Read Awesome Flash Fiction Examples and Get Inspired

Flash Fiction Sample: Cup of Tea

July 10th, 2018

She wants to make tea. Green tea with a tiny milk drop. Such mix may hurt traditionalists’ feelings but who cares if it tastes good. Two more ingredients are needed: plaid and a windowsill. That sounds like a cliché but, again, who cares if it is comfortable. No sounds, no phone calls, nothing that might distract. She wants, no, she must think properly. She should have started six months ago but he has been always somewhere around. Her mind of…

Flash Fiction Examples: Shine Like a Diamond

February 27th, 2017

I stood on Amanda’s veranda ready for a whole night of study. I was greatly surprised when she opened the door wearing a red mini-dress. “Karen! They’ll come in several minutes.” “Who?” “Daniel and Kevin. We are going to Jason Green’s birtday party.” “What? No. I’m not ready. I didn’t know. I’d better go home.” “Please, Karen, put on this dress. I’ll help you with the make up and hairdo.” Amanda looked very nervous. “What happened?” I asked. “You know…

Flash Fiction Examples: Secret Tool for Beginner Writers

Flash fiction is a literary genre that has a tight word limit and contains a concentrated meaning. Within a couple of sentences the author should tell the main point of story, and evolve certain feelings or thoughts. As a rule, flash fiction is about a particular event or character depicted in one episode. At the same time, the story should follow the principle of unity due to the smaller volume of the story.

For some people, writing a 200 words story will be easy, while for others this may become a complex task. Professional writers claim that flash fiction is one of the most complex literary pieces, as it should tell an exciting and engaging story in an extremely brief and concise manner.

Any learning process begins with copying and imitation – and it is important to remember that this is not only normal, but an absolutely necessary part of the educational process. One of the best ways to learn how to write flash fiction is to read some flash fiction story examples. On our website you can find various samples that may come in hand when starting your path as a writer or when experiencing writer’s block.

“What is flash fiction examples?” This is a commonly asked question. On our website you can find various examples of flash fiction written by our skillful writers. These samples may be a great tool for beginner writers, as they have all features of a good story: idea, plot, conflict, culmination, and style. In our samples you won’t find mistakes, as every word was carefully chosen and edited.

Flash Fiction Story Examples: How to Write Great Flash Fiction

Everyone strives for perfection. But you need to know that perfection shouldn’t be your aim. If you are making the first steps in flash fiction writing, get ready to practice a lot. But as any artist, you can start with copying the works of the professional writers. Read as much as you can to understand the tools authors use in their masterpieces. So, what can you do to master flash fiction writing?

  • Read some flash fiction examples. On our website you can read flash fiction samples written by our expert authors. You can combine their ideas or apply the structure to your own writing and create a masterpiece.
  • Get into the creative writing classes or sections. Many colleges and universities offer extra-curricular writing classes and creative writing courses for interested students. There you will master the writing skills, and learn how to find motivation and ideas for your literature pieces.
  • Participate in a writing contest. If you are someone who likes competing, writing contests are for you! Many contests give a particular flash fiction topics and requirement for flash fiction, and all you need is to concentrate on the topic, gather your imagination, and start writing!
  • Search for ideas in Google, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, and literary groups for inspiration. On the internet you can find many groups that are interested in writing and eagerly share knowledge and experience. Here you may find inspiring ideas for your own writing and learn from motivated and experienced writers.
  • Learn from the classical examples of flash fiction. Ernest Hemingway, Yasunari Kawabata, and Lydia Davis became major writers of flash fiction. Read several flash fiction collections and learn from professional writers.
  • Overcome challenges. Did you know that you can write a story with even six words? Read several flash fiction examples 6 words and try to write the same! If this limit is too complex for you, set a challenge to write a story of 1000 words on a topic that has an open ending. Improvise!

How to Use Flash Fiction Examples: 100 Words

A source of ideas. To write good flash fiction you need to come up with a good idea. While it seems that there are so many ideas that can be used for writing, reality speaks otherwise. Many writers experience writer’s block and every idea that comes to mind seems odd. With our flash fiction examples, 300 words will be easy to write! Use the idea or the problem from the flash fiction sample and try to tell your own story on its basis.

Inspiration. Sometimes writing a story turns into waiting for inspiration. Even if you have already found the main idea for your story, you need to know how to tell it. If you don’t want to wait for the muse, read several samples and force the muse to come. Read our flash fiction examples, 500 words stories won’t be a challenge! Just get inspired by the stories on our website.

An example to follow. Read the authors you like. Pay attention to how authors reveal the psychology of the characters, how they construct the dialogues and develop the story line. If you are writing a piece of flash fiction for the first time, start with copying your favorite flash fiction in your own manner. Following the practice of professional writers, you can create your own great story.

Adopt story elements. Apply the culmination or conflict to your own story. If you have already written a story, but it seems incomplete or boring, try to apply a changing point from one of the samples. An unexpected or original culmination will force the reader to think about the endpoint. If you want to understand the tools authors use for a good story you will need to read as much flash fiction examples 50 words as you can.

Follow the style. Usually, it takes a long time to create your own style of writing. Famous writers began by adopting the writing styles of existing writers. Look through phrases, transition words, and passages from our samples and apply them in your own writing. Follow our examples and you will create great flash fiction.

Mistakes to Avoid in Flash Fiction: Examples 500 Words

Don’t plagiarize. Each flash fiction should present a unique and engaging idea. Originality is the key to success. But this doesn’t mean that it’s bad to use someone’s ideas and change them in your own way. Just be sure that your story will evoke the reader’s feelings and thoughts.

Don’t try to tell everything. Some writers fall into this trap, and in the end find out that they have exceeded the required limit of flash fiction. Usually, flash fiction tells a story that develops over a short period of time and depicts up to three characters and one core idea. If you won’t keep these limits, it’s more likely that you will write a lengthy short story or novel.

Don’t tell – show. This is one of the most popular pieces of advice for writers. But many writers forget about it, so we will remind you. It is important to tell your story through images. Show what is going on, depict the imagery, and try to tell the story through actions.

Don’t cut to the chase. To create a truly memorable flash fiction that will hit the reader’s heart, you will need to learn how to keep the balance with what to say and what not to say. Don’t explain actions or feelings. Don’t fall into excessive descriptions. Insinuate. Everything should be implied in the actions.

Don’t use too many elements. Flash fiction has no place for descriptions and lyrical digression, as the story must contain only thought-out words to hook the reader. Carefully think about the tone and language to make the text both short and catchy. Two words may mean the same thing, but they sound different. Every word helps you create an atmosphere, so choose the words attentively.

How to Read Flash Fiction Examples 300 Words

Instructions on how to read samples may sound odd. But if you want to improve your writing skills and fully understand the story, you will need to read the story at least three times. The first time the reader pays attention to the obvious things (plot, scenery, basic story lines), the second time, the reader has already understood the composition, and starts to pay attention to understand the characters (it’s something like meeting the person that you already know). And the third time is more about reflection on what was read. To see the author’s methods and approaches you need to understand the context of the story.

While catching the inspiration we frequently forget about basic literary rules. On our website Pay for writing you can find a great guide on how to write flash fiction where we have considered all peculiarities every beginner writer needs. If you want to become a great writer, don’t skip a chance to learn from our guide and samples. Start writing right now, but keep in mind that there are no ideal stories. All you need is to read literary masterpieces and practice, practice, practice. Open your text editor and get to work right now!