Acknowledgement Letter for the Receipt of Goods

Marakesh Spices Ltd.                                                                 April 20, 2013

Ispahan Bhavandi
Lodhine Road 165
New Dehli, India 177689

Subject: Acknowledgement for the Receipt of Goods

I, Irene Holmes, Supply Manager of Fine Spices, would like to thank you for the delivery of goods on such a short notice. We understand and respect the effort you have put in fulfilling the conditions of the contract.

The amount mentioned in the delivery documentation corresponds to the physical presence of products. The quality of products corresponds to the stated in the documents, and the packaging is not damaged.

Yet we have a problem with shipment documentation: you need to send us a shipment document with some remarks. In the top of the letter, please make the correction of the company name, and the individual number, which is 1234567809. In addition, please stamp this to the supply documents. Due to these issues in the documentation, our financial office does not approve of the delivered goods in our system and we cannot begin to sell your products. Thanks for the understanding.

The quality of your spices exceeded our expectations. If you could send us the catalog of teas that we were discussing at our previous meeting on April 14, 2013, we would be much obliged. If you have samples, please add them to the catalog – we will pay for the cost of the samples immediately. We want to test the demand for specific teas at one of our shops. We are open to your support of this idea.

We are happy to have a company of your reputation as our associates and look forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to contact us if you need clarifications about our requests. You can reach us at +2-888-2323.

Thanking you,
Irene Holmes