Flash Fiction Sample: Cup of Tea

She wants to make tea. Green tea with a tiny milk drop. Such mix may hurt traditionalists’ feelings but who cares if it tastes good.

Two more ingredients are needed: plaid and a windowsill. That sounds like a cliché but, again, who cares if it is comfortable.

No sounds, no phone calls, nothing that might distract. She wants, no, she must think properly.

She should have started six months ago but he has been always somewhere around. Her mind of a grown-up woman can’t resist her heart of a young girl in love. His kisses are breathtaking, and her brain has been out of air recently.

However, her brain is still holding up, while her wings are not in the best shape. They’ve become dim and wilted. Their color has also changed: from ice-blue to the dull color of newsprint.

Her friends think that it has happened because of a chronic overwork or rainy weather. Their ideas are far from the truth.

Everybody has wings. They are the best indicator of the mental state. A regular coloring may change because of strong emotions, weather, health issues, and other various reasons. There are few people who are able to control the color. Only this skill opens the way to an acting career.

Unfortunately, she has nothing in common with actresses. Any stranger can easily guess her feelings. Any stranger, but not the closest person. In fact, he knows that something is wrong. She can’t fly like before and tires after fifteen minutes in the air.

She also wants to blame her new job or bad weather for her weakness but she can’t. She knows the main reason.

He is the reason. He kisses her, compliments her, and takes care of her when it is necessary. And, still, he is gradually ruining her wings.

He doesn’t want to fly with her. He always wants to stay at home. He talks about his boring job, bad luck, and headache. She feels sorry for him and tries to be supportive. Every new complaint costs her one feather.

No doubt, she loves him. She loves him with the fullness of her young heart. She is happy to be around him, to feel his warmness, and to laugh at his jokes.

However, her wings are too precious to be sacrificed. She has always known that since the day when he lied to her for the first time. She allowed her heart to prevail over her mind, more than once.

She needs his love too much but her wings need something more.

She opens the window and hears the noise of the city. She can feel tears welling in her eyes but her wings are awakening. She flies away, leaving an ice-blue feather on the windowsill.

Her tea goes cold.