Adjustment Letter Sample

Mr. John Nash
Customer Service Manager
Head Office of Rio Supermarket
Manulo Street
Nottingham, UK

May 17, 2013

Mr. Paul Popon
10 Friedsburg Street
Nottingham, UK

Dear Mr. Popon,

We have received your recent letter dated May 15, 2013 concerning the services in the Rio Supermarket. Thank you for writing and giving us an opportunity to look into this matter. It is important to us to know of issues that arise with our customers, as we want to ensure full customer satisfaction, especially with a long-time client such as yourself.

Mrs. Revera, whose actions are the basis of your complaint, has been a store manager at the Rio Supermarket for three years. For all the years she has worked, there has been no adverse incidents connected with her behaviour. We will coverse with her and test her for professional suitability. In the meanwhile, I would like to assure you of our interest and concern. We are always anxious to be informed of situations that could adversely affect good relations with our customers.

According to the information at the office center that made the delivery of cooled chicken to our stores, the quality of the consignment was proved by the quality experts at the place of production. All the papers and certificates were filled correctly. We made an investigation at the store where you bought the spoiled product, which showed the appropriate storage of cooled products, including cooled chickens. We are sure that a bad-quality product was delivered by our supplier. We filed a concern with the company and are waiting for a solution. For the past week, we had no concerns about spoiled cooled chickens, so it may be an individual case.

We realize that this is a substantial problem, and apologize for the situation that has evolved. We would like to send you a $100 gift card to purchase any product around the United Kingdom. Please accept our apology for this spoiled product. We promise that we will improve our supplying system with reliable suppliers to avoid this problem from happening in the future.

Mr. John Nash
Customer Service Manager

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