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Research Proposal Sample on Political Propaganda in Futuristic Fiction

August 21st, 2018

Political Propaganda in Futuristic Fiction of the Twentieth Century Introduction Literature of the twentieth century actively used the genre of futuristic fiction for creative texts, which were meant to warn the reader of the danger or temptation of a particular political regime and ideologies. Consequently, the modern reader can read novels that criticize and ridicule the main totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century or read novels built on a certain political will of the author, for example, to describe the…

Research Proposal Example

February 27th, 2017

The Effect of Computer Assisted Learning on Student’s Performance Computer has a great role in modern life. Computer education has become vital because the use of computer has already reached almost all walks of life. As we go through the 21st century, we must accept the fact of an inevitable computer revolution in the near future. It is the cornerstone of development, as demonstrated by other countries. The computer has become such an important instrument in doing one’s activities that…

Free Research Proposal Samples: Create a Remarkable Proposal

Writing a research proposal is an important part of any profound research project. To have a better understanding of how to write a research proposal, it is better to look through the already finished works and apply this knowledge to your own writing. Need a statement of the problem example for research proposal? Or, do you need a literature review example for research proposal? On our website we are glad to share with you all the necessary information to write a winning research proposal. In this section we propose you to read research proposal samples written by our skilled writers totally for free.

The first stage of a research project is a research proposal. It is usually required to write at the beginning of the first semester or as an addition to your application form. A research proposal may seem like a small and easy task. But in fact, you won’t be approved for writing your research project or thesis without its submission. It is an important part of undergraduate or doctoral research. Also, research proposals are written in order to get a grant.

Why were you assigned a research proposal? A research proposal helps the committee identify the suitability of your research. The basic purpose of the research proposal is to convince the reader that the research project should be important and interesting for the academic society. Besides, a research proposal may be helpful in many cases:

  • It will help you think about your future research more attentively. A research proposal may help you identify difficulties and obstacles that might arise during the research process.
  • Once you begin the research process, you will find out that a research proposal helps you keep on the right path, as it will remind you of the aims and objectives that you need to reach in your research.
  • A research proposal will be helpful for those who cannot decide what topic to choose (for example, you have two or three potential topics that are equally relevant and interesting to you). Writing a research proposal for each topic will help you evaluate the ideas and choose the most appropriate for your research.
  • A research proposal is a great way to start communication with your supervisor. Also, you will have an additional possibility of discussing other projects with your professor.
  • If your supervisor doesn’t appreciate your topic, a research paper will help convince him or her that the chosen issue is appropriate. If you have a strong desire to persuade your professor that you are right, make sure that your topic doesn’t have any potential difficulties or obstacles.

The success of your future research project depends on the quality of your research proposal. This type of paper is a starting point for your research. Here you need to identify the examples of research prosal topics, conduct a literary review, and find out the most effective methods for your research. Even if you have detailed guidelines, you will probably have the following questions:

– How to introduce the area of research?
– How to review key publications in the right way?
– How to point out the gap in knowledge?
– How to present questions that should be answered?
– What does a qualitative research proposal look like?
– How to show your hypotheses and objectives?
– How to prove that your research is beneficial?

The process of developing the proposal is not hard, but when you have a good example at hand, the writing process becomes easier. Students usually seek research proposal examples in education, engineering, design, management, and more. Here at payforwriting, you have the ability to read research proposal examples that will help you develop your own distinctive proposal for masters degree.

What Does a Good Research Proposal Look Like: Example of Research Proposal Paper

Typically, a research proposal contains the following sections: abstract, background of the study, rationale, literature review, research question, methodology, references, and timetable. The volume of a research proposal may vary. Some students are required to write a one-page research proposal as an addition to the application form, while others need to create a more substantial writing. In fact, the rules of writing a research proposal are the same and can be applied to any type of research proposal.

So, what features should a successful research proposal have? A good research proposal:

Grabs the reader’s attention from the first word. Your prospective audience has to read a large number of proposals, so a research proposal should be attention-grabbing. The paper begins with the title and abstract. A good research proposal should have a meaningful and appealing title that reflects the content of the research proposal. The research proposal abstract should engage the reader and interest him or her in your research.

Clearly defines the aim of the research. The reader can clearly understand what the research is about. A research proposal should provide a short and concise description of the issue that needs profound research. The research problem should be fully described, the research purpose clearly stated, and research questions well formulated.

Gives background information on the topic. The aim of a literature review is to give a summary of previously related research on the topic and identify the gaps that need more profound research. This section shouldn’t simply describe previous findings, but use them for a certain purpose. For example, you are using previous research to generate a new hypothesis. Articles should be grouped around a particular issue and prove the necessity of the perspective research. A research proposal may be accompanied by appendices as needed. For example, you can add draft research instruments, a detailed work plan, a budget, etc.

Explains the methods that will be used in the research. The research methodology section should define the methods and steps needed to solve the particular problem and achieve the research objectives. Each method should be explained and supported by claims that prove its effectiveness for this particular research. Note that well-written proposals should not just describe the methods, but also provide a justification for the methods used. Along with these, it is important to highlight the weaknesses of the chosen methods and explain how this weakness will be compensated. If research will need a great amount of research, this section should be accompanied by a project schedule table.

Is based on relevant sources. Every profound research should be based on modern and relevant articles, books, and statistics. Each source should be evaluated within a list of requirements: authority, accuracy, content, relevance, objectivity, currency, and writing style.

How PhD Research Proposal Samples Can Help You

If you are writing a research proposal for the first time, it is essential that you seek good examples of completed research proposals. We recommend you to combine our guide and samples to achieve high results. You will find our samples very helpful, especially when you can’t figure out what to write in your research proposal. For example, if you don’t know what an effective title looks like, look through some title examples and get the best one.

Finished research proposal examples aim to help you see in a certain way what is usually written in good research proposals. While you can be a diligent student with a good rating, you still may have trouble with writing a good research proposal. There is no need to fall into depression, as you have so many examples to follow! If you have already read our guide and still can’t imagine what a finished work should look like, check out our business research proposal samples!

So, how can our examples help you?

  1. Carefully look through several research proposal samples and identify the main points that should be considered while writing. Incorporate the elements into your own paper.
  2. Follow the writing style. A research proposal should be written in academic writing style. If you think that your academic style is not perfect, try to consider the style used in the research proposal example APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian/etc.
  3. Apply the structure of the research proposal example to your own writing. One thing you need to consider: your university or college may have its own requirements for the structure, so be sure that you are allowed to use any structure you want.
  4. Come up with the idea for your own research proposal. It may happen that someone has already written a research proposal on a related topic or you just love how the sample looks. Find out whether you can use it as a basis for your research proposal.

Note: Requirements for research proposals are different for each college and university. Make sure that you follow the guidelines provided by your higher institution. However, if your college doesn’t provide any requirements, you can freely adopt our samples. Also, our samples may be helpful if you are asking a sponsor for funding for your research.

It is great luck to find a research proposal on a similar topic. A great sample can help you to learn how to write a research proposal outline and find a new perspective on your topic. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the overall picture from reading guides, and samples are the best way to sort it all.

Consider These Tips to Get the Most From the Student Research Proposal Example

Many people know that samples can help in writing various papers. But in fact, many of them fall into one significant problem: they don’t know how to get the most from an example. Usually, the student reads the text as a whole, without considering particular elements of the text. A well-crafted text consists of many details that create a whole. To practice active reading, you will need to pay attention to the list of elements that you consequently can apply to your own text. It may take more time than you normally spend on ordinary reading, but after some time you won’t feel the difference.

Before you start reading, make sure that the source you are looking through instills confidence. Evaluate the website design and consider the overall impression from the source. An old-fashioned website or a great amount of ads are the signs of a low-quality source. If the source looks credible, define whether the sample is well written. Briefly look through the text and consider the author’s style, mistakes, and overall text quality. Many sources place low-grade samples written by unqualified writers. If everything looks good, proceed to a more profound reading.

  • The examples that you can find on our website are for general guidance only. While proposals contain basic components, requirements in every educational institution and course are different. Always check the requirements from your teacher before applying the elements of our samples to your own paper.
  • In our guide you can find an annotated sample, so you can discover the main components of a research paper. Our expert has highlighted the most important points that should be considered while writing a research proposal.
  • Our samples may be incomplete or correspond with undergraduate projects. Probably, our samples can’t be directly applied to a PhD research proposal, but still should give you a general idea of what a research proposal looks like.
  • Some proposal examples may have out-of-date sources, as these samples were written some time ago. Keep in mind that your research proposal should have relevant and “fresh” information about the topic.

We hope that our samples will help you write an effective research proposal. On our website you can find a complete guide on how to write a research proposal. Pay attention to the steps you need to get the work done, consider tips, and follow our examples. Generally, guides give you basic information, while samples help you adapt the information in practice.

Improve Your Research Proposal With a Scientific Research Proposal Example

Information that you can find in the research proposal examples may serve as a great help. Here you can find essential information that may become a basis for your future project. When you are writing a research proposal for the first time or just can’t come up with the title of the research proposal, samples can give you fresh ideas and cultivate your inner writer. Also, from samples you can learn how to structure your paper, and what transition phrases to use to make your text look smooth and complete. We are glad to share with you the best research proposal samples that were written by our expert writers. Also, we recommend you to look through other samples that you can find on our website: essay, thesis, dissertation, report, capstone project, and more.

Those students that haven’t received any requirements or guidelines for writing a research proposal will also find our samples helpful. Sometimes teachers share examples of finished research proposals, or at least give the sources where students can see how finished research proposals should look. If you are not lucky, you will need to seek out examples on your own. Consider the fact that not all sources provide really good examples. Some websites share poorly written examples by amateur writers that have no experience in academic writing. Choose reliable sources only. Pay attention to the type of source, the layout of the website, the author’s writing style, and grammar mistakes in the text. Here at payforwriting, we are glad to share with you samples written by masters of academic writing.

Read our samples attentively and look at how each research proposal is constructed. You may find that each research proposal has a different structure, but in general, research proposals are the same. Use our samples as a model for your future research proposal. Look how the author approaches the topic, defines specific aims, presents preliminary data, describes methods, and indicates the significance of the proposal to the specific field of science. Note that our samples were written in accordance with our requirements, which may differ from requirements in your college or university. Always check whether the sample meets the required structure or style.

And lastly, don’t copy research proposal samples and submit them as your own work. Don’t copy word for word what the author has written in the sample. Even if you think that the author has presented information in the best possible way and you can’t say better, always rewrite it in your own words. While our samples contain the features of well-written research proposals, we strongly recommend not to copy our texts and not to increase chances of spoiling your “good student” reputation.

Get Inspired With the Best Marketing Research Proposal Examples

Here at payforwriting, we strive to share with you the essential concepts of writing a research proposal to beginner writers and students. We hope that our research proposal examples will help you create a really strong paper that will convince your audience that your research is professional and relevant. Try to apply approaches from several samples from our website and write the best research proposal on your own. Also, don’t forget to check our guide on how to write a research proposal that you can find in the categories sections. In the topics section you can look through samples from other paper categories to find more inspiring ideas for your academic and business papers. We believe that the combination of our simple guides, topic ideas, and samples provide convenient and high-quality help in writing various kinds of papers. All you need is to follow the steps, consider our tips, look through several examples, and start writing! Good luck!