Recommendation Letter for Adam Finberg

Prof. Thomas Börner                                                                                      10 January, 2013

Institute for Medical Genetics
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 / 450 569 124

Dear Mr. Brown,

I find myself extremely delighted to present a recommendation for one of my best research assistants, Adam Finberg, in his pursuit of the PhD program in medical genetics. He was my student during his studies at the Institute for Medical Genetics at Humboldt-University, when I was working as the Head of the Department of Medical Genetics. He was under my close supervision for a period of two years. I taught him a course in Metabolic Genetic Counseling in the third year of this course, and he also worked directly under my supervision during his research work on “T-Cell Regulation of Antibody Responses.” This interaction provided me sufficient information about the intellectual capability, technical and research skills Mr. Finberg had developed during this period.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, Mr. Finberg has showed himself as a hardworking and intelligent student who is passionate about his chosen area. During my lectures, Mr. Finberg has been concentrated and attentive, profoundly perceiving study material and displaying a remarkable understanding of the content. He has consistently taken an active part in discussions and seminars, expressing thoughtful comments and interesting presentations. In completing tasks and assignments, Mr. Finberg has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and great initiative, as well as fine team working skills.

The student’s overall performance is ranked as far above average, which is evidenced by his marks. He takes an active part in the scientific and social life of the university – he is ranked in the top 2% of faculty students.

Mr. Finberg is highly enthusiastic about what relates to his research. He maintains continual self-learning and growth through extensive reading. He strives to make new methods in the laboratory. This has helped him to gain a deep understanding and broad erudition in the subject of genetics. While testing a new research method, he needed a new and not easily available drug that our university could not afford at that time. Mr. Finberg wrote to different pharmacy companies and had a meeting with managers at psychiatric clinics to explain his research proposals and needs. As a result, he gained sponsors not only for the drug he was asking for, but also for chemicals needed for research. His sharp intellect with a sense of reason allows him to handle the most abstract concepts with ease. Mr. Finberg is perpetually seeking new experiences and ways of researching, determined to expand his concepts abroad.

Mr. Finberg is a worthy member of a research community. He is a well disciplined, responsible student with a pleasant personality. He is respectful, showing a great capacity for integration into university life. Also, he is always ready to help others in their studies as a tutor. Furthermore, he instructs college students, graduate students, and other faculty members. He has also actively participated in seminars and different journals related to medical genetics.

For all these reasons, I would highly recommend Mr. Finberg for the PhD program in medical genetics and would like to recommend him to qualify as a teaching/research assistant in your university. As Department Head, I respect and support his interests to further study and research. Considering his performance in his research project, social and scientific activities, he is the right choice for a PhD program where he can develop and apply his talents. I am confident that Mr. Finberg will add diversity and uniqueness to your academic community.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Thomas Börner