How to Surprise Your Bestie: Friendly Letter Examples

Friendly Letter Example about Summer Memories

August 12th, 2013

May 31, 2013 Dear Mizuki, Lately I have been thinking a lot about you and our summer in France last year. When I saw you in a dream last night, I decided it was a sign that I should certainly write to you. Can you believe that in my dream we were walking down the Champs Elysées and drinking delicious French wine in a cozy café near our working camp? I really miss those wonderful moments. Many things have changed…

Friendly Letter Sample

July 19th, 2013

May 30, 2013 Hey Melissa, I hope you are in good shape. It’s been so long since I have seen your precious face! I heard the weather in Scotland has got the best of you. I hope your sickness goes away quickly. How has your studying been coming along? Please send me some of the poetry you have written for your classes as soon as you can. I miss reading your eccentric verse. The last poem you sent to me…

Friendly Missing You Letter Sample

July 5th, 2013

                                                                                                  May 21, 2013 Dear Betty, We have not been in touch for quite a while now and I have been thinking a lot about you lately and wondering how you are doing.  I really miss hanging out with you and hope we can get together soon. I still laugh when I think about the last time we saw each other at the office picnic, and how you fell out of the canoe and got soaking wet! I have…

How to Use Our Friendly Letter Templates

The more humanity steeps in the world of technologies, the rarer friendly letters become. The thing that was so routine back in the 20th century has become a reason for excitement today. In truth, people who are at their 20s now have probably never sent a single paper letter! We are not going to judge anybody: the changes are an indispensable part of our life. We want to offer friendly letter samples for those who want to learn more about this “endangered” type of paper.

You can send both an email or a paper letter to a friend. The samples presented on our website will be helpful in any case. If you don’t know how our samples can be useful for you, here is a simple instruction.

We don’t think that you’re going to plagiarize our samples, right? It would make no sense. Your dear friend wants to hear your personal voice behind each word. So make your letter special! You can borrow just a few things from our examples of personal letters to a friend:

  • Structure

It’s unlikely that your friends are college professors. We bet they won’t evaluate your writing style or screw up their noses when noticing a grammar mistake. Anyway, we’re sure that they would still like to receive a well-structured and well-written letter. Look at how our writers make their text pleasant and follow their steps!

  • Informal writing style

As well as with formal writing style, an informal style has its own features. There are much fewer limitations and rules, but still – if you’re a student, you’re used to writing academic papers and following paper format guidelines. When you compose a friendly letter sample, the rules are different. There are four main criteria for every piece of informal writing:

  1. Simple: forget about terminology and complex sentences! Don’t make your friend read your letter twice or use Google. Simplicity is a key to understanding.
  2. Colloquial: abbreviations, contractions, and incomplete sentences are welcome in personal letters! You aren’t sending your message to the Queen, right? Use slang, exclamations, and any other elements you would use in a normal conversation with your best friend!
  3. Emotional: feel free to express your emotions! Sharing feelings is one of the main purposes of letters to a friend samples. If you are excited about your holidays – write about it. If you’re in love – write about it. If you feel anxiety about your graduation – write about it.
  4. Subjective: your thoughts and your personal opinion are the only things your friends want to hear! In contrast to your college instructors, they are not interested in primary or secondary sources. Old friends know all your oddities perfectly, and your straightforward writing won’t frighten them!
  • General view

We won’t be surprised if you say you’re going to create your first friendly letter sample ever. We’re glad that you want to try something new! Imagine your pal’s excitement. It will be amazing! If you’ve never done that before, you need to look at our samples to see the full picture. We guarantee that our texts will inspire you for creating the warmest letter for your pen pal.

Okay, you know how to take advantage of our friendly letter templates. You can start writing. Wait! You know nothing about the preparatory work, steps, and polishing touches. Please, take your time to learn about all the nuances. We sincerely want your letter to be incredible. Check out our step-by-step instructions! We promise that they are simple, short, and understandable.

10 Steps to Compose a Memorable Friendly Letter Sample

We want to underline that not all of these steps and elements should be an indispensable part of any friendly letter. Thus, we want your writing to be amazing. Follow our lead and learn more about friendly letter writing!

1. Fancy postcard

Paper letters are rare today. Make your friendly letter sample even more exceptional! Recall all the preferences of your old friend and try to select – basing on these memories – the most beautiful and incredible postcard. It might refer to your shared moments, or their favorite animal, or a memorable event. Make it special and unexpected!

2. Total recall

Memories are necessary not only for choosing a postcard. You have to write in your letter things that will display your feelings and show the warmness you’d like to share with your dear friend. Phrases like “do you remember that cafe?” or “do you remember the last time?” will fill your letter with love and empathy. Show your friend that you appreciate the moments spent together and you haven’t forget about them.

3. Thorough filtering

However, some things should not be written. Keep your hard feelings and awkward questions for another occasion! Your letter should be a piece of happiness, not a curse. Plus, avoid mentioning your personal problems. Of course, you have to write about them if they are the main topic of your letter. Thus, we recommend you to keep bad news for a personal meeting.

4. Warm salutation

That’s the first thing your friend will see when he or she opens your letter. You won’t have a second chance to provide the first impression. You may start with a standard greeting like “Dear Sam,” or pick another option. There are some good salutations examples for your informal letter example to a friend:

– My dearest Sam
– Hi Sam!
– The adored Sam
– My Sam
– Hello Sammy!

5. Photos & photos

Visual materials never hurt. Add some great photos to your letter, and your writing will become more vivid.

6. Questions to ask

Show the recipient that you have an interest in his or her life. Ask about their family, college, or private life in the introduction. To be specific, recall the details of your last conversation. Maybe your friend shared some plans with you, so don’t forget to ask about them.

7. Emotional closing

Put all the “Sincerely Yours” and “Best wishes” aside if you really know them. In friendly letters, you can demonstrate your feelings openly. However, it’s important to understand the relationship you have with the person and which closing will be appropriate. You can try the following closing examples for a very close relationship:

– Hugs and kisses
– With all my love
– Love you

You can also add some humor and creativity:

– Bazinga!
– It will be legendary!
– Live long and prosper
– May the Force be with you
– Hasta la vista, baby

8. Original signature

We call our friends the most unexpected words. Close friends can even create a new word to call their besties. Add some warmness to your letter by mentioning your old nickname.

9. Typing and editing

When all the elements of the friendly letter template are already in your head, you have to put them on the paper. We recommend you to type everything first and then start handwriting. You see it is much easier to push “backspace” and delete a word than to rewrite the whole text. After checking grammar errors and editing all imperfections, you’ll be ready to take a pen.

10. Handwritten challenge

Such a format is not usual for you, especially if your school years passed a long time ago. But we know that you can do anything for your best friend! Cheer up and just do it!

That’s just the basics of friendly letter writing.

3 Great Occasions to Write a Letter to a Friend: Examples

When can a letter be a better option than a phone call? People have different purposes when they decide to compose a letter for their friend. Here are some of the most popular occasions to send a letter:

Informal invitation

Friendly letters may serve several purposes. In addition to writing about your life, you can also compose an invitation – for example, an informal letter to a friend about a holiday or trip. What can be better than to have common holidays with your bestie? Ask your pen pal whether he or she would like to join your adventure. Mention all the necessary details that might help to make a decision.

Personal crisis

Some words are too hard to say out loud. When emotions aggravate your speaking skills, you need to compose a sample of letter of encouragement to a friend. Perhaps, your words will help them to live through the darkest hour.

For old time’s sake

Adult life can pull apart even the best of friends. But true feelings never die. The nostalgia can come at any moment and make you write a letter to a long lost friend sample. Good friends are hard to find. Try not to lose one.

As you see, there are many reasons to write a letter to your friend. Anyway, it is an extraordinary way to ask, “how are you doing?” Friendship is an essential element of a happy life. Keeping in touch with old friends even when they are far away is important for saving your relationship. We hope that our friendly letter samples will inspire you for creating your own writings. Pay for writing is always ready to help you. And you should always be there for your friends.

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