How to Write an Autobiography Review

Writing a review on an autobiography is quite similar to writing a review on novels or poems, but there are some peculiarities that you should keep in mind. An autobiography is not a pure version of somebody’s life being told. The writer always carefully selects the events and facts they want to describe and chooses how to interpret and present them. As a critic, you should analyze in what way the writer uses storytelling to investigate questions about meaning, life, the self, and external and internal factors that affect that self.

To Write a Good Autobiography Review You Should

  • Consider wordplay and imagery

Specific word choices help to reveal new information about the writer and their will to represent their life experience. Imagery may show how the writer defines themselves. For example, usage of Christian metaphors and Biblical imagery indicates the writer’s devoutness.

  • Describe the writer’s language and self-representation

Why is language so important for self-representation? How does the writer define the self in the autobiography? Some writers, for example Frederick Douglas, explore the connection between language and identity in their autobiographies. This information will be useful for your review.

  • Mention some gaps and slippages if they are present

Sometimes in autobiographies there are gaps in the facts and events that can destroy the logical order of narration. Think of the reason why the writer does this.

Guidelines to Write Autobiography Review

  • Explain why the writer is famous or notable.
  • Point out major facts about the author, such as date of birth, place of birth and date of death (if applicable).
  • Give answers to three key questions:

– What motivated the author to write about their life experience?

– What is the target audience of the autobiography?

– Why is this life story worth being published?

  • Describe how the writer defines themselves in the autobiography. Can you reveal their values? What are their peculiar traits that you can distinguish?
  • Focus on the most important events and remarkable accomplishments in the writer’s life.
  • Express your point of view on the person’s contributions and accomplishments.
  • Don’t provide too many details about the person’s life. They will clutter your review.
  • Analyze the structure of the autobiography. Notice how the writer arranges the events, what facts are emphasized and which are concealed. Take into consideration the style of the narration.
  • Point out what genres the author adheres to and to what purpose (sentimentalism, romanticism, revolutionary rhetoric, transcendentalism, etc.).
  • If you think that the autobiography is inspirational, explain your point of view.

In an autobiography review, you should explore how the writer defines themselves in the text, in which way they present information and arrange events. Describing the major accomplishments and events in the biographer’s life, you should express your own thoughts on them. Also, you should mention if the reading of the autobiography changed your perception of the writer or not.

Autobiography Review Sample Analyzed

If you are still unsure about how to write an autobiography review, you are welcome to look through our sample. It was analyzed and commented to simplify your life.

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autobiography review sample analyzed

autobiography review sample in details

Now you know how academic paper of this type should be written and what tips are necessary to follow. You may also be interested in our guide on how to write a biography review.