Creative Song Topics to Write a Masterpiece

Song Title Ideas for Inspiration

Everyone who has ever written a song or a poem is familiar with such phenomena as writer’s block, complete emptiness of mind, or a reluctance to share something important. It is possible that you have written a thousand songs already, but still occasionally encounter such problems. We have prepared ideas to write about that can help you to come up with your own topic. You can also be interested in our guide on how to write a song for beginners.

love song ideas

Love Song Ideas

  1. Love me like no one else
  2. I love you like he can’t
  3. Love hurts
  4. I’m blind in love
  5. Why don’t you love me?
  6. I will die without your love
  7. Love me without thinking about the future
  8. Don’t laugh at me cause I love you
  9. Marry me
  10. I love you and your money as well

Song Title Ideas List About Hatred

  1. I hate everything about you
  2. I hate love songs
  3. I hate myself for loving you
  4. She/he hates me
  5. It’s cool to hate you
  6. It’s a world full of hate
  7. I hate boys/girls
  8. Some people hate me, but I don’t care
  9. 10 reasons to hate you
  10. We hate it when others are successful

song lyric ideas

Dance Song Topics List

  1. Dance like no one is watching
  2. Don’t stop dancing
  3. It’s the last dance
  4. Shut up and dance
  5. Do you wanna dance with me?
  6. Let’s dance together
  7. I will make you sweat
  8. Dance the night away
  9. Dance, little sister
  10. Change that song

Political Topics to Sing About

  1. The times they are a-changin’
  2. We don’t want to get fooled again
  3. Give peace a chance
  4. Revolution
  5. The soldier
  6. A change will come
  7. The revolution will not end
  8. Just give us the truth
  9. This is war
  10. War pigs

songwriting ideas

Sad Song Ideas

  1. Everyone lies
  2. Can’t sleep
  3. Say something
  4. Goodbye to a world
  5. Forget what you look like
  6. Don’t leave me
  7. I could be the one
  8. Without you
  9. Say my name
  10. Don’t say it’s over

Strange Song Hook Ideas

  1. Amish paradise
  2. White and nerdy
  3. Eat it
  4. Like a surgeon
  5. Dare to be stupid
  6. It’s all about the Pentiums
  7. Dong dong song
  8. Threw it on the ground
  9. Never get naked in your shower
  10. Marshmallow donkey

Yes, some of these lines look absolutely ridiculous. But the brain sometimes starts to work paradoxically, when we see a clumsily written line, an unfinished sentence, a fragment of a phrase, etc. Everyone knows what the fear of a white sheet or empty computer screen is. We start to write a line and often think how awful and pitiful it looks compared to the indifference and cold of white space around. How to overcome this fear? Here are a few ways:

Devote daily some time to writing songs – no matter how many hours or minutes you have. It is important that you become accustomed to the daily ritual.

Permit yourself to write everything that comes to mind, even if you don’t like at all your thoughts and poetic lines. Do not criticize yourself. When you have something written on paper, you have something that can be corrected and something you can work on.
Remember that some kind of theme is better than the complete absence of a theme, and some kind of song is better than the absence of any song.

Set a goal to write a specific number of songs a week. In 1943, Woody Guthrie decided to write a song a day. Were all these songs good? Hardly. But he trained every day and increased the opportunity to choose songs for further work.

rap topics

Main Rap Topics

In this part, we will tell you the most common rap song topics. For some people, these ideas will not be something new, but still, judging by the relevance of this issue, we decided to present them. Historically, it turned out that the themes in rap were 90% pessimistic. This is due to the dissatisfaction of African Americans in their lives. They embodied it in their poetry.

So, here’s a small list of best rap topics:

  • I’m the best, and others are losers.

Yes, it’s a very relevant topic, because of the popularity of battle tracks. As you know, a battle is held to mess with the opponent. This method is also used for another reason – to mess with any famous person, to tell about yourself and to mess with others. The supporter of this topic is Eminem.

  • Gangsters, or just drugs.

The topic of drugs is always relevant, as there are both fans of such entertainment, and ardent opponents. Here you can also add booze and hatred to people in gray. Almost every rapper has a song on this topic, but Snoop Dogg is particularly fond of this.

  • Yearning.

Yes, every performer has lyrical songs. Although the lyrics may intersect with other topics, it should still be separated from other themes.

  • Clubs, girls.

It’s a kind of theme that includes the first topic – I’m the best. But there is a difference: for clubs you are super macho, and for the first one, you are a super rapper. A clear representative of this topic is 50 Cent and all who are often shown on TV.

  • Your district, city, friends.

This is also a very common topic. A lot of songs have been written on this topic and even more will be written in the future. It’s worth mentioning, if you’re going to write such a track, do not forget that it should not only be interesting to you and your friends, but to other people as well.

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