How to Use an Adjustment Letter Sample to Help Your Business

Adjustment Letter Example

August 20th, 2013

Michele Cain Barclays Bank P.O. Box 43844-64000 Re: Refusal Adjustment Letter Dear Boris Lieznov, I have received your complaint letter expressing your discontent about the denial of credit by our institution. Thank you for expressing your concerns through your complaint. For the immense value we place on you as our customer, we take it as our responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with our services and get assistance whenever you visit our offices. From your account of your problem,…

Adjustment Letter Sample

August 8th, 2013

Mr. John Nash Customer Service Manager Head Office of Rio Supermarket Manulo Street Nottingham, UK May 17, 2013 Mr. Paul Popon 10 Friedsburg Street Nottingham, UK Dear Mr. Popon, We have received your recent letter dated May 15, 2013 concerning the services in the Rio Supermarket. Thank you for writing and giving us an opportunity to look into this matter. It is important to us to know of issues that arise with our customers, as we want to ensure full…

Adjusment Letter Sample for Wrong Delivery

July 5th, 2013

Kolbn Company 64676 Perry St. Chicago, Illinois 98858 27-05-2013 Dear Mr. Audler, REF: APOLOGIES FOR WRONG SHIPMENT Humbly receive our greetings. The Kolbn Company would like to thank you for trusting in its products. We received a letter from you claiming that you received the wrong shipment and for this we are truly sorry. Our team will work towards making sure that such circumstances will never occur again and that you will receive your ordered product as soon as possible….

Where Adjustment Letter Samples Are Used

In any field of activity, even with an excellent organization of work and attentive attitude to clients, there are, from time to time, contradictions with them. As a result, there are complaints, including written ones. Ignoring them or treating them in an inappropriate way cannot be done at all, since this can lead to serious consequences if your letter will be used by the addressee to protect their rights in higher-level organizations or in court. In order to simplify your task of preparing an adjustment letter, this material has been compiled.

Salary Adjustment Letter Sample

The employee, having found an error in the calculation of payroll, has the right to insist on additional charges and the payment of the entire required amount. The employee makes an adjustment letter addressed to the head of the organization with a request to recalculate his or her salary in order to establish the unpaid money.

Since the condition of remuneration provides compulsory information in the employment contract, making any changes to the size of the salary must have basis. The basis for recalculation of the salary is:

  • indexing in the organization;
  • failure to pay the due amount due to the counting error;
  • employee salary increase by agreement of the parties.

An employee who has discovered an underpayment of wages has the right to turn to the head for recalculation. The adjustment letter is prepared in a standard way, which states:

  • name of the company;
  • name of the CEO;
  • name of the applicant;
  • request to recalculate for a certain period of work;
  • the basis for recalculation;
  • date and signature.

In response to the received adjustment letter, the employer gives a reasoned refusal or issues an order for recalculation of wages.

Goodwill Adjustment Letter Sample

A complaint letter is one of the types of appeals of citizens asking to protect or restore their legitimate interests and rights that have been violated. This is a pretrial method of resolving a conflict situation.

The procedure for receipt of any appeal, including a complaint, depends on the type of document. It can be judicial, filed with government bodies or a business entity that provided the service or sold the goods.

The action plan after getting a complaint can be depicted as follows:

Step 1 – the study of the information contained in the complaint. If necessary, contact the author of the letter and clarify the circumstances and requirements set forth therein.
Step 2 – research and examination. In some cases, a professional assessment of the reasonableness of the claims made in the complaint letter is required. So, if a client complains about the shortcomings of a purchased product, the expert should assess when it was damaged.
Step 3 – making a decision on the results of consideration of the complaint letter. If the consumer’s claims are justified, corrective measures should be taken. The violated rights should be restored, i.e. you need to replace the defective product, return the money, provide the service, etc. In the absence of objective reasons for the satisfaction of the claim, it is necessary to challenge it correctly.
Step 4 – write an adjustment letter and send it to the author of the received letter.

Special attention should be paid to the important aspect of the consideration of consumer appeals, which is often overlooked. You can not ignore the complaints, no matter what form they are filed. Any claim of the client, including the one stated in the book of complaints and suggestions, must be answered in writing.

Note: among the complainants there are provocateurs who purposefully deduce the personnel of the organizations to the conflict, after which they lay out the claims on paper. The initiators of such actions may be competitors. In addition, complaints are often received from persons of scandalous type, asserting themselves at the expense of the humiliation of others. Therefore, complaints should be considered comprehensively.

There is no mandatory form for writing an adjustment letter. However, taking into account the current practice of considering citizens’ appeals, it is possible to derive some rules for writing adjustment letters. We suggest using the following tips for preparing such letters:

  • In terms of presentation, the adjustment letter should be as tolerant and businesslike as possible. You must not allow a cruel appeal, foul language, or threats, even if they are contained in the complaint letter itself. The letter should not be too emotional. You should address the person with respect, thank for the timely signal, and apologize if necessary.
  • The form for notifying the consumer of the decision must comply with the complaint letter form. If it was received in the form of a regular paper letter, the answer should also be put on paper. If you receive a complaint via email, you can respond to it in the same way.
  • The adjustment letter must be compiled so that the addressee is convinced of the elimination of the circumstances that led to the writing of the complaint letter. You can attach copies of supporting documents.
  • If the adjustment letter is being prepared on behalf of the company, it has to be made on its letterhead.
  • It is recommended to write the letter neatly, without corrections, erasures, strikeouts, or grammatical errors.
  • If the claims, in your opinion, are unfounded, the refusal to satisfy them should be motivated and rely on the norms of the legislation and the content of supporting documents.
  • In an adjustment letter to the author of the complaint all the questions should be answered. The complaint letter cannot be partially reviewed.
  • You should consider the complaint letter of the client promptly. Usually, 10 days are given. If necessary, this period may be extended to one month. But do not delay the preparation of the letter for a long time. The sooner this is done, the greater the chance of resolving the conflict with minimal negative consequences.
  • If you delay the consideration of the complaint letter, its author may have time to contact the regulatory authorities.
  • If the complaint is filed by making an appropriate entry in the book of complaints and suggestions, you should write the answer in it. In addition, you can additionally contact the client by phone, report on the consideration of his or her appeal, and apologize.
  • When re-entering a claim on the same fact with the same content, it is necessary to answer it, but this can be done briefly. It is enough to write that the answer to the appeal about a certain event was given earlier.

Adjustment Letter Sample for Damaged Goods

We offer to check out samples that you can use in your adjustment letter for damaged goods:

Sorry for the extra trouble we caused to you. You reported that you received damaged goods from us (order № from date).

We asked our representative Mr. (last name and first name) to visit you and inspect the goods. As soon as we receive a written report from him, we will notify you about our decision.

Wait a few days, please.

Yours respectfully.

Of course, in such a letter you need to apologize and express readiness to immediately replace damaged goods:

Dear (name)

We have received your letter in which you reported that some goods packed in cardboard boxes are damaged.

By taking into account your practical comments on the insufficient strength of the disc packaging, we agree to take full responsibility for what happened, and have already sent replacement goods.

Sorry to have caused you so much trouble.

Yours respectfully.

Letter of Adjustment Samples in Reply to a Customer Complaint

Sometimes, having received a complaint letter, it is worth asking partners to understand the difficulties you have when fulfilling an order. For example:

Dear Sirs,

We have received a complaint letter from you in which you expressed a complaint about the delay in the delivery of goods.

You probably already know that industry workers have been on strike for 14 days. Therefore, production has completely stopped and we could not deliver it on schedule.

We assure you that we are doing everything possible to make up for lost time and quickly complete your order. We ask you to treat this delay with understanding, because it happened because of unforeseen circumstances.

We apologize for making you worry.

Yours respectfully.

If a complaint made is groundless and you can prove it convincingly, then you have the right to request or demand to withdraw it. The following sample can be considered as a negative adjustment letter example:

Dear Sir,

We were unpleasantly surprised by the claim made to us regarding the delay in commissioning the station and the requirement to pay a penalty. The situation is extremely unpleasant and requires clarification.

We consider it necessary to remind you of a circumstance that caused this delay: in accordance with clause 3 of our agreement, you are obliged “to transfer the construction site to us within one month from the date of the agreement,” but you did it only after three months, which led to a delay in the start of the construction work.

Taking into account all of the above, we believe that your charges are groundless and ask you to withdraw the claim.

Yours respectfully.

When you receive a complaint letter, it is extremely important to strictly adhere to the procedure for its consideration to correctly write a response, and our samples can help you with this process. Your reputation depends on how you write this type of letter, and a sample can help you avoid mistakes when writing it.