your grade. And, just in case, don’t forget about the title page.

Now, you have read our topics for dissertation examples, and you know how to format and structure your own work. What are you waiting for? Get to work! There won’t be more instructions, examples, or useful tips. You already have everything you need for this task, including a brilliant dissertation sample. We are sure that you are capable of surprising committee members with your amazing writing skills.


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